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The GOOD, the bad and the uuuuuggggly…


We are who we are because we choose to be.  NO MATTER WHAT… You CHOOSE to be the way you are–it is ALL UP TO YOU.

We start our lives like a blank slate.  We arrive ready to be influenced, molded and shaped.  Then, things happen to us.  We are well taken care of, or not.  We are surrounded with good friends or bad ones or maybe mediocre ones.  We have great parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts or we don’t really.  Some of us have circumstances in our lives that are just crazy, chaotic and evil.  We have people that abuse us and put us down.  We have people who use us or leave us out on purpose.  These things happen.  I am acknowledging it all.  I could make lists upon lists of things that happen to us–good, bad and ugly.

We all have  influences, circumstances, people and times.  We all have these good, bad and ugly times.  A lot of times, though,  we look at others’ lives and think they have it great and we don’t, but really, we don’t know their life.  We don’t know what happens in their homes and we don’t know what happens in their minds.  We don’t know their hearts.  We are only responsible for our own hearts.  We are not put here to compare ourselves to others.  We own our story, not others’.

Back to my point—the person you are, no matter what has happened to you in your life, is ALL UP TO YOU.

Don’t blame others for having a better life.  Don’t hurt those around you just because others have hurt you.   It’s important that we don’t get beat down by playing the victim in our lives.  I know we all have different stories and we have all been “victims” of something, but to stay labeled as a victim only allows whoever or whatever victimized us to continue to win daily.

EXAMPLE: If I were to CHOOSE to be an alcoholic–that would not be because my dad was an alcoholic.  I would CHOOSE that lifestyle.  I could not blame that on an alcoholic father or even some type of hereditary gene which says I’m more likely to be an alcoholic.  Everyone has something they may be more likely to be, BUT WHEN IT COMES RIGHT DOWN TO IT–IT IS YOUR CHOICE.

People use excuses all the time.  The media gives people excuses all the time.  Sometimes (and I’m not saying all the time, because I know there are certain situations that would be exceptions–but I believe they are very rare) people use excuses because they are too lazy to stand up and blame themselves.   They are too unwilling to get up and choose what is right.   They are so lacking of inner motivation that they blame it on someone else like their parents or even the government.  Geez.

We all (yes, EVERY ONE OF US) need to stop being- idle – indolent – sluggish – slothful – slack – AND step up and take responsibility for: who we are, where we are and what we have become.  I believe that once that happens, our lives, our society and our world will be a better place to live.

Once we have done that, we can be in a better position to help those around us.  It starts with YOU–yes YOU. (and me, of course) Allow the good, the bad AND the ugly to mold you, influence you and shape you into A RESPONSIBLE, A MORE ACCOUNTABLE AND UPSTANDING YOU.  (not a continuous blaming victim who can’t look past anything that has ever happened…come on—move on!!!)

TOMORROW’S POSSIBLE BLOG TOPIC: Influences and circumstances–they CAN be positive NO MATTER what they are…


Are you annoyed by my happiness? Well good! Hahaha! I promise I don’t mean to annoy you. I hate that you are annoyed, but I will not apologize for my happy attitude. Your annoyance or grumpiness cannot squelch the good time I’m having. Why would the fact that I AM HAPPY bother you anyway? Think about it. Really? Why?

Seriously, think …about …it. You know there are happy people in your life that you may think about sometimes as a complete annoyance. Why do they annoy you? Why not just join the fun? Why not look at life in brighter light? Are your circumstances so overwhelmingly sad that you have to try and pull others down with you? Do you understand that your bad attitude toward happy people just makes you even more sad and grumpy?

I refuse to allow your unhappiness to suck the happiness out of my day. I will separate myself from your attitude even if it means moving away from you physically. How sad would that be!? To not have ME in YOUR life!? hahaha! Ok, I’m sounding a bit arrogant. I know. And that was a joke, really…but REALLY—sometimes drastic measures are needed.

Come on, get happy, stop being annoyed and join the HAPPY!

Ending with this awesome quote below someone shared with me today and truly was the inspiration of this blog…



With all the crazy, insane and totally demented things going on in this world like those innocent sweet ones being killed for no reason at all in Connecticut–we have to start lookin’ for the good.  It’s so hard to see it when things like this happen.  We really must do two things–#1 LOOK TO THE GOOD and #2 PRAY!!!   Look for the things here in this world that are good.  Gravitate toward the righteous.  Move into the light.  Look around and find the things that the Lord wants you to be part of.  Always expect HIM to move you.  PRAY for those who need comfort and strength.  PRAY for the ones affected by tragedies such as I mentioned above.  PRAY for a revival in this world.   As prayer warriors, we need to be even more diligent than ever before!

Start the GOOD-LOOKIN’ when you open your eyes in the morning.  How better to do this by beginning your day with prayer.  Pray in thanksgiving for your life and ask God for the blessings you would like to receive.  He will provide–He will PROVIDE!   READ IT: Keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking, and you will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you.  For everyone who asks, receives. Everyone who seeks, finds. And to everyone who knocks, the door will be opened.  Matthew 7:7-8 NLT


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