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I’ve started this blog about 3 different times now.  The other starts were about mourning.  I don’t want to talk about sadness, because truly, today was not full of sadness or mourning…it was full of BLESSINGS.

Today WAS such an emotional day that ended with a house full of family and friends and a concert brought to us by the talented Jake Sessions.  What a blessing!

Today was the day we honored my brother’s life with a memorial service.  It truly was a blessing!

The preacher had such an awesome sermon.  The stories that were told by his friends, the humor that was shared, the slide show… it was all an absolute blessing.  Memories that flood the mind are gifts.  The love that was felt in that room today was so overwhelming!  How can I explain this day as a day of mourning?

It did have some tears, yes, but I believe they were brought on by the blessings of all the things I’ve listed.

Here are the absolute awesomest blessings…

My brother is not in pain, he can see, he can walk–run even!  My brother is not sad, he’s not hurting at all. My tears for him are tears of joy.  We cry because we will miss him, but one day…

I PLAN ON seeing him again.  I will get to reunite with him and all the ones I miss AND I GET THE EXACT SAME reward he is receiving right now.

What a blessing!



It’s NOT Friday!?!

It’s the middle of the week and it’s felt like a Friday all day.  I certainly love every day of the week (I’m an equal opportunity kinda gal), but Friday just always seems a little FREE-ER …I know you know the feeling.  I’m really unsure why today felt like Friday, but here’s my bullet form theories…

  • I started teaching my FAVORITE unit in Art I today: ANIMATION! I love Walt DISNEY AND Mickey and they are all up in that lesson plan. 
  • My sculpture class is doing plaster casting of their hands and it’s a super fun experience to have with them. I love my job!
  • The Spaghetti dinner and 5K events that took a lot of time and energy to put together was completed last weekend.  YAY!
  • My girl child got an EXCELLENT report card today, found out she had a .439 batting average for her softball season this year and I’m just so proud of that kid!
  • I laughed out loud A LOT today. I always have fun at work because I love my job (did I say that already) and who I work with, but today just seemed more joy-filled for whatever reason.  Everyone was a comedian today!  Love that!
  • We are having company this weekend which always makes me get a little excited no matter who it is. I really like being a host. 
  • The sermon tonight at our Wednesday night meeting was all about how GOD loves us. I knew this, of course, but the way the preacher presented it really gave me a stronger outlook on the fact. GOD MADE THIS EARTH ESPECIALLY FOR US… He made us on purpose AND sacrificed His Son for us.  What more confirmation do we need!?!

Ok, there ya go.  I’m sure there are more reasons I could give for the feeling of “Friday” freedom I had all day today, but maybe I’ll save them for another blog. 

I hope for you a great “Friday” freedom kind of day… Even when it’s not Friday!

ONLY GOD can do stuff like that!

I was asked to pray for a specific thing by a friend the other day.  I got down on my knees and asked God to help her, give her calm and to provide whatever He can to make her at peace with the situation.  Little, and let me stress LITTLE did I know that what He would provide would be bigger and better than anything I could imagine.

My friend Tammy who I’ve written about on here before is a Christian motivational speaker.  She had been asked to speak at a funeral of a very dear friend–one of those “inner-circle” friends.  This friend had battled cancer and had planned on Tammy and the other friends in their circle to help with arrangements.

The prayer I prayed for Tammy was calling to God about somehow making it possible for her to speak at that funeral even though she was previously booked to speak out of town.  There were just a handful of people who knew about this dilemma and we were all praying.  There is no way the prayer warriors could see what was coming.  And there is no way any of us can explain it or rationalize it… we can only be in awe of what happened…

Here’s the message I received from Tammy about the solution:

A man contacted me today. He has a private jet. His wife has cancer. He has hired a pilot to fly me to Abilene in his private jet as soon as funeral is over. Only God can do stuff like that. Only God can make the impossible possible. It will only be me and the pilot on the plane. He said to me….no charge. Just keep helping people.  …

It’s exactly what she said: ONLY GOD can do…THAT!

This man listened to God, because that is WHO told him to offer his help.  This is not a person for his own glory …this is a man who wants to see GOD glorified by doing great things.  Wow.

“Wow,” is what I just keep saying over and over about this.  I was honored to be able to pray for this situation and humbled by the amazingness, total awesomeness that came together.  My puny little brain could never imagine… a private jet!?!

This is GOD showing up and there is nothing else you can say to explain this.  ONLY GOD CAN DO STUFF LIKE THAT!

Just try and tell me there’s no God…  HA!  Not buyin’ it.  There is a GOD and HE is awesome… and He has more plans and solutions than we could ever imagine.  Awesome.

ONLY GOD can do stuff like that!

Leaving with a song Tammy shared with me that she said she kept singing… (it’s so true!)

a CUPCAKE kind of day

Just got in from finishing up my Friday.

It was rainy.

The wind was blowing.


It was kind of funky outside and not really baseball weather, but it was still a blessing.

I had an awesome day today…


First, I got to be on our elementary campus today with some little ones.  I took some of my “big” ones with me and got to see them love those little ones.  They talked to them and helped them come up with ideas and assisted them in drawing items for their design.  It was fun watching the interaction.

Second, made it back to my high school world and got to be with my “babies” again …

Next, got things done—

Finished up last minute things for our art competition tomorrow.  Got things in order for our district student council meeting next week.  Finally got all the signatures I needed from the boss.  The members going practiced for our skit which, I believe, is so funny, cute and award winning.  Boxed up the 300 shampoo bottles we are to take with us to that meeting as well as the scholarship application I will be submitting for our senior applicant –my very own nephew.   (he says he’s the favorite…haha…he’s my only nephew so he def is my favorite one)

I got to go watch some baseball.  Yes, it was a bit rainy, windy and cold, but I loved being there to support my Rebels.  I also chatted with some former students of mine.  I laughed a lot …  which to me, is the best way to spend a Friday evening.  What am I saying!?!  It’s the best way to spend ANY time really.

Laughter is like the icing on the cupcake.

Today, was a cupcake kind of day!

Thank You Lord for this day!


Let me begin with a week ago…

On Saturday night, I realized that the student I had understood to be doing our lesson in Youth was not going to be at church.  I was discouraged some.  I immediately started talking to God about what he wanted me to teach.  We had church breakfast the next morning which meant I would be at church early and would be able to study some then as well.  He gave me ALL OF IT.  He showed me the verse, gave me the words, the stories and everything I needed for the lesson. GOD DID THAT!  HE ALWAYS DOES IT.

On Monday, I had a meeting with my student leaders which ended up being a totally non-productive meeting.  That meeting discouraged me so!  I knew I had to meet with the student board and tell them exactly what I felt, discuss with them what leaders truly do and that they needed to step up and make the rest of this year more about unity and service.  I prayed and prayed about that meeting.  It went perfect.  GOD DID THAT!  HE ALWAYS DOES IT.

We started a project in my art classes where the kids hand make Valentine cards for children in the hospital and/or people in the nursing home.  When discussing it with one of my classes, one of my students acted like it was not a good project.  He actually griped about it having to look “good.”  Wow, that discouraged me.  I don’t understand how young people can be so unfeeling and self-centered.  That is something I combat a lot.  I’ve prayed for that certain student as well as all of them as they create these cards.  Those students made close to 200 cards this week.  GOD DID THAT!  HE ALWAYS DOES IT.

I found out yesterday that I was to sing at a funeral today.  The funeral was of the wonderful lady I blogged about a couple of days ago.  Mrs. Pearson was a true blessing.  I remember a story she told about a lady in her church when she was growing up.  This lady she talked about was a Sunday School teacher and GA leader.  She was a Godly woman.  Mrs. Pearson prayed to God to make her like this woman and she gave Him all the credit in doing exactly that.  That is the way I feel about Mrs. P… I pray God allows me to be as awesome as she was.  I loved her so… So, I was very concerned that I wouldn’t be able to sing at her funeral without crying.  When I cry, my throat closes up and the only sound that comes out of my throat sounds like the squeal of a mouse.  I prayed that they put my song early in the service.  I also enlisted some very dependable prayer warriors.  They prayed for me, I know they did.  I arrived at the church and  found I was early in the service–THANK GOD!   The entire funeral was a true celebration of Mrs. Pearson’s life.  I sang THE LIGHTHOUSE like I did for her when she sat in HER pew.  She always thanked me for that song when I sung it.  It was her song.  I didn’t sound anything like a mouse.  God gave me the strength to do that song one last time for our sweet friend.  GOD DID THAT!  HE ALWAYS DOES IT.

I’ve been trying to write these blessings down all week and I’m so glad I waited until today so I could add the last one.

God blesses us all the time!  You just have to believe that HE ALWAYS DOES IT.


You know that choosing to be HAPPY is a personal choice.  It’s not chosen by your parents, your kids, your best friend or even your significant other.  I mean, sure, those people contribute to the circumstances that may lead to your HAPPY CHOICE, but really, it’s all you baby!  It’s all you!  You gotta choose it and stick with it.

Oh yes, life will kick you in the booty with things such as sinus infections (gag), illnesses of all sorts, mean people, bad haircuts, soap scum and funerals.  Days will come when you think happiness is no where in your grasp.  Life doesn’t guarantee to be sugar and spice all the time.  Duh.

But I can tell you, THE MORE you choose HAPPY … easier it gets in all situations.  I thank God He allows me to see the silver linings, the sun after the rain, the top of the mountain after the valley—YOU GET IT!?

Just remember, though, it’s a personal choice.  You choose it.  You get to make it happen, because you have a RENEWING OF YOUR MIND ATTITUDE and this New Year can bring New Thinking—IF YOU CHOOSE.

Just a tip that will help:  (DON’T WE ALL LOVE TIPS! HAHA!)



(Click any of them.)

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Thankful Week

As any other red blooded American, I’m looking forward to the upcoming thankful feast.  I’m even getting prepared for the discomfort dressing will give me after consuming way over the legal limit and the involuntary afternoon slumber the turkey will no doubt induce.  I’m stepping up this year and not only going to cook mac-n-cheese for our feast (my husband’s family cooks EVERYTHING), but I’m also planning to try and create a dish I never have and pray that it’s outcome looks something like the picture I’ve downloaded from Pinterest.  Time will only tell.


As this week begins, I am trying my absolute best to keep my eye on the things I’m most thankful for.  We are so blessed in so many ways.  I am very much aware of this and try and keep in a state of constant thankfulness.

I have to admit, though, it’s been a hard start due to the gloomy, cold, wet and windy weather.  I seriously believe I may be solar powered.  I’m not sure where God placed the solar panel, but I’m almost certain I have one.  I’ve not really seen the surface of the sun (there have been glimpses of rays) since last Wednesday.  Today is Monday.

I know, I know, someone reading this right now is thinking OH COME ON, SUCK IT UP…there are tons more things in this world that could be getting ya down.  I really do know this.  As an OPTIMISTIC thinker and all around HAPPY GAL…days like today don’t come often.  I don’t tend to get really down about things.  I mean, I’m sad when I watch the news or hear of yet another person who has been diagnosed with cancer, but I try not to watch the news and I always pray for the ill.  I believe in God and know He holds our future.  I believe He will give me joy in all circumstances just as long as I remain in thanksgiving and look to Him for guidance.  I know this to be true.  I’ve been revealed this in the past and know this joy will always be available to me.  There are just some days like today…

So, as I start this THANKFUL WEEK with an outlook less happy than I believe I should, I am well aware that I just need to SUCK IT UP and pull out of this funk.  And I will do it!  I know the sun is still shining no matter the weather and God will pull back the clouds soon and show it to me once again.  He will sustain me, He will reward me and I WILL HAVE A THANKFUL WEEK.

Thank You Lord, most of all for JESUS!


Wow, never thought of it like this!


TRUE REST   —That is a gift from God.

Rest…oh Rest, I long for You

To calm my fears and slow my pace

Yes, Rest, I long for You

To warm my bones and kiss my face

Rest, oh Rest, I long for You

Chase away the worries and the pain

You wash away any stain

I continue to sing the refrain–

Rest, oh Rest, I long for You

Rest, oh Rest, I long for You

Prayer WORKS!

I’m still talking about prayer today…

I try my best to always send up thankful, grateful and praising prayers. I believe this is the main reason I have a somewhat HAPPY outlook on life. I know that praying is not just a one way street. God constantly reaffirms that to me through the everyday blessings of life. He allows me to see things, hear things, read things, talk to people, share with others and do things that makes me vividly aware that HE IS REAL.


If you ever ask yourself “WHY do I pray?” …then I think maybe you don’t pray enough OR you don’t look for the blessings that follow. START LOOKING! They are there.

Want an example? I’m on it!

This is just ONE example of how prayer works!

One of my friends asked for me to pray for her husband who was not in church and not saved. She had been praying for him forever and was just reaching out for others to do the same. I went home and wrote his name in my prayer journal. I prayed for his eyes to be open and know that he is God’s child. I specifically prayed for his salvation. About three months later, I was invited to this friend’s church by a different friend. Seriously, just got invited on that same day and decided to go like a few minutes before we left to go. As the service went on, it was a great message and such a blessing. Then, I realized that my friend’s husband was there. I thought, “HOW COOL!” The service was kind of winding down and the preacher said he had an announcement and my friend’s husband came up to the front of the church. HE ANNOUNCED THAT HE WAS SAVE! And got baptized that night! God knew I needed to be there to see it. I was so full of joy and felt so honored that God allowed me to see prayers truly work.

You may think that was coincidence, but I don’t believe in coincidence, I BELIEVE IN BLESSINGS! God did that for my friend, her husband, their family and church… and even for me. PRAYER WORKS!

So when you wonder if prayer works or you are getting antsy as to when those prayers will be answered—remember, GOD’s timing is perfect and you should just KEEP ON KEEPIN ON PRAYING!



Love What You Do

I get the pleasure of teaching some awesome students. I’m blessed by God to have the talent and patience to do something so meaningful and fulfilling. I sure hope you have the vocation He has meant for you. If you don’t LOVE WHAT YOU DO, perhaps it’s time to ask Him what you are supposed to be doing?


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