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If you are an athlete, you are more than likely competitive. It’s pretty much a requirement. You compete to win. You want to be competitive. Sometimes the competiveness might get out of hand. Rivalries can get ugly. Someone might burn a school logo in an opponent’s field, steal a mascot or resort to even worse vandalism. 

But I tell you the worse type of ugly when it comes to sports is what kind of craziness goes on when fans start opening their mouths. 

I’ve heard and seen things at the little league level that makes my stomach turn. And I’m not talking about the kids!

I do admit, I’ve voiced my distaste for an umpire/ref a few times or grimaced at a missed ball/play, but never have I wanted a player to be hurt for any reason. 

As fans, we need to remember that these are kids. Children. They may have good or bad attitudes, talent or not much, lots of skill or the opposite, but no matter what, they are our children. CHILDREN.

Adults that verbally wish ill-will to an opposing team member (WHO IS A CHILD) has seriously got something wrong. 

Why would anyone ever want a child (or a person of any age really) to receive broken bones, get hit with a ball or anything of the likes by playing a sport against their child’s team!?!? Why? 

I know some people say things out of anger or just plain meanness, but COME ON!!! 

I heard a guy say one time that he wished the rival quarterback would break his leg. I audibly gasped. I asked them, “Do you realize that is a CHILD you are talking about?”  They said they didn’t mean it like it sounded. ūüė≥ WHAT OTHER MEANING COULD THAT SENTENCE HAVE? 

I have heard parents say they wish a batter from the opposing team would get hit by a pitch. WHAT IF THAT WAS YOUR CHILD GETTING HIT? That’s just not nice. At. All. 


I’ve heard a parent say, after a ball knocked one of the opposing players down (she was laid out on the ground at third base), that we’d get our runs however we can. REALLY?!? ūüėĪūü§ēūüí©

What in the world makes people think like that!?? 

This post has been just waiting to surface.  I just needed to get this out!

The next time you watch a game, especially one that involves CHILDREN, please pray for those babes.  Please wish for healthy players and a good game. 


I believe ANYTHING is possible!

I believe that ANYTHING is possible.  

I shake my head in disbelief at a lot of things. ¬†I’m talking about shocking things like friends who one day decide you are not their friend, husbands (or wives) who decide their mate is just not who they love anymore and children who decide their parents have never really supported them. ¬†I know life happens and people change their minds for all kinds of reasons, but sometimes, my mouth drops open and I’m like, “Whaaaaat?”


I’ve seen circumstances, events and people change on a dime and I never saw that coming! ¬†It’s like some kind of CRAZY just entered and said, “Ok, I’m in charge now.” ¬†AND THAT is exactly what happens …CRAZY walked in. ¬†CRAZY took over. ¬†CRAZY waltzed¬†in all cocky like, sat down, kicked it’s feet up and settled in.

I’m talking about the CRAZY that makes us shake our heads, squint our eyes and scratch our noggin. ¬†(again…”Whaaaat?”)

And CRAZY pops up like a weed in a sidewalk crack!  You are like WHERE did that come from and HOW is that growing out of cement?!?!?

That kind of crazy is like a fire that consumes the land. ¬†It takes our breath away sometimes. ¬†It makes us question ourselves. ¬†It makes us DOUBT. ¬†It makes us sad. ¬†It makes us cry, scream, lament…


Going back to my original statement: I believe ANYTHING is possible.

Crazy can be defeated. ¬†God can give us all the tools we need to slay the crazy. ¬†You can kick the crazy out of it’s easy chair, pull that weed up and throw it out!

ANYTHING is possible…

Relationships can be redeemed, love can grow again and we can move forward.  We can wipe our tears, restore our trust and move forward.

I know that sometimes crazy has made some kind of scar while it was visiting. Sometimes it might even cause us to remove something or someone from our lives that we never thought would have to go, but as I said, with GOD we can forgive, mend and move on.

We need to¬†identify the crazy for what it is — it is the devil working. ¬†Crazy chaos and insane drama is what he loves the most. ¬†The nasty of this life is used by the devil to try and break us. ¬†We must stand up and stand out and stand on the word of God! ¬†Rebuke the devil by the BLOOD of JESUS CHRIST and defend yourself with the truths God has given us.


I hang on to that verse like a security blanket. ¬†It comforts me when I whisper it. I’ve written it on my mirror, door jams, in permanent marker on my desk at work and is visible all around my daily life, because I know WITH GOD…

I believe ANYTHING is possible.


Done us wrong…

When people done us wrong…

We want to kick and scream and holler and maybe even cuss. Perhaps even physical violence becomes part of to mix. (Ew) 

Drama! Strife! Anguish! Why do we as humans allow this type of junk to litter our lives?  If we aren’t directly in it, we like to watch it a lot of times.  We are so weird!

And hey, we always want to be called the victim, but how can we when we do the same thing back to the person who done us wrong? 

Yes, I know, they started it, but why must we continue it?  This continuation reminds me of a kindergarten recess fight… 

“She started it…”

“He started it…”

How about we finish it!?!

And I’m not talking about punching someone’s lights out. 

I’m talking about walking away. 


Don’t allow the person to continue their tirade of insanity. 

Don’t allow it to consume you.  


BELIEVE ME, I know. 

But in order for peace to become evident, 

in order for good fruit to become priority…

We must not allow those who “done us wrong” to turn us into the same thing they are.  In the Bible it says, we will end up consuming each other. How crazy is that!?!

‚ÄúFor the whole law can be summed up in this one command: ‚ÄúLove your neighbor as yourself.‚ÄĚ But if you are always biting and devouring one another, watch out! Beware of destroying one another.‚ÄĚ

‭‭Galatians‬ ‭5:14-15‬ ‭NLT‬‬

Love each other. We must especially above all love those who done us wrong. 

‚ÄúBut the Holy Spirit produces this kind of fruit in our lives: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. There is no law against these things!‚ÄĚ

‭‭Galatians‬ ‭5:22-23‬ ‭NLT‬‬


Art Teachers DO go to college.

IT HAPPENED AGAIN IN MY CAREER!  I had a student gasp at the fact that I had to go to college to get my art teaching job.  Wow.  This was another bump in the road of this fabulous Thursday.

First, I wake up with a headache. ¬†Second, I had a list of crazy to do when I got to work. ¬†Third…BAM! ¬†“You don’t have to know anything to be an art teacher.”

I gave myself a short break to go get a drink of water and remember THIS IS A CHILD and really has no idea what she is saying. ¬†It’s like when I was 23 and my middle school kids told me they thought¬†I was 45. ¬†haha! ¬†They just have no clue.

Really.  At 23, I looked 23! I promise!

So, how do I defend myself to a child that believes I am stupid? ¬†I don’t. ¬†I don’t have to. ¬†I know that I’m intelligent. ¬†I know that she has no idea what I had to go through to get this job. ¬†I know that I worked in college just like every other college student. ¬†She doesn’t even understand how to get out of high school yet.

Do I need her approval?  Nope.

I have a degree. ¬†I have a job. ¬†I am a confidently wonderful art teacher. ¬†I’m an ARTIST. ¬†I’m a teacher. ¬†My headache is pretty much gone. ¬†My list is shorter. I’m happy.



Just stop making excuses.

It is my fault you got in trouble in my class? ¬†It had nothing to do with the fact that you were doing the exact opposite of what I just asked everyone to do? ¬†It had nothing to do with YOUR behavior…only mine?


It is MY FAULT you can’t get to class on time?


It’s my fault you are making a zero in my class?


It is all on me that you have NO IDEA what I just said?


I am so tired of the lack of responsibility I see in this world.

Now, you think, oh, but she is a high school teacher…that is going to be something she sees all of the time. ¬†I do admit that is true, but it doesn’t stop there… IT’S EVERYWHERE!

I constantly hear people handing excuses out like they are tic tacs!

It makes me sick.

It makes me want to shake them.

It makes me want to ask them…

WHY don’t you¬†just own up to your¬†mistakes?

WHY don’t you¬†just take care of business?

and WHY –OR HOW EVEN –do you¬†automatically make up excuses instead of just saying, YES, THAT WAS ME AND I’M SORRY???????

Make things right.

Make things better.

Do what you have to do to make this life a better place.  Taking responsibility for your own actions and NOT playing the blame game will def help us all!  I promise.

LET’S PLEDGE! ¬†We have pledges to stop smoking, drinking, texting and driving…why not have a pledge to stop making excuses!?!




I’ve seen and heard so much rudeness in the last few days. ¬†It makes me sad. ¬†It makes me feel sorry for our existence as a RUDE human race. ¬†Wow, I know, that sounds harsh! ¬†Think about it…

What does being rude really do for anything or anyone? ¬†It just makes the situation worse. ¬†It just makes tempers flare and feelings to get hurt. ¬†We should really check ourselves before we start letting words fly out of our mouths or projectiles out of our windows. ¬†Haha… you’ll get it in a minute. ¬†Read on please.

Today, I saw a parent get sideways with one of our staff, because… well, I won’t get into some long story about the situation. ¬†Let’s just say the parent was blaming the school for not sending home something that the child was responsible for getting. Let me say that one more time: “THE CHILD WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR GETTING…” and taking home. ¬†At the high school, we don’t pull out their folders and fill it up with info and forms that the child needs. ¬†THE CHILD IS RESPONSIBLE FOR GETTING THOSE THINGS AND TAKING THEM TO THE PROPER ADULT to be dealt with/signed/returned. ¬†It’s HIGH SCHOOL. ¬†Your 14, 15, 16, 17, even 18 year old child has to take responsibility for classwork, homework, work outs, clubs, organizations and still must come to school with the proper attire on!

Ok, I’ve gone on about that one enough. ¬†That parent was so rude. ¬†I felt embarrassed for her and bad for the staff member she was pointing it all toward even though that person just happened to be there when the rudeness started flying.

Did I say I’ve gone on enough? ¬†Haha!

Rudeness just makes me shake my head. ¬†I want to stop the conversation and say, “DO YOU REALIZE WE ARE ALL ADULTS HERE AND YOU ARE TALKING TO OTHERS LIKE WE ARE CHILDREN WHO HAVE STOLEN A COOKIE OR SOMETHING?!?” ¬†Oh my, I’m all-capping it a lot tonight!

In the end, the parent realized their child was at fault.  Go figure.

I’ve had students say the rudest things about other students. ¬†IT’S AN EPIDEMIC! ¬†Stop talking about other people!!! ¬†Do you realize that only makes you look shallow-minded, mean and absolutely insecure?!? ¬†RUDE.

I know, I’m yelling a lot here. ¬†It’s a rant. ¬†I admit it. ¬†Rude people just make me want to do some ATTITUDE ADJUSTING. ¬†(no details needed)

Here’s another one… On the way to town today to go grocery shopping (yes, the fact that I do not like grocery shopping has probably pushed along¬†the need to rant this evening), a car that was passing me threw something out their window¬†and it¬†hit my car. ¬†It might have been a cracker, I don’t know, WHO CARES! ¬†It was a projectile something and they threw it out the window and I WAS RIGHT THERE. ¬†Who does that anyway? ¬†Apparently someone sitting in the passenger side of a black SUV, that is who. ¬†Rude.

This week, I was speaking to a group and I was interrupted by an adult. ¬†It was quite an awkward situation. ¬†You would think they would know better. ¬†Clearly they do not or at least did not at that moment. ¬†I didn’t cry or anything. ¬†I just thought… RUDE.

I have had about 10 students get up to walk somewhere in my room WHILE I WAS TALKING TO THEM in front of the classroom. ¬†Perhaps they were in classes before that allowed that and I should give them a little time to get use to my class? ¬†NO. ¬†For real, no matter what the situation, if you are talking to a class or to a group of¬†friends and any of them¬†just get up and walk away or mingle about while¬†obviously NOT paying attention to the importance of the information you are sharing… THAT IS RUDE.




I’m done.

The Mind Convo

Everyone has them…in your mind, you have this constant conversation going. ¬†Most of the time, it’s all questions. ¬†Should I? ¬†Can I? ¬†Am I? ¬†Do I? ¬†Where? ¬†What? ¬†How? ¬† You attempt to answer them, but sometimes the questions are answered with even more questions.

I know a lot of these are part of decision making and we MUST do it. ¬†I mean, SHOULD I BREATHE? ¬†Duhhhhh, yes. ¬†Should I brush my teeth? ¬†Duhhhhhhhh, yes. ¬†Some questions are a given. ¬†Then there are those OTHER QUESTIONS…

AM I PRETTY? ¬†AM I SMART? ¬†AM I WORTHY? ¬†Do I look better than ….? ¬†Am I the best at …..? ¬†Does ……like me?

UHHHHHHHHG! ¬†Just typing those questions makes me want to scream, for real! ¬†YES YOU ARE PRETTY! YES YOU ARE SMART! ¬†YES YOU ARE WORTHY! …you don’t have to look better than someone else–YOU LOOK LIKE YOU!…You are the best at SOMETHING, find it! ¬†People DO like you! ¬†Some don’t too, but YOU SHOULD NOT CARE ABOUT THOSE! ¬†Yes, I know, I keep screaming.

If you have ever dealt with an insecure person, you can see all these questions written on their forehead.  They almost pop up like speech bubbles above their head.  I want to pop the bubble and use an eraser on that chalkboard in their brain.  I want to do something that will make them believe in themselves.  I want to hit them!  Ok, I really do not want to cause them physical harm, but I do want them to snap out of it somehow.

I am not saying I never ever have those questions in my crazy head. ¬†I just push through all that clutter, because I know who I am. ¬†I know what I was made for and I know without a doubt that OTHERS cannot define¬†who I am with their opinions, looks, stares or even verbal rants (to my face or behind my back). ¬†Oh, I get my feelings hurt at times, of course. ¬†People are people. ¬†Humans can’t help to wear their emotions on their sleeves at times. ¬†Some do it more than others. ¬†Some people have MIND CONVOS which are a long stream of insecure thoughts and negative thrashings. ¬†It makes me sad for them, but at the same time MAD AT THEM for not loving themselves!


I know, I’m still yelling, but I get so crazy on this subject. I’m sure I’ve blogged about it before many times.

I won’t capitalize anymore. ¬†I’m just going to type my requests calmly:

Quiet that convo–the negative one– in your mind which makes you feel less of what you are suppose to be. ¬†Please.

Look in the mirror and love what you see.  Please.

Don’t compare yourself. ¬†(It’s hard not to put that in caps.) ¬†Please.

Choose to be happy and confident, because you are pretty (or handsome), you are smart and you are worthy.  You are talented and you are liked.  Stop trying to please everyone and be happy with who you are.  Please.

Ending today with this cartoon.   INSTANT SELF ESTEEM:


Remember, this is funny… I really don’t think everything revolves around me.

I know who my life is truly about. ¬†I’m just number 3: 1.God 2. Others 3. Me


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