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Born to be a Teacher


I’m so proud to be a REBEL.


So proud of THE REBELS–all of them–not just one kid…not just one team…all of them. So honored and blessed to work at OCHS. If you look back, my posts, WIN OR LOSE, say good things about our students. I’m always a fan, always a REBEL. #RebelPride #SchoolSpirit #Forever

I’ve been a Rebel since about 1976 when I first stepped into Mrs. Lynn’s class.  She was so intimidating and scary.  She taught me though.  I learned.  I eventually realized even though she was very strict, she loved us.  That is what a teacher does.  They love.

Here I am many, many, many years later teaching at the same school I graduated from.  Through those years, I was a rebel in so many different ways, but always a loyal Rebel even when I taught at a different school with a much different mascot.

There have been several students come through my classroom here at OCHS.  They come in all different shapes, sizes, learning abilities, strengths, weaknesses, talents, attitudes, character, and so on.  Some, actually most, have insecurities I recall having when I was their age.  Others have strong opinions about events, other students and classes they take–and they don’t mind voicing them.  I remember being that exact same way as well.  ((I know yesterday’s post was a little negative about the strong talkers, but I know I was once right there–“wasting my time.”))

However they come, I love them.  I support them.  I hope to teach them more than what the class is called.   I hope to show them things about life that if not understood now, perhaps, one day they will remember.

Our football team is on a major winning streak right now.  If you know anything about Texas football, you know that is a big deal.  Win or lose, though…I’m proud of all of our students who are involved at our school –from the player to the fan, the athlete to the scholar.  They are all important.  Period.

…and no matter what…

I’m so proud to be a REBEL. 


Does talking about other people in a negative way do anything for you?
For some, it must, because they do it ALL THE TIME.

I do have my opinions about others and admit that not ALL my opinions are GREAT ones, but dwelling on those and sharing those don’t ever make me happy.  It makes me ugly.  It makes me feel …eww.

Are you ever in a crowd that you feel as if you don’t fit in, because you don’t want to (or have any reason to) do what they do?

I was in that situation today.  I tried to get out as fast as I could.  I did.

Why can’t people just look to the AWESOME and FUN and SUPER …and concentrate on loving others and not on those who have “wronged” them!?

If someone wrongs you, that is their option.  You can choose to let it NOT bother you.  If you waste time thinking or brooding about it, they win.  WHO WANTS THEIR ENEMY TO WIN!?  Not a soul.

If you talk about them, you are just adding to the hate that has already started.

I know I work in a place where this kind of stuff is rampant and I should be used to it.  Most of the time, I can look passed it, but sometimes, after I’ve heard it over and over and from different students (even the ones I think a lot of) …it just makes me sad.

This was just an observation today and something I wanted to write about.  That’s it.  The end.

What do you do?

What do you do when someone hates EVERYTHING.  They are not happy.  You try to compliment them, talk about awesome things and point them in the direction of greatness.  Nothing works.  They hate.  PERIOD.  All they want to do is hate.  They hate this, they hate that… it’s like they even hate breathing some days!

Ok, for them, that is their option. They have their opinions.  They are totally entitled to live their life miserably.


What do you do?

It’s so easy to allow their attitude to drag you down.  They find it quite simple to get others who “ride the fence” on happiness to follow them.  I see others become drawn in by their hate.  It’s disgusting.  It makes me frown.  *GASP!*  That is exactly what they want me to do….


Voice my opinion.  I lay it out there.  I tell them I don’t like their attitude.  I show my confusion about their hateful conversation.

Does it help?  Not really.  At least, not THEIR attitude.  It DOES help me and perhaps drives somewhat of a wall between the hate and those who, if they seriously thought about it, would not want to follow that hateful path.

I stand up for THE GOOD…the happy…the positive.  THE SMILEY!  If that makes the “hater” hate me…

So be it.

THAT is what I DO.

What do YOU do?


Awesome Attitude!


I admit change is good most all of the time.  It’s progress.  Seriously, I do understand it.  I know life changes all the time.  I always think of that song…

Time marches on.  It sure does.  People come and go.  You learn to love new people, stay in touch (or not) with the old ones.

Other things happen …New experiences, new pains, creaks, cracks and the body gets slower, less resilient.

Sometimes change makes us uncomfortable, unhappy and even scared.   Younger people take the jobs of older.  New thoughts and ways move in and bump the “that is how we have always done it” ones.

Even though I understand that life must change, at times, I just don’t want it to.  I want time to turn back.  I want things to be back like it was.  I want all my same friends, same places and same stuff.  I mourn for the old times.  Not all of the old times, but the times that were happy and comfortable.  Comfortable doesn’t bring on progress though, I know.

I admit change is good most all of the time.  It’s progress.

YEP, TODAY WAS JUST BABBLE…I didn’t post yesterday, because I didn’t wan to babble, but today, I just had to do it!

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