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camera3 Pictures!  “CLICK- CLACK” is what a camera sounded like at one point.  Now a days, you can have just about any sound associated with capturing a moment.  They look different than they used to as well.  Even the smallest, thinest ones, take great pictures.  Most all of us carry one around if we have cell phones.  They have turned into major conveniences–we are able to capture life at ANY moment!

And pictures–they are everywhere!   No matter where you look, our environment has beefed up on visuals–and we love them.  It’s a proven fact that we love colors and pictures.  Visual stimulus is quite important to us.

They do a lot for us.  Photographs record history, freeze a small snipit in time and show us things like emotion and mood.

I love them.  I love capturing fun times especially.  My fave picture of this last year was of our cat who had at some point during the day while we were at work and school DESTROYED our tree.  It’s not the bet picture, it’s kind of grainy and dark, he was sitting at the end of the leveled tree just looking at us like “what?”


My most favorite thing to shoot on almost any day is the sky.  Big puffy clouds scattered across a happy blue sky creates the best shot.   They sky is God’s canvas.  It makes me smile.  Perhaps tomorrow’s post will be about that.

Pictures that make me smile are the best!  What kind of pictures do YOU like???



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