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From Luke 18:


Just imagine having a meal with one of your best friends for the very last time today.  Right now.

What would you eat?  That doesn’t even matter does it?  If you KNEW it was the last time you saw them, you’d be more concerned with WHAT you could share and you’d make certain they knew you loved them. You might look them in the eyes more, ask them more personal questions and savor the time (not the food) you get to enjoy with them. You’d make sure the moments you were having are full of love, laughter and life.

You can never be certain what moment may be your last chance to tell others you love them…you are care about their opinion.

What if your friend KNEW it was their last time with you?  AND THEY TOLD YOU THIS!?!  They could predict the future…but you didn’t hear them, you didn’t understand what they were saying or maybe you just didn’t accept it and refused to listen.

Jesus did this …He told his disciples, but they didn’t understand what He was trying to tell them.  This is so sad to me.  Maybe God didn’t want them to know so they wouldn’t treat Jesus any differently?  Or maybe He wanted to spare them the pain and absolute confusion it would stir up, not that once it did happen there wasn’t utter chaos, but perhaps God thought this would shelter them for a little longer.  I mean, they were just humans, how could they REALLY understand???  Just like we all don’t truly understand things until we are personally a part of it. 

One lesson, I believe, we should get from this is to LISTEN. TRULY LISTEN. Don’t take life and people for granted. You never know when you won’t see someone again or how a once in a lifetime chance may zoom on by because you weren’t paying attention.

Life is not about how many moments you have, but what you do with the ones God allows you to have. 

What will you do with the ones you have…left?

Think about it…

We’re all in this together!



Be second or even third.

Hold the door.


Offer support.

Think of others.


“…All who lift themselves up will be brought low, and those who make themselves low will be lifted up.” Luke 18:14

The student council I advise ran for a state office and the last three days have been hectic, insane, chaotic, interestingly fun and AWESOME all rolled up into one huge STU.CO.TASTIC trip!

I’ve had students amaze me and make me crazy and make me PROUD.

We didn’t win the office at state, but all my students are WINNERS! …they did a great job and deserve to be proud.  I am proud of all of ‘em and can’t wait to see all the future greatness that comes out of this bunch!  They worked so hard at doing so many projects this year that help CRUSH CANCER which is something I am on a continuous mission to do (among many other things, of course).  I could list all the projects they created and completed, but I’d be typing my fingers off.   I just hope all this stuffbgave them life long lessons that support them through anything they come up against in their SOON TO COME adult life.  (man, I’m going to miss this year’s seniors as I do so many of my past ones!)

I’m one SUPER DUPER BLESSED Stu.Co. Advisor. —and I’m exhausted!  HA!  No, really.




The ones I’m so proud of:



Congrats guys and gals–on being AWESOME!


A couple of signs I found.

I’d love to make them…



I love seeing friends I haven’t seen in a while. This first is my STUDENT COUNCIL BESTIE:


We ALWAYS have fun and laugh no matter how long it has been since I saw her last. Mary is amazin!
I am certain that friends like these keep your heart YOUNG.

AND HERE is my friend Cantuuuuuu!
He makes me smile and I love his name!


And last, but absolutely not least…
This is my date to stu co summer camp banquet– who hates getting his pic taken—Mayberry!



Do not worry!





I realize more and more that people talk so much out of ignorance.  They don’t know.  They have no clue.  They pretend to be educated about so many vast subjects, but know very little about them.

Comments are made…presumed to be facts.  Opinions are spoken to be truth even though they are just a personal opinion on a certain subject.  It’s crazy.  Most of the time, when I hear the comments, I wonder if they are true.  Sometimes I just don’t care.  Other times I research them.  I do it for my knowledge, not to show the other person up.  I kind of do it out of amusement as well.  Perhaps I shouldn’t do that, but I don’t use my knew found researched truth against anyone–that makes it ok, right?

I don’t speak my opinions so that I may upset others by speaking them sharply and without love.  It’s so hard to deal with those who believe their opinions to be the one and only way.  Only GOD can do that.  He knows best and is all-knowing.  So, when we act like we know everything, we are trying to be Him.  That won’t work!  And it’s evil.  Scary.

Use what you know to help others.  Use what others know to help yourself.  We are all knowledgeable on some subjects and ignorant on others.  God put us here to work together—WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!  If you don’t get that, IGNORANCE will be your strongest character trait.  Eeek!


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