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If you are an athlete, you are more than likely competitive. It’s pretty much a requirement. You compete to win. You want to be competitive. Sometimes the competiveness might get out of hand. Rivalries can get ugly. Someone might burn a school logo in an opponent’s field, steal a mascot or resort to even worse vandalism. 

But I tell you the worse type of ugly when it comes to sports is what kind of craziness goes on when fans start opening their mouths. 

I’ve heard and seen things at the little league level that makes my stomach turn. And I’m not talking about the kids!

I do admit, I’ve voiced my distaste for an umpire/ref a few times or grimaced at a missed ball/play, but never have I wanted a player to be hurt for any reason. 

As fans, we need to remember that these are kids. Children. They may have good or bad attitudes, talent or not much, lots of skill or the opposite, but no matter what, they are our children. CHILDREN.

Adults that verbally wish ill-will to an opposing team member (WHO IS A CHILD) has seriously got something wrong. 

Why would anyone ever want a child (or a person of any age really) to receive broken bones, get hit with a ball or anything of the likes by playing a sport against their child’s team!?!? Why? 

I know some people say things out of anger or just plain meanness, but COME ON!!! 

I heard a guy say one time that he wished the rival quarterback would break his leg. I audibly gasped. I asked them, “Do you realize that is a CHILD you are talking about?”  They said they didn’t mean it like it sounded. 😳 WHAT OTHER MEANING COULD THAT SENTENCE HAVE? 

I have heard parents say they wish a batter from the opposing team would get hit by a pitch. WHAT IF THAT WAS YOUR CHILD GETTING HIT? That’s just not nice. At. All. 


I’ve heard a parent say, after a ball knocked one of the opposing players down (she was laid out on the ground at third base), that we’d get our runs however we can. REALLY?!? 😱🤕💩

What in the world makes people think like that!?? 

This post has been just waiting to surface.  I just needed to get this out!

The next time you watch a game, especially one that involves CHILDREN, please pray for those babes.  Please wish for healthy players and a good game. 


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