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I’ve had encounters with two former students this week that have made my heart swell with pride.  They are both on an awesome path where they are constantly doing amazing things.  I’m so blessed to know so many former students like this.  Out of all the things that give me joy in teaching, seeing students succeed is my most favorite.

It’s like watching a work of art develop into this beautiful image or sculpture.  I’m not saying I created it.  We all know who created it, but I’d like to think I put a brush stroke or mold here or there to help push the creation in the right direction.

Students, of course, make their own decisions no matter what you teach them.  When they make those RIGHT decisions and set goals while keeping their eye on THE ONE who truly is in control, I almost become giddy!

Also, when they come back and give me even a tiny amount of credit in helping to *raise them right*, my heart is so full.



There are amazing people in this world and sometimes there EVEN teenagers.  Serious.


Your Name Tag

I-Am-Awesome-Close-Up-e1346147344621Yesterday I returned from a meeting for state student council.  There were advisors from around the state there along with their student representatives.  It was quite exciting to meet new people and see the old friends which I’ve acquired over the 12 years I’ve been blessed with the task of STU.CO. ADVISOR.  It seriously is one of the great perks of my job.

As I was creating name tags for our group and others, it was fun to add to the names we usually go by.  My name was “Rita (or Awesome Clawson)” –HAD to add that or part.   My student rep usually goes by “LEROY” at all these student council things.  That is not his name, but kind of like his alter-ego.  My roommate’s tag said “Mary,” but I also added “and important all around person” to it as well.  There’s always more to us than just our name.

At the end of the meeting, we were asked to create “I AM” posters where we write one obvious one and one that most people really don’t know about you.  My great amazing friend who came with me to the meeting had I AM AMAZING on one because it’s so obvious that she is–she does a great job at everything she does and if she meets a challenge at all, she faces it head on with the drive to conquer it!  I love her attitude.  The other poster we made for her was Mother to 5 BOYS and grandmother to 1 BOY.  This is something not everyone knows–especially all the people that were there at this meeting, but it’s still something that defines her–makes her who she is.

What is your name tag say?  Or what would your I AM poster say?  I know, it might have your name on it, but what else could YOU put on there?  Mom, Daddy, Teacher, Homemaker, Principal, Baseball Player, Home run Hitter even!?  It may have a characteristic on it that everyone knows you by.  I use AWESOME mainly because it rhymes with my name, but I was seriously first given this nickname by a JC at one of the summer camps I attended in the past.  When he said it, I was like, YES!  I love that!  It’s important to think of yourself in a good light.  I’ve not always done that in my life.  Not trying to brag here, but I AM AWESOME!  I do great things!  I am good at stuff.  I am not saying I am good at EVERYTHING, but I do well at the talents God has given me.  I do not believe He is done with me either.  I think He has things I will be able to do well as I get older and transition into the different levels of my life.  I mean, at 18, I was definitely NOT a good mother–mainly because I wasn’t one, but once I became one, He helped me develop into a well equipped momma.

So, what can you add to your I AM statement or the name tag you wear?  I bet there are so many things you can add, you’d need a name tag bigger than that little spot on your chest.  Think about those around you as well.  What other things are they known for beyond their actual name?  They are defined by more than that.

They are wonderful, great, happy, beautiful (one of my faves!), musical, handy… As you can see, I’m only listing all the POSITIVES.  I know there are ones out there that may have tags that aren’t so positive.  We should try and pull out the positive ones, though.  Try and help others see the positive things they are known for and a lot of times they will lean toward their more positives and away from the negative.  Help others build their self-esteem and confidence.  If we can be more confident in the GOOD THINGS on our name tags…this world would be a better place.



I’ve seen great things this week!

I know you have too.  Sometimes, though, we don’t notice the good, great and amazing stuff.  We look to all the bad things that happen. Seriously, take a break from world news. Go outside and take a walk.  Look at the stuff growing, birds flying or just to the clouds.  IT’S GREAT STUFF!

My great things this week…

One morning, I went on a walk and the weather was just absolutely perfect.  Things were bright and wonderful.

My boy started basketball camp and LOVED it!  He had some awesome coaches who helped boost his confidence and the fun.  I’m so thankful for coaches who LOVE kids.  So proud of him and happy happy happy to be at OCISD.

My gal helped out at VBS for the first year as a youth.  Last VBS was the last year she attended as a student.  She has stepped up and done great at her duties.  I’m so proud of her!  She is growing up so fast!

GOD has put things in front of my eyes that are so amazing.  A great friend of mine and high school classmate sent me some pictures of how God shows us He is here all the time.  I’m going to share one of them below.  SO AMAZING!

This is a puddle in her yard she snapped a shot of …WOW!


Now, go out and find some GREAT THINGS!  Ya gotta look hard at times, but it’s soooooooo worth it!

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