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Self Perception

Let me start by saying I’m not a math scholar.  I enjoy science, but I do not know the answers to worldly questions over why certain atmospheric things occur or don’t occur.  I would rather go the rest of my life not adding numbers above say 100 or so.  There ya go.  I said it.  I’m not trying to knock those who are able to do formulas, equations and such nor am I saying at all that these people are not useful and very important to me.  They are!  I’m married to the best mathematician in my life.  He does our bills, balances our accounts and keeps us in the black.  He can build something so precise out of metal or wood that people marvel at his work.  I’m so proud he can do that!   I am so blessed to know and work with awesome people who teach children how to do these things.

More about me…

I love to create.  I love paint.  I love the smell of Mod Podge. (look  it up)  When I see something visually awesome, I try and figure out how I can create it or make it even better.  I think artistically.  I think in color and values and I revel in feeling or seeing lush wonderful textures.  I enjoy when designs are formulated and displayed.

Subjection is something I live with.  Everyone has their opinion about everything.  Art lives because we have opinions.  Art is loved by some and hated by others.  This part makes me love art even more.  So, I’m an art teacher.

I was asked by a student about a scientific type question and another student said, “She’s an art teacher.”  Wow, I took a little offense to that.  Just at first, I did.  I even addressed the student and said, so, me being an art teacher makes me not be able to think?  I can’t speculate or attempt to answer questions that are not art related?  Haha!  I didn’t say it in a mean way or anything.  It was just my reply to the statement.  Then, I laughed.  I thought seriously, I am so glad other people’s perception of me is NOT what is important to me.  Opinions of me are just like opinions of my art or any art.  EVERYONE’S got them.   I’m good either way.

I find this amusing… that people/students do not really understand my abilities or how I think.  Actually, I very much like it that way.  This means, I can shock and awe them pretty much at any time!  How EXCITED that makes me!

Going even deeper…

Other people’s perception really doesn’t matter to me.  My SELF PERCEPTION is what is important to me—my ability to show others that I love God, Jesus is my savior and that I will do whatever I can to make those around me happy.  That is all.

Keep thinking I’m just “an art teacher.”
I’m good with that.


Comments on: "Self Perception" (2)

  1. You are JUST a great friend! You are JUST a phenomenal teacher! You are just and most of all AN AWESOME FOLLOWER OF JESUS! I JUST love you to pieces!!!! (((BigHug))))

  2. Good post.A healthy self perception is important.

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