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Today is a day that I’ve blogged about before: GROCERY SHOPPING DAY.  *gag*

I was finished with my two stops and was in the car headed OUT of the parking lot…ALMOST FREE!

I was driving forward through a space that was empty in front of the one I was parked in when I see a white car coming down the lane.  I wait and realize she was taking the spot beside the spot I was driving through.  I began to move out of my spot in order to go down the aisle to EXIT the lot.  When she saw me moving, she gave me a look as if I’d just killed her first born child.  (YES, IT WAS THAT BAD!)  So, I think, WHOA, perhaps she needs this spot and just realized I was coming out of it.  I’m really unsure why she was giving me this look.  Maybe she thought I didn’t need to move as she was parking next to me?  Then she just stops so I can’t get by her –still glaring at me.  Weird.  Well, then, I looked back and both spots behind me were still vacant so I backed my car all the way back to the original spot I was in.  She then adjusts her vehicle and takes the spot in front of me instead of the one that she was going for AND she still has the I- HATE- YOU- EVEN -THO- I -DON’ T- KNOW -YOU- LOOK plastered to her wrinkled up, unhappy mean face.  Perhaps she will wipe that look off when she has this spot.  NOPE.  She is still looking at me like I am a monster.

I ADMIT–In my younger years, I would have flipped her off and given her the same type look OR WORSE that she was giving me.  I mean, I could feel the anger rising up in my body, but thank GOD (seriously–it’s HIM that changed me) I did the complete opposite.  I began to wave at her with ALL FINGERS extended.  She gives me even more evil looks.  It’s like her face cannot stop being mean.  She is stuck in hate-mode.  Then I put the thumbs up and mouth, “HAVE A NICE DAY!”  She then proceeds to stick her tongue out at me!  Thinking back at this, I’m pretty much LOL’ing, but at the time, the anger began bubbling up again.  I thought, “REALLY!?  I got out of your way (which I wasn’t really in your way in the first place), gave you a closer parking spot and on top of ALL OF THAT, waved and DID THE UNIVERSAL ‘AWESOME, A-OK’ SIGN! …and YOU can’t stop being mean!?!”   WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!?!

I backed up, exited the parking lot, NOW freeing myself from the grocery shopping spots…

But I didn’t feel so free.  I felt hurt.  God was telling me to pray for that woman.  I cried.  I cried, because I didn’t want to pray for her.  I wanted her to trip over the speed bump at the front of the store entrance.  I wanted to get out of my car, find her and let her know how stupid she was.  I wanted to stick my tongue out back at her!  Ugh.  But again, thanks to God, I can do things like wave (with all my fingers out) and smile, mouth HAVE A NICE DAY to a lady who visibly hated my guts, AND DRIVE AWAY.

I know you may think this all sounds so stupid–that I would get upset about some old biddy looking at me like that and sticking her tongue out, but to me, I was innocent and even courteous and she STILL didn’t realize that there was no reason to be mean?  Mean people waste my time.  The fact that I can still see her meanness and that I’m even blogging about it tells me she is STILL wasting my time.  I DON’T WANT HER IN MY BRAIN ANYMORE!

I want to dwell on the HAPPY people I came in contact with today…

  • the awesome Walmart greeter retired-preacher man I GOT to see again (like last time I went shopping–click here to read)
  • the sweet little petite lady at Sams who, when I told her I love to see her there because she is always happy, told me that there is no reason to act otherwise.  She said even when you feel bad, it’s better to pretend to be happy then to not.  Wow, that is so true!  Having a bad attitude would just make you feel worse.  That right there is wisdom.

WHY CAN’T I JUST ONLY THINK OF THOSE TWO SWEET ONES and erase that other one?  TWO is a better number than one, right?  I even TALKED to the sweet TWO and didn’t to the mean one.  *sigh*

I think I’ve rambled enough today.  I did finally pray for the mean lady.  I hope her day got better, because apparently I ruined her parking experience at Sams.  I ask for forgiveness for being so stubborn.  I pray that I can always have the strength to wave my ENTIRE hand, smile, word “HAVE A NICE DAY” and drive off.  Amen.


Preach It!



I took a pic of this guy preaching THE WORD on the street corner. It made me smile and pray.

I’m just sayin…







Why I Cry

I think the biggest thing that makes me cry is letting others down.

When I cut my finger, feel bad about others who are in pain that I had nothing to do with or watch an emotional movie or commercial—SURE I cry then, but what will make me cry quicker than anything is when—

I let someone down.

I don’t do it ON PURPOSE, of course.  But still…I didn’t do something I was supposed to.  I, what some call, DROPPED THE BALL.  I guess that is why I don’t like that saying.  For me, it’s a super painful personal statement.

I know that I’m human and I shouldn’t fret so much on human error, but I do.  I should not forget things, do things the right way and follow through on things I’ve promised.  I try my best, but sometimes things happen.  I guess, grrrrrr…I drop the ball.  UG!  Again, hate that.

Today, Monday, just another day.  I know every day is a gift.  Every day is another opportunity.  Every day is a new day.  I am trying to keep my chin up and my attitude JOVIAL, but at this very moment, it’s difficult.

I know it will pass and hopefully I can make it up –the error, I mean–hopefully I can make it up to the person I let down.

But for now…I’ll just cry.


Home, I love home.

It’s so good to be in my own bed.
Don’t get me wrong…
I loved the conference this weekend. The keynote was great and really made me think ( I got to see all my buds. I was able to relax some and NOT have to listen or watch tv. I loved sharing ideas and brought back a ton of cool tools and project ideas.
Being away from home makes you appreciate it more. When I was almost home, I got that feeling… That “Ahhhhh” feeling. I love our spot. I thank God for allowing us to be right where we are.
Home, I love home.

My Awesome Informational Flyer

I lead a discussion today at the conference I’m attending and wanted to share the flyer I created for it.
One of the directors here gave me such a nice compliment on it a little bit ago. I love creating fun, happy things.
He told me to keep doing what I do, because it’s great.
That blessed me so!

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