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Photographer: Noah Johnson

What an amazing moment this picture has captured!!! The gift of beauty is something The Lord gives us all the time. We get caught up in our lives, our busy schedules and every day worries AND MISS IT! Why! We are so dumb. I pray for a daily knock upside the head… An eye-opener! Come on, girl, check this out!
I love moments like these where we can just breathe in and out and KNOW GOD. We should do this with every breath.
Lord, please keep me alert to YOU. Please remind me to open my eyes and don’t look at my circumstances, but to YOU. Thank You Lord for this moment and the sweet little photographer that captured it!

Even the Pretty People Need Prayers


When you see pretty people—those who look like they have it all together… you don’t think about them needing anything, really.

When I say “pretty,” I’m talking about people that have nice skin, hair and they definitely don’t look like they need to worry about their weight.  They have a nice tan and a white smile.  Their eyes are bright and their tummy is flat.  They are “PRETTY.”

Do you really know them though?  Do you know how their parents treated them or where they had to grow up?  Do you know what mental anguish they go through?  Do you know their past?   Do they have something they must overcome or battle everyday?  You don’t know what they see when they look in the mirror. Are they happy?

We don’t know what is behind that “pretty.”  We tend to judge pretty as being perfect.  That’s where we go wrong, in that one word: judge.  No matter the person or how “pretty” they are or what we THINK about them–they need prayer just as much as the next person.  We all need support, encouragement, people who guide us and especially people who will PRAY for us–no matter what we look like on the outside.

People always say it’s not what’s on the outside that counts, but on the inside.  Another one is not judging a book by it’s cover.  Most times those types of quotes are referring to some rough exterior that you might have to work through before getting to the actual character and personality that is most important.

Most of us don’t think about the pretty people having some type of rough part on the inside.  Pretty people are flawed too.  They need just as much love and confidence as we all do.

I just believe that we assume, because their outer exterior is pretty, their inside is pretty great as well.

Perhaps it’s even jealousy that we hold on to that makes us hold back prayers that pretty people may really need.  We should not compare ourselves to each other.  That only makes the big green monster grow like a vine that will choke out the caring we have for others.

No matter what we look like…

We all need love.

We all need others.

We all need prayers.

(Even the pretty people!)



After traveling and playing and somehow hanging on to a chest cold, when we came home from our little weekend trip, I went to bed.  Therefore, no blog entry for yesterday.  So, here is the first of two for today.  Yay!

We had a great weekend just hanging out a little in Dallas. There was no agenda or list of to do’s—we just did whatever. The main thing the kids love to do is be in the pool. I remember this growing up and I still enjoy it myself. My husband and children, I think, decided that next year, we are getting a pool. ha! Anyway, I’m going to include some pictures of where we stayed below. We were downtown Dallas at the Omni Hotel and Restort, stayed on the 23rd floor–the views were beautiful.


The views at night from the hotel window were so … (you decide)



The pool was on the fourth floor.  We hung out in the mornings,

because from about 11:00am on, it was mostly packed with patrons of the bar.  (Some in SPEEDOS!)


Love seeing my kids have fun.  Here they are in their fave chair from our room…


Lake Beauty


This is one of those moments in time I love to capture. We were driving across a bridge on Lake O’ Pines and there it was!

Thank You Lord for painting the picture for me to photograph.

Gaze and Enjoy!

Compliments: to give or to recieve?

Do you find it comfortable to give compliments?  Do you make it a habit to tell others nice things about themselves?   Do you like to point out a good job or even a great attitude? 

How about receiving compliments?  Does it make you feel all happy inside?  Do they help a bad day get better or a good day become GREAT!?

When given with sincerity, a compliment can be the best FREE gift anyone can ever give!   THINK ABOUT IT. 

I have to admit, for me, giving compliments is much easier than accepting them.  I feel kind of awkward when people brag on me or point out something awesome that I’m doing.  I know that I shouldn’t be like that.  I should freely receive the compliment.  The compliment is just as important to the giver as it is the receiver.  We all have to keep that in mind!  It’s like filling your bucket.  When you fill someone else’s bucket, you fill yours too.  If you haven’t heard of this concept before, it’s in a great children’s book to read to just about any age–about being an encourager instead of the very opposite.

My favorite compliment to give is YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, because to me, this is how God made all of us!  There is a website: where you can get stickers and stuff to use as compliment givers.  What a neat thing to say to someone else.  It’s simple and true.  Everyone has beauty to them.




I talk about a lot of things here at AwesomeClawson.  Several are reoccurring such as the topic today.


It is so important that you never stop learning.  Do not ever get to the point where you can’t learn or you THINK you know it all.  At that point, you are stagnant, dull and to tell ya the absolute truth, quite annoying.  We’ve all been around the type that you can tell nothing to. They know it already, right?  (RIGHT!?)  If you are one of these, please stop.  IMMEDIATELY.


I believe to keep yourself young, you must continue to learn.  To keep yourself moving, you must keep learning.  To make yourself even more of a beautiful human being, you must CONTINUOUSLY LEARN.

As a teacher, if I were totally against learning then I’D BE DEFEATING MY OWN PURPOSE!


It can take place just about anywhere.  To learn something new is like a gift to me.  Like, HAPPY LEARNING to me!

Today I learned…

that I can STILL learn new techniques and ways of doing things like collage, clay and shading.  Everyone has their own way of doing things and sometimes to observe this, helps US become renewed and revived!  At times it just reminds us of something we wanted to do or did at one time.  Other times, we discover we like the way we did it instead of this new way, but still, it’s cool to see the NEW WAY.  The best times are when there is that AHH HAAA moment when you go, “Oh wow, that is cool!”  THAT IS LEARNING! ((LOVE IT!))

I get so excited about learning new things and I believe that is why I love teaching—I love watching my students do the “OH WOW…” moment.  It’s more than rewarding—it’s why I do what I do.




NO MATTER what this world says, I AM BEAUTIFUL!

This is a gal from the American Idol Competition. One of my friends (thanks D-Bo) shared this with me, because he said the song reminded him of me. What an honor! I am confident in the fact that the Lord made me beautiful. YES! He did the EXACT SAME to you! AMEN!!!

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