crazy, weird, UNIQUE!

A big ole grin across anyone’s face makes them look so very pretty—MAN OR WOMAN!  Yes, men can be pretty.  I’m not talking about feminine or masculine…I’m just talking PRETTY.

I walk down the halls of the high school I work and see so many unhappy faces.  I know some are in thought, on a mission or just ready to get that particular day over.  BUT SOME are always like that.  Some don’t ever smile.  They have this permanent frownie face.  I always wonder why.  SURELY they smile at some point in their life?  Surely they are happy when something happens?  They have to actually crack a smile at something!?!  I hope so anyway.

Other faces I see are those SMILING …mainly because I’m smiling at them or I said HEY, HI OR WHUTUP?  I sometimes go down the hall with the goofiest face I can muster just to make someone look at me like “…Whaaaa?”  Those SMILE faces, no matter how I get them, make my day a more positive (even tho it was already at some level of positiveness–it’s a given).  I think smiles are PRETTY no matter what and



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