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Everyone needs to know that they are beautiful. God made us BEAUTIFUL! He didn’t make no funky junk—WE ARE BEAUTIFUL!


You are beautiful. That is it. There is no question. You should not have one in your head. Love who you are.
If you find yourself doubting your self-worth find someone who will listen to you and love you and encourage you to LOVE yourself.
You are beautiful. That is it! THERE IS NO QUESTION!

msg me if you need to, I will give you plenty of reasons why



camera3 Pictures!  “CLICK- CLACK” is what a camera sounded like at one point.  Now a days, you can have just about any sound associated with capturing a moment.  They look different than they used to as well.  Even the smallest, thinest ones, take great pictures.  Most all of us carry one around if we have cell phones.  They have turned into major conveniences–we are able to capture life at ANY moment!

And pictures–they are everywhere!   No matter where you look, our environment has beefed up on visuals–and we love them.  It’s a proven fact that we love colors and pictures.  Visual stimulus is quite important to us.

They do a lot for us.  Photographs record history, freeze a small snipit in time and show us things like emotion and mood.

I love them.  I love capturing fun times especially.  My fave picture of this last year was of our cat who had at some point during the day while we were at work and school DESTROYED our tree.  It’s not the bet picture, it’s kind of grainy and dark, he was sitting at the end of the leveled tree just looking at us like “what?”


My most favorite thing to shoot on almost any day is the sky.  Big puffy clouds scattered across a happy blue sky creates the best shot.   They sky is God’s canvas.  It makes me smile.  Perhaps tomorrow’s post will be about that.

Pictures that make me smile are the best!  What kind of pictures do YOU like???



Do not validate your beauty, intelligence or other gift from God by putting down the gifts of others. There is NO comparison even though we think there is –nope, no comparison!  -R Clawson

Yep, the above quote is made up by yours truly.  I think of some profound stuff at times.  It’s true! 

So, how I came about this quote—I was thinking about all the things people say about each other.  If you sit around and listen to others in their every day conversations you will hear it (you don’t even have to eavesdrop–they say it loudy!) .  You will hear them putting others down in so many ways.  It ranges from hair, to the way they sound to even the shoes they wear.  

In my line of work, I hear it start up almost constantly.  I am surrounded by insecure human beings a lot.  They worry about how people look at them so they turn the attention to others.  For some reason, some how, the ramble they create about others creates in them a sense of belonging and contentment.  To me, it’s just sad.  The constant comparison crazy humans do all the time starts this stuff, I believe.   It needs to stop and we need to BE CONFIDENT IN OURSELVES.

I admit I am an insecure human being.  I doubt my beauty at times, because I compare myself to others.  I know I’m not the smartest person around and for some reason that makes me sad sometimes.  I think maybe I’m not good enough to do something or I have that dreaded fear of failing.  It happens, but with MATURITY (that doesn’t mean I’m old!), I’ve come to learn that we all have our gifts.  We all have those things we are good at.  We have talents and abilities that are unique.  We should appreciate what we have and not compare it to what others have.  Do not try and bolster our self-esteem by putting others down.  Let’s build each  other up, help others see that what they have to offer is important and acknowledge that we all have strengths no matter who we are!  BE CONFIDENT IN YOURSELF and you won’t have to start the babble about others.  You will already have that  sense of belonging and contentment, because you have created it from within!  How great is that!?

Let me refer back to my quote:  Do not validate your beauty, intelligence or other gift from God by putting down the gifts of others. There is NO comparison even though we think there is –nope, no comparison!

Let’s be confident in what WE HAVE–what God gave us!  He made us.  We are His creation.  Why doubt that He did a great job?  He is the GREAT CREATOR! Stop comparing and especially don’t allow your insecurity to put others down…that is just dumb. 




PF_28082010150845841You are a work of art.  God made you.  You are a miracle.

Things of this world corrupt the way you see your self-portrait. 

You get down on yourself.  You think you are ugly, fat, unworthy, unliked or even…*gasp* unloved. 

Do not allow the devil to whisper in your ear.  Do not allow this world to define you.  Do not allow this world to draw, paint or sculpt you. 

You are beautiful.  You are worthy.  You are LOVED!

You are a work of art.  God made you.  You are a miracle.



You are beautiful like a cupcake. -Mason


Fall is Grand!!!  Today was a wonderfully windy day full of beauty and I just happened to snap a picture or two.  Sharing one above. 🙂  God sure knows how to create some awesome pictures!  It’s insane how some people think all this beauty is some kind of coincidence.  What!?  Thank GOD for this beauty!

We also had our family photos done today by a former student (and family friend) of mine.  It was so great to talk with her and catch up and know that the pics she took are going to be great.  She also made me feel like a great teacher–that is such a blessing, because we all know that, at times, we question ourselves.  We doubt the impact or influence we have on those around us.  It’s so nice when God allows others to give us a boost of confidence. 

I so appreciate her words today that made me feel so good—I want to seek out those who have helped teach me anything important along the way or made me strive to keep on keepin’ on.  I’ve tried in the last few years to really do that–to show others what they have  done for me.  I have blogged in the past about my mentors and that is who I’m talking about now.  There have been so many in my life that wouldn’t even consider themselves “mentors,” but there is no doubt they had a major influence on me.  I think it’s so important to recognize these people and let them know they helped you in some way or made you feel great about yourself or just gave you a great example through some situation they were in.  I can think of so many who fit one or more of these things.  I think I will go right now and let some of them know that I thought of them today.


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