crazy, weird, UNIQUE!

Three things I heard today…

“If you listen to Katy Perry, you ain’t hard.”

“I must be on a farm, because I’ve never seen so much bull crap in one place in all my life!”

“I dissected the bird then gave the remains to my cats.”

I love my job. One of the main reasons is being able to hear things like this. I know they don’t tell you all of the story.  The context is needed, I know.  But just know all three made me laugh so hard.  Yes, even the last one. Ya just gotta know the source.  

I’m so blessed to be able to teach where I do.  My students are all pretty awesome. I’m saying this after being disrespected by one of my students today. I still love that kid. He will be fine tomorrow.  Love love my job!

Tonight I went to the away basketball games with 7 of my students. They helped at the tortilla toss there which was a fundraiser to help one of our coach’s family.  It went so well. So proud of those student council members. They are always up to something good. 

The games didn’t go like we wanted but wow did our girls and guys play hard!!! I did witnesss some unsportsmanlike conduct from the other team. The student section was … wow.  Our principal would not allow our students to act like that in our gym. Yet another reason I love my job. 

Home in bed now, but can’t seem to wind down. Basketball always makes my blood pressure go up!  

There’s no theme to this blog today, read the title again.  😳


Some would say this was just another week. A crazy week.  A manic week?

Was it one of those weeks that Tuesday felt like a second Monday ( I’ve never had it out for Monday, really) and you were all wishing Wednesday was Friday???

I know that feeling, but …this week for me was a WOW WORK WEEK.

I did a ton of things this week that made it full of just running around.  I went on a trip to Ft. Worth yesterday, worked on Valentine cards for those in the hospital or assisted living homes, planned for a district campaign, put in grades, finalized forms and oh yaaah, I taught in there too.   I turned in my lesson plans on time and even had a guest speaker in one of my classes today.  It’s been a FULL week.  Just another week?  No!  It’s been a WOW WEEK.  Today was a great Friday.  The boys just won their basketball game, we had a great fun tortilla toss and I’m at home with jammies on and about to put my feet up.  I got in almost 14,000 steps today, I DESERVE IT!

Today, I heard “the natives have been restless” from my awesome neighbor teacher friends as she handed me a huge can of happy today!  That can holds the coffee grounds of the fortunate.  When I drink it, I feel so fortunate that I’m a coffee consumer.  It was a surprise, a gift out of the blue, a YAY moment!  It made my Friday for sure!  She loves me!  And I sure do love her even when she’s not handing me a mondo can of the golden coffee!

So, no matter what people called this week or how it went for them… to me, this was a WOW WORK WEEK!  And now, on to the weekend!

Coffee anyone?



This is my picture of the day:


I was so blessed to be able to accompany my daughter and her FFA chapter to the Fort Worth Stock Show today.  I also get to spend time with my teacher friends since it is the chapter from the school I teach!  Yay!

This was my favorite picture of the day for so many reasons:

  1. Little piggies are just cute (they stink, but they’re still cute).
  2. It reminded me of the work a momma does.
  3. It made me smile big thinking of all those satisfied babies.
  4. It’s just a sweet scene.

I entitled it FULL, because they are FULL!  As a pig, they are exactly where they want to be.

Being full doesn’t always mean just having your belly content and pleased.   For us, it’s being comfortable with who we are.  It’s about being loved.  It’s about knowing we are wanted and cared for.  So, for me, this pic didn’t just make me smile about those happy satisfied piglets and their smiling momma (look close, she’s smiling!)… it made me smile thinking about how awesome the moment is when WE remember how FULL we are.

Be blessed…Be FULL!

Pray Today

Listened to Dr. Charles Stanley today and this is what I learned…

5 things essential to

Praying with AUTHORITY 

1. Personal relationship with Jesus

2. Know what God thinks –read it! KNOW THE BOOK. 

3. Purity of heart …repent first 

4. Purity of motive …sincere

5. God is faithful to keep His word (FAITH) Yessss!

Pray! Use the Bible! Have faith!

I was given this back in college. 

Such a true writing. 

It’s all about HOW you look at it!

Live in the positive and life is MORE. 


This is the morning here at Lakeview Methodist Camp where our TASC Advanced Camp is taking place. 

I’m sure I’m going to have many more NEW student council ideas, techniques and projects when I leave. 

This is a beautiful place to learn stuff. 


I protest!


Seems like protesting these days is super popular.  Trending even!

I thought I’d protest a few things!

I protest …

mean people, ugly comments, vulgar words and heartlessness.

I protest …

indecency, the lack of caring, laziness and selfishness.

I protest …

hate, jealousy,  the ill-mannered and rude.

I will protest and counter  all of this with love.  I will continue to hold my head up high, not some sign.  I will pray to the God Almighty and strive to do what I am supposed to.  I will publicly protest with my actions by smiling, hugging, complimenting and keeping on the sunny side.  I will seek His face and read HIS word in order to prepare myself for all this protesting.  I will put on the full armor of God and protest!

I protest!

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