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Staying Positive

Even the most positive people get down.  I started thinking about this as I heard about a teacher who died of cancer just today.  Her two children are left here without their mom.  I’m not certain of all the family and friends she left behind, but I’m certain there are people hurting from the loss.  How can one stay “positive” at a time like that.  

I’m not sure staying positive is something you really think about in that event.  Do you really think about “looking on the bright side?”  I know from suffering the loss of my parents, my best friend and other family members, friends and acquaintances–a positive mental outlook is not really something you strive for.  You really just strive to make it.  You hope that the pain subsides long enough for the tears to dry.  You find comfort in memories and sharing with others.  It’s important to be around others at this time– allowing them to help you.   Moving forward is essential.  I’m not saying leave the deceased behind in your timeline and never think of them again or avoid revisiting the great memories they created in your life —I’m saying you must move forward with their memory.  You can’t stay in the sorrowful moment of their passing.  You must continue to live in honor of them.  It was a blessing that you were able to have the time you did with them and it should be an honor for you to continue to hold the memories of them that are more than likely full of lessons and times which have helped you develop into who you are.  

In times like today where another wonderful person was taken by cancer …and in other times where children perish, families suffer unforeseen circumstances of such loss and people seem to vanish from our lives… staying positive is not something we immediately move to, but at some point, that is where we have to journey toward.

I am secure in knowing that my God will comfort those who need comfort.  He will help those who need guidance.  He will protect the ones who need a hedge built around them.  Staying positive becomes an easy feat when you know all good things come from God.  ((Romans 8:28))  He will help you through anything, but you must call on Him.  You must want to move.

I pray for this teacher’s family today.  I pray for those who have lost.  I pray for those who need to begin their journey of healing and for their continued forward movement, making their way to that place where they can be positive once again.


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  1. Surprisingly, having been through that myself (lost my Mom to cancer) at first I felt relief. My Mom became lot for my Dad to handle and he was at his breaking point. Then I became envious, because most people my age still have their Mom. I had a hard time hearing people talk about enjoying time with there Mom because I couldn’t have those times anymore. Then I was just sad…. because I missed her so much. However, in the last few months I found peace in knowing that my Mom was able to have time to get her life right with God before she passed away. She accepted Jesus in her heart. I thought very long and hard about what would have been easier on us, knowing or not knowing that she was terminally ill? What if she would have suddenly died in a car accident? Would she have made it to Heaven if she didn’t have that warning (that she had cancer and wouldn’t live long)? The truth is, she wouldn’t have. As much as I miss her, I know she is safe…. I know that cancer is never good, but my Mom did seek God because of it. She is in Heaven and I don’t blame cancer anymore, I am thankful that my Mom had the time to get right with God!!

    • Thank you so much for this reply! Cancer is a horrible thing, but you are certainly right about the way God uses it to bring people to Him.
      Thanks again!

    • Casey, I just read through this again. I love your perspective. Is it ok if I use your story while speaking to others? I won’t use names or anything. I will just say you a former student of mine? Thanks again for sharing it with me!

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