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We are ALL gifted!

Today at our awards assembly, so many of our students were recognized.  It makes me so proud to see them all excel in one way or another.

I wish we could give them all an award–

NO, I’m not like one of those people who think everyone should get a 1st place trophy for just participating (besides t-ball, they should always get a trophy!)  OR everyone should be the quarterback because they THINK that is their talent.  I’m saying, I wish we could give every child in our school an award for doing something awesome.  They all have an awesome ability.  WE ALL have an awesome ability.

We have students who are… the best encouragers (and I’m not talking about the uniformed cheerleaders),  have the best penmanship, always ready to help out when needed, the best at turning in their work on time, smile, laugh, story-tellers (fiction or non-fiction!), posture, serious faces, funny voices…

I think you get what I’m saying.  WE ALL HAVE OUR *SOMETHING* THAT MAKES US …US!

Most of us have A LOT of somethings that make us …US!

We are all gifted with some talent/ability/awesomeness that makes us who we are.


(sooooooo blessed!)

It really is simple.

So my friend who used to be my boss posted this blog about the ONE WORD.  He’s a pretty smart guy and had asked his faculty to send him a word… I will let you go read his blog: PLEASE CLICK HERE TO READ HIS BLOG FIRST.

…and watch the ONE WORD video there…

Here’s part of my message I posted to his blog:

You know I can’t narrow my life to one word…THAT WOULD BE TOO SIMPLE! ALTHO–The word that has been repeating itself in my mind over and over for several days now in the face of all kinds of crazy life stuff (nothing bad, just life) is LOVE. I know I love, but do I love like I’m supposed to? Do I ALWAYS love like I’m supposed to? I don’t when I blow up at my kids or feel defeated looking at my laundry which has become like Mount Rushmore (serious, with faces and everything) …

I GOTTA REMEMBER TO LOVE in all circumstances. NO MATTER WHAT IS GOING ON!  People may hate on me, children may say my name like a broken record (ha!  kids these days don’t even know what “broken record” means) and I might feel stressed by stuff going on around me…BUT LOVE DOESN’T LOSE IT’S COOL…Love shows LOVE.  Love creates LOVE.  Love shows mercy and grace and brings on comfort and peace.
I want to LOVE like Jesus loves us.

It really is simple.


I’ve had dreams about my momma the last two nights.  I would love to have her here especially at Christmas.  I know there are many others that feel this way during the holiday season.  I also know some who have such animosity and hatred towards their mother (or other family members) that they couldn’t care less where their mother spends Christmas.  So sad.  If I could just tell those–hatred is ugly and it only eats on you…and definitely does not prepare us for Heaven.  Hatred kills our souls and makes us want revenge which is usually carried out by lies we conjure up or even horrendous acts like ignoring our loved ones at Christmas.  We should want to make our mothers happy and want to honor her, no matter what relationship–close or otherwise–we have with her.

“Honor your father and your mother, as the LORD your God has commanded you, so that you may live long and that it may go well with you in the land the LORD your God is giving you.                     -Deuteronomy 5:16

(I want it to go well with me!)

A wise child brings joy to a father; a foolish child brings grief to a mother. -Proverbs 10:1

A foolish son brings grief to his father and bitterness to the mother who bore him. -Proverbs 17:25

My mom was a sweet soul.

She was soft-hearted.

She loved Jesus and loved her family.

She also loved to tell everyone about whatever was going on in her life.  Sometimes that part of her drove me insane.  We would be in a public place, around people we had never met and she would start to tell them about some circumstance as if they knew her all her life.  I’m unsure why she did that, but the impulse to do it increased as she got older.  Looking back, I sure wish I had never felt embarrassed about those times or even worried about who she would bend the ear of on any particular day.  No one else really got upset about her stories.  I do admit that some of her stories might of been a little personal and it felt awkward, but really it was just me who felt that way.  Most people would smile and some would even start with a related story.  I hope Mom was never aware of the anger I had in those situations.  I have asked GOD for forgiveness so many times for it.  I know I only have to ask once, but when you feel guilt, you tend to ask for forgiveness numerous times.

My mom was a “patter.”  She enjoyed giving you “love-pats” as she would call them. I am a hugger and do love a good ole bear-hug, but patting made and still makes me feel weird.  I’m unsure why.  I’m sure some shrink could let me know their opinion, but either way, I just find it a little annoying.  I’m not saying I would shun my mom’s love, but at times, it was excessive.

When I was little, like any child I believe, I would crawl up in my mom’s lap and just love to be loved.  I loved the security her lap made me feel.  She and my dad both always had rocking recliners and she would always rock me when I got in that lap.  When I got some older we would even recline back and just lay there together watching TV.  I remember watching the Wizard of Oz in her lap–especially thanks to those stupid flying monkeys.

When I got married, my parents were both awesome about scheduling family get-togethers so Bobby and I could be there.  They wanted to have the entire family together and if that meant doing it on a different day than tradition, that was fine with them.  I so appreciated them for doing that.  I married into a huge family that had several events and for my family to take that into consideration, meant so much to me.  I’m not sure I ever told either of my parents that.  Always tell your parents why you appreciate them!  There comes a time (like today for me) that it’s too late.

Here now, as an adult and mother myself, I miss my mom.  I would listen to any of her crazy stories, allow her to pat me as much as she wants and would love to watch the Wizard of Oz in her lap again.

…I know there will be a day that I will long for my own children to be in my house together especially at Christmas.  I know I will get on their nerves with something I do and maybe one day I will tell stories to complete strangers that embarrass them too…

I pray most of all that no matter what… our relationships can always be good ones… no matter how much I love them or annoy them.


Don’t let the time pass …don’t let your mom pass …

without letting her know that you love her, appreciate her and will miss her when she’s gone.


The student council I advise ran for a state office and the last three days have been hectic, insane, chaotic, interestingly fun and AWESOME all rolled up into one huge STU.CO.TASTIC trip!

I’ve had students amaze me and make me crazy and make me PROUD.

We didn’t win the office at state, but all my students are WINNERS! …they did a great job and deserve to be proud.  I am proud of all of ’em and can’t wait to see all the future greatness that comes out of this bunch!  They worked so hard at doing so many projects this year that help CRUSH CANCER which is something I am on a continuous mission to do (among many other things, of course).  I could list all the projects they created and completed, but I’d be typing my fingers off.   I just hope all this stuffbgave them life long lessons that support them through anything they come up against in their SOON TO COME adult life.  (man, I’m going to miss this year’s seniors as I do so many of my past ones!)

I’m one SUPER DUPER BLESSED Stu.Co. Advisor. —and I’m exhausted!  HA!  No, really.




The ones I’m so proud of:



Congrats guys and gals–on being AWESOME!

Family Time

We all don’t like the same stuff.

I like to look at art, create art, purchase art supplies, pinterest, photo apps and blogging (of course).

My girl child likes cute outfits, the Disney channel, old sitcoms, curling her hair and pestering her brother.

My boy child likes toy guns, real guns, hunting, fishing and Mario Bros (that is the current game he’s into).

My husband lives to hunt, fish and talk on the phone about fishing and hunting, oh, and Mario Bros.

No matter what we like though…we can always be together.  We live in a great home together.  This holiday break we are on is such a time of blessing, because we can just hang out and do nothing or whatever—and still have fun JUST BECAUSE we are having Family Time.

You can read blogs, books and lists about tips to creating “family time,” but the best way to do it is just DO IT.  Don’t map out some crazy plan or get technical help on getting your family to come together in one place.  Unity can be created by doing anything– anytime.  I do suggest not looking at your phone or talking on the phone while trying to have the “FAMILY TIME.” (Bobby!)  That really is my main tip, if you are wanting a tip.  I do admit that technology can sometimes take away from this important time, but it can also enhance it with fun games to play together or things to read and look at together.

The main word is TOGETHER.  Don’t talk about it, JUST DO IT… STOP reading  this blog and get to it.


Wow…today was one of those “YES!” days.

I started it with a little skepticism.  I was getting ready while thinking– do I really want to go to this last session of this conference?  We could get on the road early and be home with our kiddos early.  The speaker who was to be the keynote  was one I had heard several times before.  I was certain I’d hear some of the same stories and get the similar message.  Somehow I pushed through those thoughts of “skipping” and headed downstairs to the meeting room.  I thought, perhaps, I would see my friends and then maybe cut out a little early.  I was still in the “ify” mood and not really hyped about hearing Bob Tryanski again.  Nothing against him at all, he’s really a great speaker and what seems to be a great guy, but I was really just using him as an excuse to maybe leave a bit earlier.

After finding a few friends, getting settled in my comfortable seat and chit chatting with many different smiley people, I was still thinking maybe I’d leave early.  One of my friends had to catch their ride out of town and left after breakfast.  I saw a few others cut out here and there.  I still sat there.  I listened to some funny stories from 6th Street (Austin’s party street) adventures, talked about how some people  have this weird memory for smells which I’m totally blessed or cursed with AND drank about three cups of the strongest coffee I believe I’ve ever allowed touch my white teeth.  Haha!

So, I stayed.  I heard myself sigh a little when Bob sat up by the stage.  It wasn’t audible, just one of those brain-eye rolls, really.  I was ready to hear about his student council experience for the third (or maybe it would have been fourth) time.  I actually hear him say smething along these lines:  I’m not hear to tell you about my student council experience again.  I’m sure most all of you have heard that story. ***I was like WOW!  He knew what I was thinking!*** He also says something like this: I’m not here to talk about those “anectdotes” …I’m here to talk about stories.  He went on about how we should use our stories to help other live their stories.  Telling stories should not be a monologue, but a dialogue.  It should be a two way street.  Take your personal experiences and invite others into your story.  

The connection and relatability of our stories should increase the experience of us telling them while allowing others to take a part in the story.

Help others feel more at ease with telling their story by always sharing yours, but you have to keep in mind that your story needs to paint a pictures by using what your experience looked, smelled and felt like.

I was so intrigued by his entire presentation.  I’m so glad I stayed!  I’m so glad God planted me in that seat and didn’t let me pack up and go.  I loved the entire conference, but today, by far, was the best presentation and one, I feel Bob (God really) created just for me.

A few weeks ago when I talked at a local church, I told the group of ladies that I was a big story teller.  I told them about how I love God and the way He blesses me continuously by telling the stories He placed on my heart.  My stories are experiences and not just about the Bible or my church events, but my life and how He has used me in so many ways in various events and circumstances AND HOW EXCITING it is to think of all the ways He is going to use me in the future.  I believe the ability of telling stories He has given me is an awesome way I can share Him.

I love telling stories like the LAWNMOWER Incident, The Miracle of Childbirth,  The Adventures of Super Goat and the Crazy Art Teacher Manure Story –just to name a few.   Today, listening to the stories Bob introduced to us, makes me want to do all I can to tell my stories–better.  This blog, I know, has helped me do that in writing, but I hope I can become a better on-the-spot story teller especially to the young people in my life.  I hope they can learn from my experiences and remember some of the important things I might utter while telling some crazy, silly or inspirational story.

I was so blessed to listen to Bob today.  I’m super duper blessed to have GOD as my ultimate story creator.  Like one of the stories talked about today–He sent his son into this world as a BABE…in a manger.  What a story!!!


download (1)

This story teller pic reminds me of my 5th grade teacher when she would read to us and tell us stories.  She was great!  I was so honored to have her in attendance at the church-talk I mentioned in my blog above.  


Another reason I love what I do…


This seriously is another reason I love what I do.   Some of our students really get into dress up days.  Today, with Halloween, we had a ton of crazy costumes.  Some giddy-ups were ghoulish and creepy while others were funny and lighthearted.  I tend to enjoy the more hilarious ones.  This one above, along with his blue twin, was my favorite of all the crazies.

I love to see kiddos getting into fun times during high school.  I know, I know, I KNOW…they need to be there to learn.  Learning is important, I believe in learning.  If you have read a few of my blogs, you know how I feel about learning.

Learning is essential, but having fun while you are in high school–GOOD CLEAN RED RIBBON WEEK/ HALLOWEEN DAY FUN–is essential too!  I always tell our students at our beginning of the year assembly that the more involved you are (within reason, of course–don’t want to spread themselves too thin), the much more positive, enjoyable time this thing called high school will be!

So, today, was one of those days that makes high school FUN(ner).   I even saw a former student of mine at the game tonight and let him know that I was talking about HIS COSTUME from a couple of years back at school today.  His was the best all time disturbingly hilarious costume ever.  I sure wish I had access to the photo of him to post it here, but I’m not sure where it is.  Due to it’s disturbing quality, I may want to keep it under wraps anyway.  It was not gory at all.  It was one of those that kind of puts you in shock.  Here is this popular football player type guy …in a tutu!  Not going into any further detail, but it was one of those days like today—IT WAS A FUN high school event that is just ONE more reason I LOVE WHAT I DO!  

Here’s a pan-pic of the group we had dressing up today.



Grocery Store Bragging

While in the grocery store today I saw several people I know.  At two different parts of the store, I was blessed by being able to chat a bit with two older men who are dads to friends I went to school with.  In both instances, I was greeted with big smiles and them letting me know how pretty I am.  How sweet, right!?  Lord knew I needed that!  ((AND I have NO MAKE-UP on again today!))

What I realized after thinking about it, in both encounters, besides being happy to see me and making me feel great, they really bragged on their kids.  I thought how sweet that was!  I could tell they are both very proud of their children.  It was nice to hear their short synopsis of their grown children and a bit about their grand kids as well.  It’s great that they were able to speak freely about the love they have for them.  BOTH of them used the word “BLESSED” in their descriptions–LOVE THAT!  I believe that is what this world needs more of—Blessings being ACKNOWLEDGED and LOVE BEING SHOWN.  Not in the kissy touchy feely sense (gag, SAY NO TO “PDA”), but in the genuine kind of love for each other that we should have.

I started to think of my own parents and how I don’t have them here to brag on me.  I know, that seems a little selfish, but I don’t mean it that way.  I just thought and wondered if they would both be as proud of me as these dads were of their children.  I sure hope they would be!  I hope they would be able to brag a little bit anyway.

I’d like to take this time to brag:

My older child is a beautiful young lady who can talk your ears off, yet even when she is babbling like there is no tomorrow, she is most always speaking with tones of love and is very caring.  She is a sweet child.  When she was little I called her my “sweetbaby” and she really has developed into a sweet young lady.  I’m so proud of her athletic ability and her love for God and for people.

My little man is a witty thing.  He says stuff out of the blue that gets me to giggling even though he doesn’t really show that side to other people.  He wants to be a hunter just like his daddy and loves to watch THE RIFLEMAN!  The fact that he likes vintage westerns really cracks me up.  He loves to create stuff even if it’s just drawing a robot.

I have no HUGE aspirations for them to be doctors or lawyers (unless they want to be).  I just want them to be happy people who have good character.   And I don’t want to be one of those mommas that goes on and on about their kids and has no life because they live vicariously through their children.  I want to be a proud mom that guides, supports and helps her children grow into GOD FEARING, responsible, family loving  individuals who I’ll always be able to brag on– even if it’s only for about 2 minutes in the middle of the grocery store!

WOW! Again, WOW!


I pray for so many things.  I do it often and when no one would even think I’m praying.  I, of course, get on my knees and bow to God, but I also drive, walk, sit, cook, hug, smile, dance (only my kids see that!), paint, draw, sing, read, type, etc. AND PRAY.  At times, I feel as if I’m bombarding God with so many requests.  I pray for…

  • My children’s protection and that they grow up to find THE ONE God has for them as well as to be responsible individuals.  (that seems like a big one, but soooo important to me and I know to God!)
  • My family’s protection.  Our well-being and happiness, of course.
  • My friends.  More specifically, those who have lost their spouses, here recently.  Oh, how my heart hurts for them.  God knows.  He will bless them.  I know it.  I’m THAT confident in His power.
  • Our church.  The expansion and extension of God’s hand in our community.  Those who are leaders in our church–that they lead with the entire congregation in mind and they always consult God and only say what HE wants them to say.  (that includes me as a youth teacher)
  • Our bosses and other leaders in our life.  I pray they will be able to take on all of the things that come their way and that they lead with God first.
  • My students, my classroom, my school, education in general.  I pray God is not pushed out of our school as He is in so many places.  Jesus should have a place in all aspects of our lives ESPECIALLY schools.  Our kids need Him.  I plead for this!

…and truly, the list goes on and on…  I feel as if I am just babbling to God some days.  I don’t mean in a way where I’m not sincere in my petitions.  I mean, I just think I’m asking for so much that I’m like that kid at Christmas who circles all the toys in the Sears catalog!  I want it all!  I want all the blessings!  I want those around me to feel His presence and his provision!  I feel so greedy at times.

Then I remember:

Matthew 7:7-8

Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.  For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened.…


My mind is seriously blown by so many verses in the Bible.  They are there, though, to do exactly that! God is unbelievable!  We can’t wrap our minds around His enormous power and constant ability to bless us with all we need and so many times what we want.  He is just waiting for us to ask for it!  I love that!  I love God!  I love the fact that He never changes, He loves us and He will always be there no matter what we have done, what we are doing now or what is to come!  

Again, WOW!

Just Listen


This is my little man sitting on the bed telling me stories from his day. It makes me happy to just listen to him.
Sometimes it’s important to do this–JUST LISTEN.

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