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The flu

If you need something to slow you down… Get the flu! (Or not)

Yes, I have the flu. 

Yesterday, at the doctors office, I cried when he told me the test was positive.  I was crying for several reasons … From the painful gagging I experienced from the former strep test, my achy joints, pounding head and the fact that I actually have the flu. 

I do admit my life seems like it’s in fast forward most of the time. I’m always doing something or thinking of something to do OR concocting a plan to do something.  I’m not sure I would feel right if I weren’t DOING something. 

I know that we are supposed to slow down at times! So, why can’t I really do that?   

I have found that the only place I can truly not do or think is at the lake in a lawn chair when we go camping.  One of those zero-gravity chairs is the best.  Weird, huh?

But this time, I’m not camping. I just have the flu. It’s impossible to do anything really except drink liquids and get dizzy as I make my way to the bathroom.  And thinking… Well, writing this blog is the most thinking I’ve done in the last 24 hours or so. 

I do suggest slowing down at times, but I do not suggest 

the flu. 


I’ve seen and heard so much rudeness in the last few days.  It makes me sad.  It makes me feel sorry for our existence as a RUDE human race.  Wow, I know, that sounds harsh!  Think about it…

What does being rude really do for anything or anyone?  It just makes the situation worse.  It just makes tempers flare and feelings to get hurt.  We should really check ourselves before we start letting words fly out of our mouths or projectiles out of our windows.  Haha… you’ll get it in a minute.  Read on please.

Today, I saw a parent get sideways with one of our staff, because… well, I won’t get into some long story about the situation.  Let’s just say the parent was blaming the school for not sending home something that the child was responsible for getting. Let me say that one more time: “THE CHILD WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR GETTING…” and taking home.  At the high school, we don’t pull out their folders and fill it up with info and forms that the child needs.  THE CHILD IS RESPONSIBLE FOR GETTING THOSE THINGS AND TAKING THEM TO THE PROPER ADULT to be dealt with/signed/returned.  It’s HIGH SCHOOL.  Your 14, 15, 16, 17, even 18 year old child has to take responsibility for classwork, homework, work outs, clubs, organizations and still must come to school with the proper attire on!

Ok, I’ve gone on about that one enough.  That parent was so rude.  I felt embarrassed for her and bad for the staff member she was pointing it all toward even though that person just happened to be there when the rudeness started flying.

Did I say I’ve gone on enough?  Haha!

Rudeness just makes me shake my head.  I want to stop the conversation and say, “DO YOU REALIZE WE ARE ALL ADULTS HERE AND YOU ARE TALKING TO OTHERS LIKE WE ARE CHILDREN WHO HAVE STOLEN A COOKIE OR SOMETHING?!?”  Oh my, I’m all-capping it a lot tonight!

In the end, the parent realized their child was at fault.  Go figure.

I’ve had students say the rudest things about other students.  IT’S AN EPIDEMIC!  Stop talking about other people!!!  Do you realize that only makes you look shallow-minded, mean and absolutely insecure?!?  RUDE.

I know, I’m yelling a lot here.  It’s a rant.  I admit it.  Rude people just make me want to do some ATTITUDE ADJUSTING.  (no details needed)

Here’s another one… On the way to town today to go grocery shopping (yes, the fact that I do not like grocery shopping has probably pushed along the need to rant this evening), a car that was passing me threw something out their window and it hit my car.  It might have been a cracker, I don’t know, WHO CARES!  It was a projectile something and they threw it out the window and I WAS RIGHT THERE.  Who does that anyway?  Apparently someone sitting in the passenger side of a black SUV, that is who.  Rude.

This week, I was speaking to a group and I was interrupted by an adult.  It was quite an awkward situation.  You would think they would know better.  Clearly they do not or at least did not at that moment.  I didn’t cry or anything.  I just thought… RUDE.

I have had about 10 students get up to walk somewhere in my room WHILE I WAS TALKING TO THEM in front of the classroom.  Perhaps they were in classes before that allowed that and I should give them a little time to get use to my class?  NO.  For real, no matter what the situation, if you are talking to a class or to a group of friends and any of them just get up and walk away or mingle about while obviously NOT paying attention to the importance of the information you are sharing… THAT IS RUDE.




I’m done.

The D word.

I didn’t blog yesterday on THE DAY.  I knew I probably wouldn’t.  We are always busy going from one place to another.  Once we were home, I got into bed as soon as I could.  I believe I slept for about 12 hours! haha!  I don’t do that often at all!

Christmas was wonderful.  It truly was.  My face ached many times from laughing or smiling continuously–and not the fake smiling we sometimes do when posing for pictures–my face was truly feeling the event.  My side ached a little from it as well.  We had fun!

The event was a little different than usual.  We saw some family we hadn’t in quite a few Christmases…then there were some close ones absent for the first time.  This did not diminish the joy of the Christmas occasion, but it did make it somewhat different.  The ones separated from us missed out on another awesome time together.

Death did not separate us…but another D word did.

Death is inevitable, we will all do that someday unless, of course, Jesus comes before we die.  Either way, what a wonderful day that will be.  (Reminds me of a song…What a day that will be…when my Jesus I shall see…)

The other d word I’m referring to– although very inevitable– seems to happen in our world more times than not.  It creeps up into the happiest of circumstances and the most harmonious of families.  It works its way into joyful times and tears apart the best of friends.  The devil loves it, he dances in it…he creates it.

We call some of the television programs we watch the D word.  The d word can be described several ways.  Here’s one definition I found:

It is the specific mode of fiction represented in performance.  The term comes from a Greek word meaning action, which is derived from the verb meaning to do or to act.

Here’s another:

a composition in prose or verse presenting in dialogue or pantomime story involving conflict or contrast of character, especially one intended to be acted on the stage; a play.

I know these definitions refer more to a play or performance, but in our lives, they pretty much happen the same way.  A person creates some type of opinion about a person or a circumstance then acts out, most of the time negatively, on their opinion.  They create fictional dialogue and premeditate the outcome.

Most of the time this involves misunderstandings

which then lead to mis-communications,

throw in some name calling and lies

and wahhhh lahhhhhhh….


Yep, the ole D word…

But I’m just gonna tell you along with the stinky little devil… the D word DID NOT stop the celebration of our LORD, KING AND SAVIOR being born!  It didn’t stop the meal from being prepared, the hugs, smiles or big ole belly roll laughing!  It didn’t stop the bright eyes or surprises that good company or perfect hospitality brought.  It didn’t stop the true meaning of our CHRISTMAS STORY.  It didn’t stop it…it can’t stop it.   No matter how much the D word tries to invade, destroy and conquer… it has no power.

GOD sent us our power.  He sent us the hope for peace and happiness.  HE sent us THE REASON FOR THIS SEASON and the d word has no place in the unfolding of this story.  THE REASON for the season has victory over anything that comes with the d-word.  Jesus is peace, hope and love which are total opposites of the d-word.


Pray for those who don’t look to HIM first.  (on all days of the year)

Pray for those who love the d-word more than the gifts HE brings.

Find VICTORY in what JESUS brought.


(not the d-word…not ever the d-word)



There is this man…

He’s caring and loving and CRAZY.  I love his attitude, his smile

AND EVEN when he throws me under the bus by blaming me for things that HE did. 

THIS MAN, most always, makes me laugh out loud and talks to me about our awesome friend Jesus.  We can talk about situations that frustrate us or make us joyful.  We discuss the Bible, why we are so blessed and how OUR GOD makes stuff awesome like the full moon was last night (for all to see before the football game).

This man helps out those around him in anyway he possibly can.  He lives and displays integrity.  He teaches good character and how hard work will pay off when it’s done right.  (or how it can be learned from when done wrong)

This man is known by all as a great person, an awesome teacher and a leader in our community and really, abroad.

This man is what he refers to himself as my “FIRST BEST FRIEND” and makes sure to let my other best friend (Love you Reagan!) know she is number two.

I’m so honored and blessed by THIS MAN that I figured I’d write this blog about him today.

Mr. Johnny Coleman– I LOVE YOU.

Here’s a few pics of us…

THIS FIRST ONE IS MY FAVE…we are so cute!


ON A BUS–on our way to Ft. Worth with some awesome FFA students.  I love this pic!


THE TIE!  Love the tie!  This is before graduation one year.


Hanging out in the art room with a group of our peers, but the pic was just for us! haha!


In Fort Worth about to watch some pigs dance around.


Mr. Coleman and I with my “other” best friend.


Again, in Ft. Worth with our Ag teacher friend Mrs. Fielder.


Here, Mr. Coleman is giving the speech at graduation last year.  Loved his speech, because he talked mainly about attitude. We have a GREAT attitude in common.  Some days he helps mine lift tons more than he will ever know!







Not sure I’ll sleep much tonight!  I get so excited the night before THE BIG FIRST DAY BACK WITH THE STUDENTS!

I’m like…







Why am I soooooo emotional these days!?!

I have been wearing my feelings on my sleeve for several days now.  My baby blues tear up for what seems to be no reason at all.  I mean, it always has a reason, but at times it’s silly things.  I look at something that brings back some crazy memory that I haven’t thought of in, like, FOR- EV- ER, and here come the tears.  Someone says something hurtful–even to someone else and not directly to or about me and I get all weepy.   I see a sky full of awesomely puffy white clouds and I get misty over the amazing beauty.  What the what?!

What is up!?!

I am aware that this time of the year brings on certain emotions just because the school year is ending.  I will miss my seniors so much.  Even typing that makes me sniffle a little.  I do not like for the school year to end.  I know the seniors HAVE to graduate and I’m so proud that they are, but I will miss seeing them and being an almost constant part of their lives.  Don’t get me wrong, I definitely enjoy my summer…but I miss my job, my friends and my kiddos.  So, I know where some of the emotion comes from, but I’ve never remember it being THIS BAD.  I’m sure there are other aspects of my life that are contributing to the emotional roller coaster, but really, anything can get worse so, I see myself and my family as TOTALLY BLESSED.

I’m trying my hardest not to let this up and down of emotion affect my mood towards others.  I know at times others upset me with their moods or grumpiness, but I don’t want them to suffer for my craziness–ever.  That is a major goal of mine.  My friends and students don’t need to be burdened with something that bothers me.  I keep this in mind all the time!

I know some doctors might say my hormones are crazy or blame it on some chemical thing and prescribe some “fix”.  I am not against those types of things and believe there are some who totally benefit from that (and should really never miss a dose!), but I believe this emotional stuff will subside soon.

I just don’t know exactly why it’s so tough this year.

I’m just questioning it.  That’s all.  That is all this blog is doing today.

I’m not trying to reach out and say I’M SO SAD or I need some kind of mental help…this is NOTHING like that.   I mean, a hug might be ok, I guess… ALTHO, BEWARE– it might make me cry too!  HAHA!

I just don’t know why I’m SooOOoooOOOoooo (much more) EMOTIONAL this year!?!

COULD IT BE AGE!?  Naahhhhh.  HAHA!



Crazy People

When surrounded by crazy people, we tend to become crazy.  Crazy comes in all kinds of flavors.

I’m a certain kind of crazy.

I’m not saying I’m NOT crazy.

I know I’m a bit crazy.

I don’t think like others do.  I blame that, mostly, on the fact that I’m an artsy person.  Not everyone thinks of life through the eyes of HOW CAN I USE THAT TO CREATE ART?

That being said, acknowledging the fact that I’m different, a little crazy and unique, there are some OTHER kind of crazies besides what I’ve explained myself as.

These crazies are those who constantly talk, their minds are moving at a speed that none of us can observe.  Seriosuly, thier minds are so sporadically dodging and weaving, looping and swooping that it’s hard to follow what they are trying to tell you.  Most of the times, their body language follows their mind.  It’s crazy to watch and actually kind of entertaining.  Other times, we feel like fleeing as soon as we hear their voice!

Either way, I’m just sitting here in a meeting thinking about all the different personalities that are represented.  Some are proper and some are focused.  Some are interested and working while others are just rambling on to themselves or whoever will listen. (really, that is only one)   It’s, as I said, ENTERTAINING!

Do you have a dynamic like this where you work or frequent the most?  I would love to read about it!  Direct me to YOUR blog!

Boss, when you read this, I ALREADY FIXED MY WEBSITE!   I’m a good, CRAZY employee.

I need gas!


So, my car needs gas, but I can’t go get any, because some fool used my credit card number yesterday in Humble, Texas.  Yes, a THIEF..a low down rotten weirdo used my PERSONAL credit card to buy things, I guess, to make them feel better about life.  I don’t know their reasons nor do I really care.  If they want to blame the reason they STEAL FROM OTHERS on their low self-esteem or alcoholism or parents who just didn’t love them enough OR WHATEVER else they may have, so be it, but I won’t have pity on them.

I mean, it wasn’t even groceries or gas…one of the purchases was at Dillards.  Come on now!  I don’t even really shop there!  I’m not trying to bash Dillards, but seriously, I try to be a frugal shopper and that department store is not top of the list when you are trying to keep to somewhat of a budget.

So, I’m on “E” in the Terrain, my card won’t work (found that out when the son and I were trying to buy drinks after school) and I’ve gotta get to church!  Thank you credit card thief.  Thanks for nothing.



It’s so frustrating to be around crazy selfish, weirdly jealous people.  What makes them that way?  What makes them not want anyone to succeed?  What makes them want everyone around them to be absolutely miserable?

Sometimes they pretend to want progress, but then find every reason to extinguish all efforts to do so!  WHAT IN THE WORLD!?

Is it a power trip they are riding?  Is it the need to be the only one “succeeding” in anything?  Is it INSANITY?  What is it!?

No really, that is what I want to know today.  I have my opinions.  I do, we all know I do, but today, I just want to know yours.


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