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Trending…there is  A TON of things trending right now.

Donald Trump is apparently dumb, Hillary should be in jail, Obama says he would have won the election if he could have run again.  OK.

VIRAL VIDEOS… videos that show violence and insanity, regular people doing stupid stuff, animals with voice overlays. (the last one’s my fave)

Someone changed the HOLLYWOOD to HOLLYWEED, guns kill people and Alabama lost. (the last one’s my fave)

The Superbowl will be here before we know it so, there are a ton of people talking about the playoffs which means that is trending.  Ok.

Find out who is in your family tree, where you came from or what your poop says about you by just sending in a little sample.  (gag)

Geico commercials, movies trailers and yesterday, one of the top Googled person was Selena Gomez.

One of the top YouTube videos of today with over 8,962,496 global views (!!!) is this:

So trending can be so many different things.

Some are bad, some are good…some are like ….what the whhhaaaaaaaat?

I wish that one day, the top trending item would be KINDNESS.  Just kindness.  Could we just have at the top of every list–KINDNESS???  Like, there’s so much kindness being spread, that we all think we are in some alter-universe.  Kindness is being thrown around like confetti and everyone is so happy, it’s like their birthday (or whatever day makes them really happy).


On the day KINDNESS takes top seat…

There’s no sadistic movie getting it or a violent attack on police.  There’s not a bank robbed, a frozen to death homeless man and no one gets stabbed.  There’s no traffic jams, explosions or junk mail!

On the day KINDNESS takes that top spot…

Everyone smells like cookies, looks you in the eye and smiles!  There is no jealousy, no envy, no hate.  There are no long lines, no mean muggin and NO one gets mad about people being nice.



Just kidding…

You are ugly.

Just kidding.

You make me sick.

Just kidding.

What did you do to your hair today?

Oh, I’m just kidding, it looks great!

I think I’m going to puke.

I’m just joking.

No, really, I think I’m going to be sick.  Really, I’m so sick of hearing, “Just kidding.”

That two word phrase is supposed to act like an eraser or some type of delete button.  It is used flippantly.  It is used incessantly by mean people.  It is a bully’s favorite phrase.  It’s like that phrase you use when you got caught saying something you shouldn’t have.  You really did mean what you said, but it came out a little too harsh or you got the wrong response so HEY, let’s just use JUST KIDDING so, that will make everything ok.  Will it will erase the last few words you said?  Will it make your last actions just disappear?

Nope, it really doesn’t.

If you find yourself using those two little words a lot, you may need to assess exactly why you use it.  Are you really just joking around (which is really annoying anyway) OR are you using it as a cover.  Are you trying to cover your mean words or attitude?  Because, I promise, it really doesn’t serve as a good cover.  When words are uttered, you may not think they are permanently spoken, but for the person that those words hurt, they may last a lifetime.  If it was an action you did negatively toward another, it’s even more likely that the effects of it will live much longer.

I am serious.

Just kidding.

No, really, I am.  I am serious.



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