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The Screen Door 

  Sitting on the back porch this morning drinking my big girl morning juice (coffee), I look at this screen door and think of way back when…

I can still remember the screen door we had on our front door at the house where I grew up.  Although not really finctioning, it still hangs there on that house. 

We also had one on the back door, but somehow that one sounded much different.  They both had their distinct sounds as they screeched open and slammed shut. 

As they say, “It was simpler times.”  I never worried about things or concern myself with the electric bill or where my next meal was coming from. I had no idea we had to pay for the water that came out of our faucet.  I slept late most days and played outside almost always. 

Those screen doors were the gateways to whatever freedom was awaiting me that particular day. 

The front opened into a yard full of pine trees and sand pits. We had little grass patches here and there, but mainly, the front yard was full of white wonderful sand.  Sadly it rented out itself to fleas in the summertime.  With a few mothballs thrown here and there, they would soon be gone. My brother and I didn’t mind the moth ball smell… We just loved that sand pit. Mud pies were my specialty and I admit my younger brother did taste a few. 

The back door opened to a darker more sinister memory for me due to the fact that at one time we raised chickens. Oh, they were pretty cute for about 30 or so days after picking them up from the post office one afternoon. Can you even still do that?  Anyway, they grew up to be horrid animals that took pleasure in attacking me on several occasions. We must of ordered some form of child eating breed.  The one thing that redeemed the backyard was the fig tree which stood at the back fence. Even though I didn’t like the way they looked, they were just odd to me, I loved the smell of that tree and my mom loved to eat those things when they ripened.  

So as I sit here and think back…

I will finish my cup and start the day with the sound of a screen door. 

I wonder what fun awaits me through THIS gateway!


I’m such an observer. Today, while at Dollywood I got to see a lot of things. I feel so blessed!  
I saw a leader– a brother giving another brother some good advice …he asked his other sibling if he wanted to be the bigger guy or always be the one arguing with their sister. He might of been a cousin or something, but I saw it as an older brother trying to help out. He sounded so wise and he didn’t look much older than 12. The younger two were probably 6 or 7. It was quite inspirational. 
I saw the cutest lady … Well, I saw many cute older people today. The cashier at the candy store was so sweet and the older man that let us ride the log ride twice through just made me smile. It was such a happy place. 
I saw a river running over the rocks and heard the sound of its rush. 
I saw the biggest apple pie I’ve ever seen–IN–MY–LIFE. 
I’m so thankful every day for the things God allows me to see.


The selfie… We all have one…

But my faves are when I’m with people I absolutely LOVE!

 Just sharing!


I need laughter.
It’s almost like my need for air.
I know, in reality, it’s not, but …
Laughter helps me keep looking toward THE GOOD and we all know that is hard to do sometimes.
I have a great life, a great spot, my family is super and my job is my dream. I am so thankful for everything I have. I’m not sad, I just long for laughter.
I need a good ole LAUGH FEST!
I want to talk to an old friend and laugh about goofy stuff we did.
I want to hang out with someone who is FUNNY in a nice clean way.
I hear some of my students laughing at each other and miss my best friends.
I want to laugh.
Laughter keeps ya young and maybe that is it…
I’m feeling old here lately.
I need that fountain of youth called



I was so glad to see the sun today.

I just stood in my yard, closed my eyes (because you are not supposed to look directly into the sun—didn’t your momma tell you that!?!), turned my face to the sun and basked in its warmth and light.

I know I wrote about attitude and emotion yesterday…
And how we should always choose to be happy, but I do admit that the lack of sun makes me a bit cranky.

I battle through it and don’t let any of the mean thoughts I may have pass out my lips…

The struggle sometimes is for REAL.

THEN the sun shines and I can’t even recall anything I need to be remotely cranky about.

It’s like a super hero flying in for the victory!
It’s a bird, it’s a plane,



My hero!

I really like cake.

I really like cake.  I like a nice piece of cake with some super sweet icing smoothed all over it’s fluffy-ness.   White cake with butter creme icing is my absolute fave.  If you put a side of vanilla ice cream (preferably homemade) on it, my taste buds are singing opera style music–soprano!   The sun is shining, the birds are singing and my blood sugar is preparing itself to sky rocket.

I am a sucker for cake.  I’m not a huge sweets loving person like one of my close friends is…she can’t even look at a baked good without drooling –visibly.   Birthday cake with ice cream is my number 1 happy sweet treat.  Don’t give me a donut (gag) or a candy bar…give me cake!

Before I go into this, I’m not about to say that we should not eat cake.  I believe it’s one of those things God made just for me (and others who enjoy it), but I am sharing with you my observation about CAKE and my body.  That’s all really.

My oldest child had a birthday the other day and I ordered her a cake from a local baker.  This cake was so cute and sweet and well, it tasted woooooooonnnnderful.  We were camping at the lake with some friends and they just happened to make some homemade ice cream.  The tastebuds were warming up for the soprano spot.  The combo of the cake and ice cream was perfect.  We were celebrating my child’s bday, but my mouth was really partying!  I had EXTRA icing thanks to both of my children who do not eat that part of the cake (maybe the love for icing skips a generation?).  So, I was super sugared up!  After enjoying the afternoon of just sitting around and visiting and digesting, I went in the camper to read.  I ended up on the couch at some point–asleep.  Woke up a little when my fam came in from fishing, but went right back to sleep.  I slept about 13 hours!!!  I NEVER do that!  When I finally woke up, I felt as tho something had hit me on the head.  My eyes were puffy, my face looked misshappen even.  I’m not sure if others saw it, but I did.  I was so thirsty and ready for some major coffee.  The same neighbor who had made the ice cream met me right outside my camper with a cup of coffee!  Tell me God don’t answer prayers!  Ha!

I know that it’s important we watch what we put in our bodies.  There are things that are packaged and created for our consumption that is really not a FOOD product.  I realize our world has so many options, especially here in the US.  We have to really consider the things that go in our mouths.  For the most part, I try my best to do that.  It’s so true, though that we are bombarded with food choices that are unhealthy and actually lethal at times.  I am not saying CAKE is LETHAL, really.

What I am saying is that I know my body, at some point in the aging process, decided that a good ole piece of cake (with ice cream!) was somewhat like alcohol.   I’m sure the fact that I didn’t eat correctly most of my life contributes to this cake hangover event just as the liver is damaged over time with alcohol abuse.  And just like an alcoholic is to the “bottle,”  …and the main point of my blog today is…

I really do like cake.

((but I won’t eat it again until the next birthday))


Memory Walk

This morning on my walk I strolled around our school .. The whole campus. Not saying it’s a huge campus, but I did get my mile in. While walking I stopped and took some pictures of the area behind the school where the elementary playground used to be BACK IN THE DAY. This is where several Rebels spent recess for many a year. It made me think of when the boys would get in trouble for climbing trees and the monkey bars were the place where most recess arms were broken. (Or he ones I remember). The slide looked like it was three stories high and the swings were the highest swinging ones in the whole wide world! This wooded area pictures was always the most mysterious part of the yard and I loved being there. We used to have an old boat there that every child loved to imagine and play in. It would be deemed a major safety hazard today along with the monkey bars.
It was def a walk full of memories this morning.




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