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Grocery Store Bragging

While in the grocery store today I saw several people I know.  At two different parts of the store, I was blessed by being able to chat a bit with two older men who are dads to friends I went to school with.  In both instances, I was greeted with big smiles and them letting me know how pretty I am.  How sweet, right!?  Lord knew I needed that!  ((AND I have NO MAKE-UP on again today!))

What I realized after thinking about it, in both encounters, besides being happy to see me and making me feel great, they really bragged on their kids.  I thought how sweet that was!  I could tell they are both very proud of their children.  It was nice to hear their short synopsis of their grown children and a bit about their grand kids as well.  It’s great that they were able to speak freely about the love they have for them.  BOTH of them used the word “BLESSED” in their descriptions–LOVE THAT!  I believe that is what this world needs more of—Blessings being ACKNOWLEDGED and LOVE BEING SHOWN.  Not in the kissy touchy feely sense (gag, SAY NO TO “PDA”), but in the genuine kind of love for each other that we should have.

I started to think of my own parents and how I don’t have them here to brag on me.  I know, that seems a little selfish, but I don’t mean it that way.  I just thought and wondered if they would both be as proud of me as these dads were of their children.  I sure hope they would be!  I hope they would be able to brag a little bit anyway.

I’d like to take this time to brag:

My older child is a beautiful young lady who can talk your ears off, yet even when she is babbling like there is no tomorrow, she is most always speaking with tones of love and is very caring.  She is a sweet child.  When she was little I called her my “sweetbaby” and she really has developed into a sweet young lady.  I’m so proud of her athletic ability and her love for God and for people.

My little man is a witty thing.  He says stuff out of the blue that gets me to giggling even though he doesn’t really show that side to other people.  He wants to be a hunter just like his daddy and loves to watch THE RIFLEMAN!  The fact that he likes vintage westerns really cracks me up.  He loves to create stuff even if it’s just drawing a robot.

I have no HUGE aspirations for them to be doctors or lawyers (unless they want to be).  I just want them to be happy people who have good character.   And I don’t want to be one of those mommas that goes on and on about their kids and has no life because they live vicariously through their children.  I want to be a proud mom that guides, supports and helps her children grow into GOD FEARING, responsible, family loving  individuals who I’ll always be able to brag on– even if it’s only for about 2 minutes in the middle of the grocery store!

WOW! Again, WOW!


I pray for so many things.  I do it often and when no one would even think I’m praying.  I, of course, get on my knees and bow to God, but I also drive, walk, sit, cook, hug, smile, dance (only my kids see that!), paint, draw, sing, read, type, etc. AND PRAY.  At times, I feel as if I’m bombarding God with so many requests.  I pray for…

  • My children’s protection and that they grow up to find THE ONE God has for them as well as to be responsible individuals.  (that seems like a big one, but soooo important to me and I know to God!)
  • My family’s protection.  Our well-being and happiness, of course.
  • My friends.  More specifically, those who have lost their spouses, here recently.  Oh, how my heart hurts for them.  God knows.  He will bless them.  I know it.  I’m THAT confident in His power.
  • Our church.  The expansion and extension of God’s hand in our community.  Those who are leaders in our church–that they lead with the entire congregation in mind and they always consult God and only say what HE wants them to say.  (that includes me as a youth teacher)
  • Our bosses and other leaders in our life.  I pray they will be able to take on all of the things that come their way and that they lead with God first.
  • My students, my classroom, my school, education in general.  I pray God is not pushed out of our school as He is in so many places.  Jesus should have a place in all aspects of our lives ESPECIALLY schools.  Our kids need Him.  I plead for this!

…and truly, the list goes on and on…  I feel as if I am just babbling to God some days.  I don’t mean in a way where I’m not sincere in my petitions.  I mean, I just think I’m asking for so much that I’m like that kid at Christmas who circles all the toys in the Sears catalog!  I want it all!  I want all the blessings!  I want those around me to feel His presence and his provision!  I feel so greedy at times.

Then I remember:

Matthew 7:7-8

Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.  For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened.…


My mind is seriously blown by so many verses in the Bible.  They are there, though, to do exactly that! God is unbelievable!  We can’t wrap our minds around His enormous power and constant ability to bless us with all we need and so many times what we want.  He is just waiting for us to ask for it!  I love that!  I love God!  I love the fact that He never changes, He loves us and He will always be there no matter what we have done, what we are doing now or what is to come!  

Again, WOW!

Just Listen


This is my little man sitting on the bed telling me stories from his day. It makes me happy to just listen to him.
Sometimes it’s important to do this–JUST LISTEN.



So “Jack” was adopted into the family tonight. What will he do!?! Got any ideas? Please suggest!

Hope the love, fun and happiness of this time of year grabs you by the elf!



We all have those times we reflect on things.  We think about what was, but my reflections today also started me thinking about now…

Today, as we had good times with my husband’s family, I was reminded of the younger times when I spent the holidays with my immediate family.  My brother posted some things that he misses and it got me to thinking about all those things too.  He has a much better memory than I do so he can reflect way back farther than I as well as remember many more details and such.  I did the best I could though.

Things I remember…   I remember how my dad always made sure everyone was included.  Even after I was married, he made sure that our schedule would worked out where we could go to all the places we needed to and not miss anything.  He did this at Thanksgiving and Christmas and any other gathering time throughout the year.  I remember how he helped mom put things together at Thanksgiving.  He didn’t help her cook much at any other time, but during the holidays, he seemed to be in the kitchen more.  My two grandmothers, one lived next door and the other across the street, were always there to just be great.  They were both awesome ladies.  My mom would make my favorite dressing and other traditional items–she was a great cook back in the day.   So, now, both grandmothers are gone as well as both of my parents.  My uncle who would be there during several of the holidays is still kickin like a chicken, but he and his wife live a few states away and we don’t get to see each other much. 

Reflecting on these “past” things, though, also reminded me of all the things that God blesses me with NOW.  He allowed me to marry into a family that loves each other and takes care of one another just like my dad did all of us.  I have a mother-in-law who, altho makes dressing nothing like my mom’s, makes my favorite dressing now.  She is an amazing cook!   Things change.  Life moves forward.  People pass away.  Times morph into other times.  I have babies now who will one day do what I did–grow up and get married and have their own stories.  I’m so proud that I’m able to be part of their stories now, but I know that they will leave years from now which will seem like just days, I’m certain, to continue their lives with spouses, other extended families and friends just like God allowed me to do.

I do totally miss my mom and dad-especially, but they helped make me who I am.  They were gifts God gave me.  And He continues to allow me to hold on to memories of them, but also allows me gifts and blessings through those in my life now.  It’s important to remember all those distant memories without mourning, but with appreciation.  I look back with a smile knowing that family times helped mold me into a “family gal.”  I hope that the times we spend now with those here at this moment will only continue to make happy, thankful REFLECTIONS.

Words are POWERFUL!

My leadership class did this. This is just part of the presentation they did for our OC Connections Luncheon today. They did this together. I love those kids!!!


I am the student council advisor at work and I have got to brag on the students on our council.  There were so many that helped out tonight after the game.  They cleaned both sides of the stadium.  I’m so thankful and blessed to be able to work with such great kiddos.  Some of them gagged a bit picking up nasty trash, but I do believe that will help remind them that there is no way they want to do any kind of MANDATORY community service.  haha!  This was total volunteer.  They never cease to amaze me.  Thank you OCHS STUDENT COUNCIL for helping me and others see that the youth of today truly are GREAT!


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