crazy, weird, UNIQUE!

Life is Uncertain…

Life is uncertain…BUT GOD IS NOT!

The last two weeks I have battled laryngitis.  I’ve had a head full of snot, a chest full of congestion and a cough that catches me off guard at times and makes me cry out to the Lord.  I have been pitiful.  There was a day of fever that made me remember how horrible those things make your body feel.  I’ve taken medicines, looked up home remedies, bought stock in throat lozenges and drank more hot tea than I believe I ever have in my entire life.

I do see a light at the end of the snot tunnel.  I have seen it flicker off and on the last few days especially.  This bump in the road has not hindered me from going on our annual spring break trip, but it has silenced me many times.  ((Maybe that is a good thing!))   It has allowed me to draw closer to my God…it has reminded me that HE IS IN CONTROL.  Something we should all keep in mind ALL THE TIME no matter what is going on!  ((Screaming this, in my mind, of course, to myself!))

God knows what I need.  He knows I long to sing praises to Him.  In the past, there have been times I shied away from singing, because for some reason I think people don’t want to hear my voice again.  I have allowed the devil to whisper to me that I’m not good enough.  I let that stinky little nasty get me thinking less about my confidence.  Really, though, I don’t want to be confident in myself.  I want to be confident in my GOD.  I want people to see me singing and not see me–AL ALL!  I want them to see HIM.   Losing my voice –THE ONE GOD GAVE ME–has made me realize that I should never allow the devil to make me think twice about using it for GOD.  I should be in the front of the line hollering, “Pick me! Pick me!”

I am due to sing for a women’s event this Saturday.  That is about 45 or so hours away.  No matter what my voice or head feels like the morning of that event, I’m getting up and getting ready for what GOD HAS IN STORE!  I know He has a plan!  There are two awesome gals speaking at this event–two of my friends.  I am so blessed to have friends who LOVE GOD.  I know God will rock this church we are going to through us, because HE IS IN CONTROL.

Life is uncertain—voices crack, bones ache and heads spin, but GOD IS ALWAYS IN CONTROL.

Life is uncertain, but GOD IS NOT.

I’m including one of the songs I’m singing this Saturday, because I truly believe that this is my life song.  This is the song GOD wants me to hear all the time.  I gotta be still!!! –AND LET HIM DO HIS THING!  God is moving all the time–He will move this Saturday no matter what!  Thank YOU God for being CERTAIN.


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