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Crazy People

When surrounded by crazy people, we tend to become crazy.  Crazy comes in all kinds of flavors.

I’m a certain kind of crazy.

I’m not saying I’m NOT crazy.

I know I’m a bit crazy.

I don’t think like others do.  I blame that, mostly, on the fact that I’m an artsy person.  Not everyone thinks of life through the eyes of HOW CAN I USE THAT TO CREATE ART?

That being said, acknowledging the fact that I’m different, a little crazy and unique, there are some OTHER kind of crazies besides what I’ve explained myself as.

These crazies are those who constantly talk, their minds are moving at a speed that none of us can observe.  Seriosuly, thier minds are so sporadically dodging and weaving, looping and swooping that it’s hard to follow what they are trying to tell you.  Most of the times, their body language follows their mind.  It’s crazy to watch and actually kind of entertaining.  Other times, we feel like fleeing as soon as we hear their voice!

Either way, I’m just sitting here in a meeting thinking about all the different personalities that are represented.  Some are proper and some are focused.  Some are interested and working while others are just rambling on to themselves or whoever will listen. (really, that is only one)   It’s, as I said, ENTERTAINING!

Do you have a dynamic like this where you work or frequent the most?  I would love to read about it!  Direct me to YOUR blog!

Boss, when you read this, I ALREADY FIXED MY WEBSITE!   I’m a good, CRAZY employee.

I need gas!


So, my car needs gas, but I can’t go get any, because some fool used my credit card number yesterday in Humble, Texas.  Yes, a THIEF..a low down rotten weirdo used my PERSONAL credit card to buy things, I guess, to make them feel better about life.  I don’t know their reasons nor do I really care.  If they want to blame the reason they STEAL FROM OTHERS on their low self-esteem or alcoholism or parents who just didn’t love them enough OR WHATEVER else they may have, so be it, but I won’t have pity on them.

I mean, it wasn’t even groceries or gas…one of the purchases was at Dillards.  Come on now!  I don’t even really shop there!  I’m not trying to bash Dillards, but seriously, I try to be a frugal shopper and that department store is not top of the list when you are trying to keep to somewhat of a budget.

So, I’m on “E” in the Terrain, my card won’t work (found that out when the son and I were trying to buy drinks after school) and I’ve gotta get to church!  Thank you credit card thief.  Thanks for nothing.



It’s so frustrating to be around crazy selfish, weirdly jealous people.  What makes them that way?  What makes them not want anyone to succeed?  What makes them want everyone around them to be absolutely miserable?

Sometimes they pretend to want progress, but then find every reason to extinguish all efforts to do so!  WHAT IN THE WORLD!?

Is it a power trip they are riding?  Is it the need to be the only one “succeeding” in anything?  Is it INSANITY?  What is it!?

No really, that is what I want to know today.  I have my opinions.  I do, we all know I do, but today, I just want to know yours.




I just had nuts, berries and yogurt about 30 minutes ago.  This yummy snack usually keeps me going for what seems like hours most days.

WHY DOES MY STOMACH feel as if it wants MORE!?  It is ROARING like a stinkin’ lion after a 10 day fast. (ha…I know, lions don’t fast)

SOMETIMES, not all the time, but some days I’m constantly battling the fact that my body thinks it wants more..more…MORE!

I don’t want more …more ..more.

I don’t want a higher jean size, I don’t want a rounder behind and I don’t want more jiggle for the wiggle I already own.

I am not obsessed with the fact that I’m a round gal, but I do get a little crazy by the factors of age, hormones and metabolism.  Why do they do some crazy stuff to my mind and body?  I know God made us.  Please don’t think I’m writing this to plead for compliments on how wonderfully beautiful I am–I know this, really.  I’m confident in the fact that God made me awesome.  I am very secure in that thought AND WOW, did He make us amazing.  Our bodies are miracles!!!

I just don’t understand the lonely beckons and cravings of things such as starchy butter and cheese–DON’T FORGET THE CHEESE–drenched taters, salty potato chips or even sweet creamy ice cream drizzled with chocolate sauce and topped with whatever MORE sugary items you can sprinkle here and there.   UG!   Our minds can create the picture of those things RIGHT NOW!  I know you see ’em!

Some blame it on commercials and billboards.  I am not getting into the blame game.  Seems like most of our population is on that trip.  I don’t ever want to take that journey.  I know my decisions are my own no matter what propaganda or circumstance bombards me.

I’m seriously asking the question: WHY??!!!  Why does the body think it needs certain stuff when it SHOULD BE perfectly satisfied?

We all have this in some area of our lives.  If it’s not food, it’s something else.  We want want want.  I guess we can trace it all back to Adam and Eve.  HA!  No guessing there—it’s the prime example of wanting and not needing.  If Eve hadn’t of picked that stupid apple, we’d still be in the garden with perfect bodies enjoying the perfect temperature and joyously praising God in His presence.  Wow!  Wouldn’t that be more than awesome?!  ((I cling to the promise of that moment happening in my future–YAY!!!))  Let’s not blame poor Eve–I believe that if Eve hadn’t of done it, thanks to temptation (and a little prodding from the devil), someone would have stepped up sooner–not later, and picked that first forbidden fruit.  Again, not setting the blame of my cravings on one certain apple picker, but I know this is the moment that the course of history for our minds and bodies really changed.  We weren’t protected as much from this world any longer.  God pronounced His punishment …and years later, HERE I AM…

asking the questions: WHY LORD, WHY!?

Haha…I think I will go make a pizza!

Be Nice or LEAVE



My FB post from earlier:

We have to be around mean, uncaring, totally uncompassionate, arrogant, and brutally rude people sometimes and we still MUST keep our HAPPY WONDERFUL SUNSHINE AND SPRINKLES ATTITUDE.  I confess, I did not do a good job of that today.  Lord, please forgive me!

I hate to admit that my anger got the best of me today thanks to a horribly crass and, really, in my opinion, insane person.  I have to keep in mind that this person is unhappy, uninformed, demented and basically sick.  We feel sorry for those who are ill.  I am trying to turn my anger into sincere pity.  We pray for those who are diseased —and I’m doing my best to pray for this person.  God knows I’m struggling!


I love the sign above, but we all know that we HAVE to be around people that are not nice.   They will NOT leave.  You can’t successfully make them or even ask them politely to go away.  AND sometimes life makes it where you can’t separate yourself from the situation you are in with them at all–you are stuck.    I wish that sign would work, but in reality, we know it won’t.

Mean people like making your life miserable.  They enjoy being rude to others.  There may be some exceptions, but more times than not, mean, rude, inconsiderate people have fun making others angry by their words and actions.  These facts alone should motivate us to kill them with kindness, sprinkle them with happy dust and laugh in their presence no matter what they say or do.  I did not do that today.  I just wallowed in the ugliness of the situation which seemed to get darker and darker.  I thought ugly thoughts, made ugly faces and said things to my friends that I should have just kept to myself.   It was ugly.  It was most of all–evil!  I do not want to make the devil happy.

So, after all this, I sincerely ask God to forgive me.  I have also asked for strength to be able to keep positive no matter what!  I know I can do it with God.  I have to pray for mean people (especially the one that made me so crazy today) and keep my eye on what is good, happy, sweet, pretty, bright, noble and honorable AND NOT what is rude, negative, nasty, ugly, void of compassion and downright mean.

I will have a much better day tomorrow, because even if the mean won’t go away, I refuse to allow it to make my HAPPY leave.


200 +


Last night, I noticed I only needed one more follower on this crazy blog of mine to hit 200.   AND OVER NIGHT—I hit and exceeded that #!  Yay!!!

I have been blogging since July 11, 2012 and for the most part have kept it a *POSTADAY* blog.  Not that I’m trying to brag at all here. All I want to do is THANK all of you followers for finding something you want to actually look at  in this “crazy, weird, Unique!” Bloggity.

I know I get a little crazy sometimes–I warn you at the top!  Sometimes my views are a bit weird–that is what I’m pretty much always going for!  As for unique, I believe WEIRD and UNIQUE go hand in hand–one is looked at by this world as a more negative and the other in a more positive light.  To me, they mean basically the same thing and I feel honored to be referred to as either whether it be in reference to an artwork, my view on life or especially for my belief in my real, alive, soul saving, sin crushing, almighty GOD!

Thank you AGAIN for finding something interesting here and allowing me to share.  I love to learn, reflect and SHARE!

200 +  …WOO HOO!!!


The GOOD, the bad and the uuuuuggggly…


We are who we are because we choose to be.  NO MATTER WHAT… You CHOOSE to be the way you are–it is ALL UP TO YOU.

We start our lives like a blank slate.  We arrive ready to be influenced, molded and shaped.  Then, things happen to us.  We are well taken care of, or not.  We are surrounded with good friends or bad ones or maybe mediocre ones.  We have great parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts or we don’t really.  Some of us have circumstances in our lives that are just crazy, chaotic and evil.  We have people that abuse us and put us down.  We have people who use us or leave us out on purpose.  These things happen.  I am acknowledging it all.  I could make lists upon lists of things that happen to us–good, bad and ugly.

We all have  influences, circumstances, people and times.  We all have these good, bad and ugly times.  A lot of times, though,  we look at others’ lives and think they have it great and we don’t, but really, we don’t know their life.  We don’t know what happens in their homes and we don’t know what happens in their minds.  We don’t know their hearts.  We are only responsible for our own hearts.  We are not put here to compare ourselves to others.  We own our story, not others’.

Back to my point—the person you are, no matter what has happened to you in your life, is ALL UP TO YOU.

Don’t blame others for having a better life.  Don’t hurt those around you just because others have hurt you.   It’s important that we don’t get beat down by playing the victim in our lives.  I know we all have different stories and we have all been “victims” of something, but to stay labeled as a victim only allows whoever or whatever victimized us to continue to win daily.

EXAMPLE: If I were to CHOOSE to be an alcoholic–that would not be because my dad was an alcoholic.  I would CHOOSE that lifestyle.  I could not blame that on an alcoholic father or even some type of hereditary gene which says I’m more likely to be an alcoholic.  Everyone has something they may be more likely to be, BUT WHEN IT COMES RIGHT DOWN TO IT–IT IS YOUR CHOICE.

People use excuses all the time.  The media gives people excuses all the time.  Sometimes (and I’m not saying all the time, because I know there are certain situations that would be exceptions–but I believe they are very rare) people use excuses because they are too lazy to stand up and blame themselves.   They are too unwilling to get up and choose what is right.   They are so lacking of inner motivation that they blame it on someone else like their parents or even the government.  Geez.

We all (yes, EVERY ONE OF US) need to stop being- idle – indolent – sluggish – slothful – slack – AND step up and take responsibility for: who we are, where we are and what we have become.  I believe that once that happens, our lives, our society and our world will be a better place to live.

Once we have done that, we can be in a better position to help those around us.  It starts with YOU–yes YOU. (and me, of course) Allow the good, the bad AND the ugly to mold you, influence you and shape you into A RESPONSIBLE, A MORE ACCOUNTABLE AND UPSTANDING YOU.  (not a continuous blaming victim who can’t look past anything that has ever happened…come on—move on!!!)

TOMORROW’S POSSIBLE BLOG TOPIC: Influences and circumstances–they CAN be positive NO MATTER what they are…

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