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I have watched this video so many times.  It such a heartwarming story of a guy who thinks of others first.  From a plant to a sweet little girl and all in between… He is NOT selfish.  He is NOT self-centered.  He is a servant.  He is blessed.

I want to help others.  I want others needs to come before mine.  I am blessed…I want to bless others.

Please watch the video.


So, I met this guy…

So, I met this guy tonight…

He was the cutest thing!

His joy was apparent.

He had a smile, a way and a personality which was magnetic.

This guy was one of those people you instantly like.

You smile the entire time he speaks and don’t even realize it UNTIL your face begins to ache a little …

God blessed me with his presence.

I feel blessed.

This wonderfully sweet guy was 81 years old.

AND He had some great advice for getting to be 81.

He said there are two things you must stay away from in order to make it to 81 like he has.  He said you have to stay out of the way of these two things, whatever you do.

(I was ready to hear something like smoking or drinking or negative thinking…)

He says,

#1 Fautly Trees


#2 Trains

and then he giggled a giggle that made everyone giggle.

I thank God for the bright lights He sends us while we are in this world of dark, dull and negative people.  There are rays of sunlight that beam out of people and I just want to bask in them!  I’m so glad I met this guy who shined tonight!

One of my favorite quotes:


My definition of WORSHIP

After listening to the preacher’s sermon today, I started thinking about WORSHIP.  Everyone has their idea of worship.  What does worship mean to you?

My definition of worship:



That to me is true worship.  Worship is not something you stop.  It should be something that you are constantly doing.  When I think of my God, I believe worship is love and love is worship.

We do not stop loving our children.  God does not stop loving us.  We should not stop loving him.  It should be CONSTANT.

I know we are to get on our knees and go to the Lord in prayer daily.  We are to tell others what He has done for us.  Blessings are to be counted.  Be still and know…and listen to God.  Read the Bible.  Study together with other believers.  Feed yourself with the knowledge God reveals to you through others such as teachers and preachers.  Most of us consider all of these acts of worship.  I believe they are, but  you know we are not doing all of these things all of the time.  So, to worship is more than all of these.  It’s something you don’t turn off.   If you consider GOD first in all you do, worship will continue.  And that is what we are supposed to do, right?

I’m not saying I’ve always felt this way.  I thought going to church was what I needed to do to be a believer.  I thought memorizing a few Bible verses is what I needed to do to be a believer.  I thought being nice to others, being on my best behavior and carrying a Bible in my purse is what I needed to do as a believer.

All of those things are great, but to truly worship God, He has told me so much through the Bible.

…we need to take further steps…we have to do it as the Bible says—


You must love the LORD your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind.                        -Matthew 22:37

If we can do that,

we can WORSHIP like we are supposed to…ALL ..THE.. TIME.

GOD KNEW! (He always does.)

Some days I feel like I’m spinning my wheels and not moving forward at all.  I feel like no matter how I keep on trying, the pile of stuff to get done just doesn’t get any smaller.  I get frustrated.  I get down.  At times, I get angry. (yuck!)

Today hasn’t been a horrible day in any way.  I’ve actually accomplished a few things I truly set out to do.  I think the devil saw me climbing that mountain of to-dos, showing some success and decided to try and push me down!   I had this weird defeated feeling.  But you know what….HA!  I LAUGH in his nasty face!  I WILL KEEP ON KEEPIN’ ON!

First, my boss tells me he has nominated me for a nice local award.  Whether I get it or not–that is not the issue–the fact that I was nominated is such an honor.  I feel like I let my students down sometimes by not being able to focus more time on teaching, because I have so many things going on in the art room than just teaching them how to draw, paint or sculpt.  This is someone (the boss) looking in on my class, thinking–she is doing a pretty good job.   This really helped me to stop being so hard on myself. I thank GOD for this.  He uses people around us to snap us back into where we are supposed to be.

Once I’d left my boss’s office, I made my way back to my room to check email and there was a message from the state director of the Texas Association of Student Councils.  She was congratulating me on being nominated for State Advisor of the Year. I was elected by my peers in the district as District Advisor of the Year which makes me eligible for the state award as well.  I THANK GOD FOR THIS!  He uses so many things to remind us that we are doing a good job here!


After that, I found a message on my phone from a former student telling me I was a great teacher and meant a lot to her. Her words were so encouraging.

Seriously, GOD KNEW I needed some confirmation today.

He knew I needed some help getting passed the defeated feeling that had somehow crept up in my day.


He sent all these gifts to me today!

When getting ready to write this blog, I head to this website ( and the first blog (click here to read it) that is in my news feed has this verse:

“Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit, but with humility of mind regard one another as more important than yourselves; do not merely look out for your own personal interests, but also the interests of others. Have this attitude in yourselves which was also in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 2:3-5 (NASB)

The blog talks about how we shouldn’t glorify ourselves and maybe you see that I’m doing this in my writings here, but what I’m really trying to share with you is that GOD is the reason for all this.  God deserves the Advisor of the Year award!  He deserves all the credit.  He’s the reason I am the teacher I am.  He’s the reason I am who I am!  I will not feel defeated!  I will not allow satan to push me down.  I will keep on keepin’ on!


I praise God that He allows people to encourage others.  He wants us to be unselfish and to look out for others.  I thank Him for sending people like this to me today.  I needed reminding that I need to be like JESUS and there are others around me who are!

Thank YOU God!  I know it ALL comes from YOU.

Good Company

I’ve been subject to some good company the last couple of days.

Being around great people whom you love AND YOU KNOW they love you–because they seriously show it…is,

I believe,

the closest thing

we can feel here on earth…

to Heaven.

God meant for us to feel like that.  He created us to LOVE.  He created us to LOVE and to be LOVED.

He created GOOD COMPANY.

Thank You Lord for all the good company I’ve experienced the last few days.  You are the creator and giver of blessings which come to us in so many ways

..and I thank you so much for allowing one of those ways to be…


good-company in-good-company no-road-is-long-with-good-company-6


As I turned the corner in my dining room and looked back at the washroom where I had left the sink on…


I had started cleaning the house yesterday with such a bad attitude.  I sat down and recoop’ed and even wrote a blog to remind myself that everything is a blessing–EVEN cleaning the house.

When I saw the inch or two deep water slowly seeping toward me, I almost let that bad attitude resurface.  I thought, “WHYYYYY!!!”  …and might of even said it outloud.  I can’t remember.  I don’t even remember turning on the sink.  I remember putting my mop in the sink and then going to the vacuum.  When did I turn on the sink!?!  Well, no matter when I did it, I did and it had been a while since I had.  The entire washroom was flooded and if I had not turned that corner when I did, much more of the house would have been too.

I wiped my tears and sucked up my attitude and grabbed every towel in our house.  I got the cyclone fan out of the back and began pulling rugs and whatever else was on the floor out to the garage.  BUT MOSTLY, I talked to GOD.  I asked Him how I could be so stupid and why did this happen.  I was thinking He would tell me this is what I deserve for the funky attitude I had earlier.  He just said, and I promise, HE put this in my head…

“You were in a hurry and trying to rush so you could get it all done.  You were thinking about that list of things you wanted to accomplish.  You were not thinking about turning on that sink when you did, because in your mind, you were already walking toward the vacuum. Slow down.”

HOW MANY TIMES DO WE DO THAT!?!  …rush …rush…RUSH!  Always in a hurry to be in a hurry.  Always busy.

SLOW DOWN!  Stop.  Life is too short to be flooded.  We flood our lives with things we don’t need and get in such a fast pace that we forget the good stuff.  We are worried about clean floors and made beds when we should be more concerned with telling others they matter and showing people we love, we love them.

I know this might sound like a crazy analogy to cleaning the house…but every circumstance can teach us SOMETHING.

Two hours later, after my floor was SUPER CLEAN and almost all the towels were washed again… My floor wasn’t flooded anymore and—

I wasn’t flooded anymore.

I WAS EXHAUSTED!  …but not flooded.  Don’t be flooded.



Sometimes I forget all of the things I am blessed to be able to do.  God gives me the ability to do so many things.

I GET to make the bed, sweep and mop the floor AND do the dishes.  I GET to vacuum, scrub the shower and toilet AND dust.  (I detest dusting…so very much…but still I’m blessed that I CAN DO IT. SOMETIMES I forget.)

I GET to bleach the sinks and wipe toothpaste off the basins.  I GET to pick up shoes, clothes, basketballs, toys of various sorts up from the floor.  i GET to sweep out the garage and take the recycling to the dumpster.

I GET TO DO ALL THOSE THINGS!  I am so blessed!!!  …but…SOMETIMES I FORGET. *sad face here*

You may think I’m being a total sarcastic idiot right now AND IF YOU KNOW ME, you know sarcasm is one of my favorite tones at times.  It’s another gift God gives me, I think.  BUT HERE, I PROMISE YOU, I’M NOT BEING SARCASTIC.

Although everything that I’m listing isn’t the absolute funnest things to do and do get a little overwhelming at times due to the consistency that I have to do them….

I AM TRULY THANKING GOD FOR THEM…I thank Him that I am able to do them.  Sometimes I FORGET that it is a blessing.  It is a blessing to have a house to clean, to have a messy family to pick up after and to chase dust bunnies who seem to truly be ALIVE in my house at times.  They are all blessings.  …but…(whispering) sometimes, I …forget. 😦

SOMETIMES I FORGET!  Sometimes I hate that I have to do them.  Sometimes I feel stressed out, because I have to do them.  SOMETIMES I wish I could just snap my fingers and some kind of little crew would come in over night –like apparently the Elf on the Shelf does –and instead of reeking havoc as he does, they clean my whole house spotless.  AND WHILE THEY ARE AT IT, they can make lunches for the next day and create home made dinners I could just pop out of the freezer and warm up.  SOMETIMES I forget that being able to do all the things I do…IS A BLESSING.

I could be sick, depressed or even dying.  I could be disabled and not physically able to do these things.  I truly am blessed.



God allows me to be able to do all I do.

…and I’m sorry, Lord, that sometimes, I forget.

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