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My teacher perspective.


I’m three weeks in to our school year with students.  It’s been a great three weeks.  My students are exceptional! Of course, I knew that already.  I knew I’d have a day full of bright, intelligent, fun kiddos.  I was so ready to get this year started!

I am one blessed teacher.  I get to share my day with 102 students who have so many differences and similarities.  All of those things make me excited and grateful to be back in my classroom-happy-place.

A lot of people have told me over the years that I get to teach the “fun” stuff so loving my job is a piece of cake.  They say it’s EASY to love my job.  These types of things are always said in sarcastic or even a cynical way.  I feel the jealousy heat coming from them.

Well, I tell you, when I was choosing my path to teach…what I was set out to do was to LOVE what I do… no matter what I chose.  Art just happened to be THE THING I love and the thing I chose.  If a math, English or history (insert subject of choice here) teacher doesn’t LOVE their subject then perhaps they shouldn’t teach it?

I promise you, I’m not some dreamer that thinks ONLY loving your subject is all there is to loving a teaching position.  Loving your students is first and foremost and this love must begin before you even meet them!  As teachers, we MUST have our minds made up that each and every student who enters our doors are precious and worthy of our love.  My perspective on this has, of course, developed over the years.  I didn’t start out exactly like this in the beginning. (I wish I had!)  I knew I always wanted to teach, but I didn’t start out with this exact perspective I’m going to write about.  It’s something that I’ve developed and I continue to work on daily.  You have to maintain it! Maybe this blog will help a newer teacher?  This part of my teacher perspective, I believe, is the most important part.  Is it easy all the time?  Not 100% of the time, I assure you.

I have had students over the years who were hard to love.  They made it so hard to love that I spent hours lamenting over what I could do to help them, to help me.  I ended up coming to the realization that praying for them, their class, my sanity, but mostly that God would take over the situation was the best thing I could do.  I’ve prayed over them, around them and placed verses under the tables where they sit.  There were times it was really hard.  They hated art, hated my classroom and hated me.  (eeek!)  So, those of you that think art class is easy to teach, because all kids love art, that is just not the truth.  ALL students do not enjoy creating art, learning about artists or even like my teaching style or personality.

When any of those things are barriers around students, it’s hard to keep the right teacher perspective. But it has to be developed and continued!  You have to keep on keeping on.  YOU have to keep your loving perspective.  It really is up to you.  You might even have a full class of students who seem to all bring a bag full of hate into your classroom each time they enter, but you have to battle back with love.  Nothing else will work.  It’s exhausting!  I admit, it will wear you out, but if you can’t continue to have that perspective of love, this will be the first step to your downfall as a teacher.  This will be a door that opens to a negative world that not only you will feel, but all those you teach and work with will feel as well.  I’ve seen it.  I’ve seen people I work with grumble and groan every single day about their classes, their students, their responsibilities of lesson planning, etc.  It’s ugly.  I always questioned why they were teachers? (silently of course) But I admit, I learned from these teachers as well.  I learned that I do not want to be that teacher.  We can all learn from good examples AND bad examples.  Hold onto those lessons and build up your POSITIVE teacher perspective.

I pray daily to God, thanking Him for this vocation which I do so love.  I also ask Him to bless our students and use me to show them His love.  I hope to maintain and develop this each and every day He allows me to teach.  I thank Him for showing me this perspective which truly is the main reason I love my job so much!


My Summer Mood

This picture pretty much sums up my MOOD for this entire summer.

Just like this picture, I’ve been surrounded by fun things (and some great people). I’ve worn hats literally and figuratively.

This summer… I’ve been so blessed to be able to do so many fun things!

I’ve embraced each day with a positive outlook.


I’ve gotten to make memories with my family and friends.


I’ve enjoyed seeing new things.


I’ve floated, shopped, road tripped.


I’ve enjoyed the heat, the front porch sitting (staring at my favorite big tree) and played some great games of washers and corn hole.


I’ve watched leaders from all across Texas doing some awesome things. I got to teach, collaborate and facilitate.


I’ve napped on the zero gravity chair, listened to some great music and sang a few awesome songs.

Crow hunts.

I’ve watched my kids grow physically, mentally and emotionally.


It’s truly been an awesome summer!

Swimming pool.

I have one more week left of my summer break. It’s not over yet! I’m ready to soak up whatever I can before going back to another favorite place of mine: my awesome job.

No joke… working or vacationing, I plan on MY SUMMER MOOD being a constant.


This is Me 🎶

This video is of the advisors at the leadership camp I attend every summer. TASC is full of people who are MY TRIBE when it comes to being a student council advisor.

The advisors usually do some kind of fun skit or dance at the last night talent show.

This year, it was not silly …it was meaningful.

I love this song.

I love this group of people who love their students and help them move forward no matter their past our present.

We continuously encourage, push, prod and help our students be the best they can!!!

What a great vocation we have been called to hold. I thank God for my spot every day!

Girl’s Trip

I just recently had a girls’ weekend where a friend and I stayed with another friend of ours at her lake house. (NOTE: if you have stayed there at some point, you might of seen my note I wrote for you to come check out this blog… YOU KNOW HER TOO!)

First, let me tell you, these types of trips, for me, are much needed.  I love my family.  I love the people with whom I work.  I love my spot in life.  I’m not saying I need to escape from any of those people or places.  I’m saying…these trips where you don’t have to worry about anyone calling your name (Momma, Rita, Mrs. Clawson, etc…) or about looking at the huge pile of laundry that seems to moan every time you glance it’s way, ARE ESSENTIAL!  These are those times where you can just inhale and then exhale all the mess that might be cluttering the mind.

In our case, we three gals, just chat non-stop about life.  We don’t tear down our husbands or gripe about life in general. We share our experiences, tell each other our circumstances and let each other in on how GOD has blessed us through it all.

We LAUGH…oh my goooooodness, we laugh until we are about to bust.  It’s that kind of laugh where you are shaking, making no sound and your eyes are shut, because if you were to open them, the pressure of this laugh might shoot them across the room.  (EW visual)  You know you will be sore tomorrow from these awesome laughing ab work-outs.  If you haven’t done that kind of exercise before, well I certainly do recommend it!  It’s a soul cleansing, mind blowing experience that we should all partake in whenever we can!

On to the review of our accommodations:

While we were staying at this luxurious resort, we had many amenities to mention.  There was every kind of soap, lotion and smell-pretty at our disposal. We were greeted with happy bags on our bed and a tray of snack to boot. The room was at the perfect temperature and the bed slept like a dream.  The house was clean and comfortable.  The view of the lake was amazing!

A float in the lake was a must!  It was the perfect Saturday afternoon to catch some sun and listen to the gentle sounds of the water.

The food…Breakfast, whether a quick trip through McDonald’s on the way to garage sale/resale shopping or a home-cooked meal before church on Sunday, was scrumptious.  A couple need-to mentions were a close-by favorite of all Mexican food restaurant, Papacitas the first day and later in the trip, a local steak house called The Tumbleweed that had wonderful food.

Why we do these trips…

The entire stay was full of love, laughter and sisterhood.  We have had various trips in the past where we have traveled to Galveston, stayed at another family lake house or just hung out together wherever we landed.  No matter the location, we always enjoy each other.  We always find fun stuff to do mainly because we are together benefiting from one another’s company.

Main reason, I believe, these trips are always awesome…

Hanging out with friends who share the love of Christ with me is the best thing.  We are silly and laugh at crazy things, but our conversations always come down to sharing love.  Our experiences help encourage one another.  It refreshes!  It renews…it recharges!

I hope you too can find a group that does this for you.




If we were really honest when people ask, “How are you doing?” …well, some of us might go into a rant about what is really going on.  Who did us wrong. How the morning didn’t go so well.  What child made us want to ring their neck.  How those jeans didn’t fit just right.  The things we didn’t get.  The people who looked at us wrong.  …and the list goes on… and perhaps on.

How do you REALLY feel?  With a good amount of reflection, we could tell you exactly how we feel, but most times, it’s not how we feel, it’s how something else made us that way.  We blame others for our bad moods.  We point at circumstances and events in our lives that created in us some type of victim.  We want everything that is bad to be someone else’s fault.

But ohhhh, if it’s going good…it’s all about US, right?

But what if we take all of those things–good AND bad– and remind ourselves that it’s really, all good.  I know what you are thinking!  “I don’t have a mate, my parents died just when I needed them, my child is driving me to drink (literally) or I was just diagnosed with …”  How in the world can THOSE THINGS be good???

I totally admit, it is hard to look at our low low looooow valley circumstances and think they are good.  They aren’t.  They are sad, devastating, body aching times that feel like they are going to do us in.  They are going to break us.

We don’t have to claim the brokenness.  We don’t have to stay in our cracked state. Oh yes, these things change us.  Sometimes we change a lot.  Our personalities become different.  We don’t talk the same, don’t do things we used to do or even try to disappear.  It happens. I know.  I’ve seen it.  I’ve experienced it.  But we don’t have to stay like that.  We don’t have to create a different path for our future because we have had a horrible experience.  We CAN look at the good, bad and super ugly in a different way.  We can.  We have the ability.  God made us with a free-will, a choice, a daily question to answer.  How will you take today?  How will you survive this?  How will you look at what is in front of you and come out the other end?  HOW?

If you have read to this point, you want to know what I have to say about His answer.

This is the only way I have gotten through any trying time in my life successfully.  It is through the word of the Almighty God!  He is the answer.  He is my perspective.  He is my answer to “HOW?”!!!  The only answer I know to be right and true.  You can read those self-help books written by people who say apple cider vinegar and ginger root fixes all that ails you.  You can.  I’ve read a few.  But the only book that can truly help fix what ails you is THE BIBLE.  It’s written by God inspired and guided people who are bringing us HIS truth.

A lot of people have a lot of reasons why they don’t read it.  “It’s too long.  It has weird stories. It doesn’t tell me anything.  It just doesn’t help me.”  All of those excuses tell me that you are not in a place where you really want a fix.  You don’t want a different perspective.  You don’t want an answer to your, “How?” You don’t need it so bad that you will reach out to God and ask for His help, because you don’t believe He can do it.

I’m telling you right now in this blog that has gone a little longer than I thought it would…

He can!

He can help any situation, any circumstance….ANYTHING.

But you first must believe.  You have to step toward Him and not away.   You have to want it… so bad… you will do anything to grab on to it!  Read the Bible.  Pray for God to reveal what He has for you.  He wants to help you through whatever you are going through.  He wants to be there for the good, the bad, the really hideous!  He wants to answer your “HOW?”  He wants to help you see what He sees, because no matter what it is, if you love Him, if you trust Him… ALL THINGS work together for your good.

And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.  -Romans 8:28


Thinking about PERSPECTIVE today and found this old blog of mine. Sometimes, we just need a little perspective… or a lot!

Check this out!

Clawson's Bloggity

I have so many blogs that are labeled or just about perspective.  I try not to use the same title, but I had to on this one.   

To me, that is the #1 thing that MAKES a circumstance or situation. It’s how you look at it. 

Today, at the last general session of the leadership conference I was blessed to take 21 students to, our speaker was all about perspective. 

Make sad happy–
By giving and not taking
By helping others
And doing all you can to make a change.
Don’t think you can’t, believe you CAN.

You are not who you are because of what you look like.
True leaders don’t judge others who don’t make the cut.
It’s not about me, it’s about what I’m honored and blessed to give you.
Your life is limitless.

Attitude is not a cliche.
It’s powerful.
-Alvin Law

This guy…

View original post 151 more words

Get over the drama.

I have too many things to do than worry about the potential drama in my life.

I definitely don’t have time to put up with yours. (Perhaps that sounds rude, but it is so true) Don’t share your drama with me so you can gain another soldier in your drama army. I will not join your side. Tell me about what’s bothering you or what your situation is IF you want me to help calm you by praying for you or by helping turn you to THE WORD.

We all have things that happen in our lives that we can overreact to. It’s possible. But it’s also possible to react a different way. You have control over how you react to any situation. So do just that.

Stop. Pause. Think. Pray. Pray. Pray.

Ask God to guide you. He can help you react to any situation in a much better way.

This is huge: Don’t allow other people or your own bitterness guide you. That is dangerous and detrimental. That’s like spinning your wheels with no change in traction in sight! It will never move you forward.

Look to God.

Get in the word.

Sincerely ask friends to pray for you–not so you can let them in on your juice soap opera episode–but so they may truly stand in the gap for you. They can help send your name and your requests to God. True friends will find it an honor to do that for you.

Get over the drama. Run to God. Open your Bible. Ask for prayer. Pray. Pray. Pray.

You can do it!!!

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