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10,000 steps

Where would 10,000 steps take you?

10,000 steps is my daily step goal.

That seems like a big number, but it’s only around 5 miles.  I have short little legs so it’s prob closer to 4 than it is 5.  Either way, that 10,000 number seems big until you convert it. I mean, look at all those zeros!

Even so, where can we go in four miles. Four miles is nothing to really scoff at for a short legged walker like me. For a walker of any type I would think it’s not a bad trek. For a runner I guess it is not real far.  For a driver, it’s nothing, especially if you live in a big city and commute many times that number to work. 

So back to my question… Where can 10,000 steps take you? 

At work, It takes me to the office and back about 100 times a day.  

Really though, that’s not my goal or my point here… 

We need to be taking steps for Jesus.  

I wonder how many steps he took in his lifetime?  How many did he take on that road to the cross? I know, I know, I won’t really be worrying about those numbers when I get to actually see Jesus one day but for now, I can wonder.  I can! 

Let’s take our steps with intent.  Let’s take our steps with a mission in mind.  I know leisurely strolls are nice or walking around the house in the evening to get to that step goal of the day is necessary sometimes like it was for me tonight.  I had 150 to go so I swept the house a few times before I got my PJs on. Ha! 

Let’s put one foot in front of the other, moving forward to the goal while we work to get all those we can to walk with us!  Jesus did Easter so we could walk freely with the dwelling of the Holy Spirit.  AND so we can be in paradise one day. (AMEN!)  Let’s use those 10,000 steps to help others see Him. 

Help others. Put others first. Love one another. Show people you love you love them. Show people who are hard to love LOVE ANYWAY.  Step out and step boldly for the cause of Jesus Christ, because in the end, the amount of miles you made aren’t really going to matter…it’s the direction you were going with each step you take. 

Where are your 10,000 next steps going to take you?


Lose up to 10 pounds in your first month. 

Walk away that belly. 

Take that first step.  Start your journey today!

Walk. Stair step. 

Drink these shakes. 

Take these pills. 

Start now. 

It’s easy!


Your fat. 

Your ugly. 

You’re disgusting even. 

You shouldn’t show your face in public. 

People look at the size of your waist. 

Your smile and awesome hair means nothing. 

The way you look is the only thing that matters. 

Our society is obsessed with weight loss and you should be too!


I’m all for feeling better about yourself. I’m in favor of being healthier.  It has been personally proven that exercising and eating right (or better) definitely helps the attitude. With this first day of the New Year though… WHAT IS REALLY IMPORTANT!?! 

Is it how much weight you can lose by January 7th?  

Is it how many steps you can put in before lunch? 

Is it the way your jeans fit or how people look at you?

I don’t believe it is. 

I know EVERYONE has that THING that they obsess over and for a lot of us, it’s the way we look. For others it’s organization or exercise or keeping the house clean (gag!).  But are any of those things what’s REALLY IMPORTANT?!? 

I don’t believe it is. 

I had a friend die of brain cancer just this morning.  Yes, first day of the year.  She is in heaven with Jesus!  No cancer, NO PAIN!  So, tell me, was losing weight, looking like society says we should, being organized or “perfect” important to her?

What’s really important? 

GOD, a personal relationship with Jesus, family, friends and knowing that this world is not our home!

I’m not trying to knock losing weight or feeling better about yourself.  I’m only saying…


I hope you find the true answer to that question this new year.  

Happy New Year!

#CRUSHcancer 5K

I totally finished that 5K today!!!

SOOO, I was pretty much last, but I did it.  It’s ok that I and one other gal were the only two on the track.  The rest of the group went the city course, but really, I didn’t want to hold up any traffic with my mad walking skills or awesome legs.  haha!

All kidding aside, we had an awesome event which made some nice change for the Texas Oncology Foundation.

Here’s a pic of most of the group…


I loved doing this and am ready to tackle on another.  Well, I’m not ready to be the main organizer of one yet…I’ll wait another year for that, but I’m ready to go walk one again.  It was a lot of fun!

My whole family participated in it as well.  This is how my 10 year old felt in the end…




I did exercise today. Got a couple of miles in, but I wish I was more extreme about exercising. I found some funnies about exercise…


You may of read a former blog where I talked about this: I DO NOT RUN.


So wish I could be as happy as Snoopy when I exercise:


I Don’t Run


I’ve never been a part of a 5K event.  I don’t run.  I can walk a ways and I can walk pretty fast, but I do not run.  I admire those who can and do, but I do not.  I walk on a treadmill almost every day and enjoy it, but again, no running.  I attempt to jog a little every once in a while, but nope, no running.  I mean, really, the only time I’d run is if I’m running toward my children because they need me in an EMERGENCY or away from a monster.   I know, I’ve made my point.

When the students I advise on the student council at work decided their *big* project would be a 5K, I was like OK, but I know nothing of running.  I know nothing of this kind of event.  Well, I knew nothing–but I’ve done some research.  I’ve chatted with people who know stuff and have hooked up with some very resourceful individuals.  My students have presented the project to several people and local community organizations.  They have talked to other students about such events and come up with some unique ideas on their own as well.

Through all this, it’s finally come to the day we go “LIVE” with the event.   A great tech guy created a page for our event through our school website.  Although I’ve never seen Blake’s face, I know he’s great, because I sent him probably about 20 emails about this event and he never sent me a mean email in return.  Trying to get everything pinned down on people, places and things was a bit of a feat.  The flyer was completed along with the registration form and this event is on GO!

I just wanted to blog about it, because even though I DON’T RUN, I believe this event will be great.  This is mainly due to the fact that the students have really worked on this and will continue to do so–getting t-shirt sponsors, getting the word out, rounding up registrations and selling tickets to the spaghetti dinner which is happening the night before the 5K.  Oh, we are also having a raffle for a cedar chest that one of our parents has donated!

THE BEST PART—besides the fact that I don’t have to run—is that ALL THIS is benefiting the Texas Oncology Foundation.  This foundation grants money to cancer patients in need right here in our local area.  They help all across Texas, but the money we collect will be staying in East Texas.  The students are especially excited about this.  I’m excited mostly because THEY are excited!

…and I don’t have to run. 🙂

If you’d like to check out our event, go to



My husband’s grandmother or MEMAW is a super lady who we all
love very much. She doesn’t do a whole lot of cooking these days, but she really is the best cook I’ve ever known. She is very partial to my husband which I think is adorable. He is a great man. (Yes, I know I’m biased.) This picture was taken today at the family Christmas celebration. I just had to use it for my blog, because out of all the photos we took today (including the snow pics, which snowing on Christmas in East Texas is crazy awesome–a miracle from God!) this is the sweetest picture I took. It’s definitely a keeper!!!
Thanks Memaw, for being GREAT!

How’s your heart?


As in water face reflects face,
so the heart of man reflects the man.
Prov. 27: 19

How’s your heart? Are you a servant to others? Do you spew hate all around or is your heart full of love for mankind? Your heart is reflected and projected to others. Your actions show your heart.

And we are supposed to love through ACTIONS and truth:

My little children, let us not love in word or in tongue, but in deed and in truth. (I John 3:18 NKJV)

This time of the year brings many opportunities for us all to give to, and serve others. To do so should make your heart happy and keep it full of love. I did not say pride–do not become prideful and boast of the things you do for others. Give praise and glory to God, because only through Him are we all able to do the things we do–and when others see you do good things, may HE be praised!

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven. (Matthew 5:16 NKJV)

So, how’s your heart?

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