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Community Service

I’m exhausted.  This is another Homecoming down after being here at OCHS for 13 years.  It’s always great to see everyone dressed up and to have a packed stadium.

YET, I’m soOOOOoooo tired!  I have gone non-stop today– all day– from the time I got off my knees this morning from praying for so many things, but mainly for the Lord to give me a successfully, smooth day–to this very moment, sitting in my room trying to stop my tears so I can drive home.  God really did give me a smooth day.  He really, really did.  I am so blessed by all that He gives me.  Although I am so tired, he has sustained me.  He gave me strength for this day and it was a smooth and wonderful day.

AND TONIGHT AFTER another loss which makes us all sad and frustrated…  (Don’t get me wrong, LOVE MY REBELS –and I know they keep fighting!)  Our student council stepped up and cleaned up the stadium.  They do this as a service to our school, the custodians that would have to pick it up later and really, it’s a community service.  I try to teach leadership and the importance of being a servant to others.  It’s something I believe is important to do.  I believe God wants me to do this.  It’s a worthy job to instill the importance of positive service into students.

BUT LIKE EVERYTHING we try to teach our youngins, a lot of it goes in one ear and out the other.  I know I did the same thing.  My parents or teachers asked me to learn something or to do something or to think about something and I didn’t.

To me, though, community service is something we should all have a heart for.  I know we all don’t, but to me, I always want to help.  I want to do whatever I can to help those around me.  It’s kind of an addiction I have.  I know that I can’t do it all, but I try my absolute best to do just that.  I have to remind myself that not everyone is like that and ESPECIALLY a high school student.

They have lots more on their minds.

They have “things to do…”

And sometimes, those things to do overwhelm them and taking 15 minutes out of their time to do something good for others is just not top priority.  I have to remember this, but I have to keep on trying to help them see the light.  Sometimes I want to give up.  I get so frustrated just like any parent or teacher does when there is nothing more they want then a child to GET IT.   I will not give up.  I have to continue to help them see what God intends us to do –HELP EACH OTHER.  We are a team on this planet.

Yes, I had students who were not very willing to help out.   I must remember that their attitude toward picking up trash or doing any other community service, ultimately must come from within and not from their student council advisor.

Students not wanting to pick up a few bits of trash and then telling me they have things to do made my night a bit on the down.  I do admit, I get disappointed.  This is not the first time a student has done this to me.  You would think I’d be more prepared for it, but I never am.  What I do know I must do is FOCUS on are those other students who STEPPED UP AND TOOK THOSE PLASTIC GLOVES AND PLASTIC BAGS AND set out toward half eaten nacho boats, drinks with who knows what in them, left over snocones, half eaten fries with mystery sauce and whatever other monsters they witnessed.

They were UNDEFEATED!  They conquered the piles of nasty and made our stadium a better place.  Those are the students I must turn my smile to and remind them (and me) that they aren’t doing this for their advisor, they are doing this for themselves, the pride of their school and the hope that their community can always be a better place.

I’m still exhausted…

YET, when it comes to community service…

I will never quit trying to encourage young people to step up to the plate and as long as these horribly tired legs will keep me standing, I will show them by example.  (yes, I overcame some nacho boats and a mound of plastic bottles that could choke a whale, myself)


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