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Are you too much of something?  We think of ourselves as too fat, too ugly.  Too tired to do something.  Too much work to do.  Too much time or is it tooooo LITTLE time?  Too short, to tall, too hairy, too loud…
They say too much of anything is bad, right?

I wouldn’t say that about ALL THINGS.  Somethings can’t be measured on the TOO MUCH scale.  I can never get too much love, smiles, inspiration, joy or JESUS.

I’ve been called TOO HAPPY.  You know what that makes me?  EVEN HAPPIER!  I do not take offense to that even when the person saying it may mean it to be offensive.  I do admit my happiness may be annoying to others at times, but to tell someone they are TOO happy implies that there is such a thing.  I believe that is false.  How can you be TOO HAPPY?  I understand there are drugs out there that can induce happiness and maybe that is getting a little TOO HAPPY.  I’ve heard people refer to drunk people as TOO HAPPY.  To me, those state of minds are not really HAPPY…those things are just masking sad or angry or… whatever.

I promise you, I am not partaking of anything that is messing with the chemical make-up of my brain.

I AM HAPPY.  Yes, I try my absolute hardest to look at the good in every situation.  I AM HAPPY.  Too happy?  Absolutely not ..and how do I know?  Because MY HAPPY comes from knowing that JESUS went to the cross for me and because of Him, I can have hope for every day. (#thankfulEVERYday)  I know without a doubt that I always have a friend with me, beside me and in me.  I know that WHATEVER happens…I WIN IN THE END.  I know that I am a victor over anything, because HE has given me that victory already–IT’S DONE!  Yes, I struggle with issues.  I am hard on myself and others at times.  I said I was HAPPY, not perfect!  I go through the trials, tribulations and hard times of this world, but my outlook on the good or bad of this life is HAPPY, because JESUS LIVES!

I pray that you too can be TOO HAPPY because of the exact same reason!



I found out someone talked bad about me today. Ugh, hate it when that happens. I’d rather never know.
So, I prayed for them …then laughed at the reasons they were hatin’ on me.
They don’t like me, because I’m too happy. Wow, I’m annoying.
Seriously, I’m very cool with that!
I AM HAPPY! And I try to stay that way, because Jesus is in my heart.
What does that say about them?








(((WARNING—IT’S A RANT!!!…with no real purpose…)))

DO YOU EVER JUST GET ANNOYED!?  Do you get to the point that you want to scream or even punch someone when this happens?  I’m not going to admit anything about that today.  I’m just rambling, really.  This is what I do most all the time, I know.  I have no problem with it really and if it annoys you, well, don’t read any further.  SERIOUSLY.  Stop. 

If you have decided to read on, here goes…

There are a few things in this life that bothers me.  Actually, if someone made me sit down and make a list, I’m sure the list might get longer, but no one is doing that so I will stick to the short list. 

#1 INCONSIDERATES  (in·con·sid·er·ate: adj. 1. Thoughtless of others; displaying a lack of consideration. 2. Not well considered or carefully thought out; ill-advised.)  I won’t call names or point fingers, but in general, I will refer to those I have observed and perhaps studied at well length at times with no real intent to do so in the first place.  When you find yourself pinned up, stuck to or just haphazardly placed with such people, it’s almost torture.  A person who expects you to do things for them with no thought of the time it takes for you to do such things for them.  An individual who wakes up and just calls you no matter HOW EARLY in the morning it is on YOUR DAY OFF is a typical inconsiderate.  Those who assume you have absolutely nothing else to do at all ever besides take care of their needs, but when you need something, it seems to them a chore.  A THANK YOU would be nice every once in a while; although, I know we are supposed to do things for others without expecting anything in return.  I know this.  *sigh*  I’m sure you have seen an inconsiderate before.   You have been tied to one.  You may even live with one. (Lord help you!) 

#2 HABITUAL NOISE MAKERS  (makes the same noises over and over and doesn’t even realize it’s happening)  Again, no fingers pointing, no names typed.   These are the SIGH-ERS, the coughers (not the ones who are really sick!), the grunters, yawners, gigglers, etc.  You know them.  You have been with someone who laughs at everything you say when really, everything you say is NOT funny.  You say, “Wow, I had a real bad hang nail this morning.  It hurt so bad!” The HNM starts giggling.  Perhaps they don’t realize that giggling is not what they should be doing, but they do it because that is all they know to do.  It’s a habit.  It’s a mechanism.  It’s a cover even!  They don’t know how to communicate.  I know it’s not good that I find this annoying, but I do.  I should help them find a twelve step program or something.  Ug!

#3 MESSY OBLIVIOUSNESSES  (those totally oblivious to the OBVIOUS mess)  There is a pinkish colored, slightly sticky round spot on the carpet the size of a truck tire —they do nothing.  They might of even made the spot with the pink-lemonade they so love to drink, but they don’t get the wet rag or even gasp when it occurs.  There is a trail of clothes that seem dirty since they are on the floor that spans from the bathroom to the hamper, but not one piece is placed INSIDE the hamper.   There is a stack of mail on the counter that has accumulated over a 3 or 4 week stint, yet it doesn’t budge, because no one has the will, strength or most of all COURAGE to take a venture through it.  Geeez!  Even though this is #3 and seems the lesser of the three, I feel as if I could go on forever about this one.  All three, though, to me, are equally annoying.  Just saying.

Ok, so that is the short list.  There are several behaviors and personalities that would fit under one of these and in a lot of instances, some fit under more than one–even under all three! 

So, do you EVER just get annoyed!  How ANNOYING!!!


I always heard that whispering is rude–you don’t do it in front of people.  So, really, the only place you are supposed to do it is in a library or here we go—THE DEER STAND!  Or in my case, they do it in the deer stand, on the deer hunting show that we watch on the hunting station.  It makes the hairs on my neck stand up and it seriously hurts my ears more than someone blowing a fog horn.  Ok, maybe I exaggerate a little, but seriously, it burns me up!  It’s one of the most annoying things.  It goes right up there with frowny people and a tooth ache.  Again, I might exaggerate a bit with the tooth ache, but it’s definitely on the same level as frowny (annoying) people.  Why don’t I just turn the channel, you say?  Well, I don’t turn the television on let alone pilot the channel surfing.  I’m in no control over it, yet I must endure it.  How do I endure it, you ask?  I blog about it!

Happy Happy Happy!

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