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Sharing a blog.

I know that at times I may get on others nerves with my positive attitude.  Sorry, not sorry.  I love being positive!  Just thought I’d share this blog with you which talks about the benefits of being positive. It really is a good thing.  Being positive can change so much.  Looking at things in a positive light makes life better.

Maybe you don’t like blogs (you are reading one now! haha!), but this is a short, easy and good read.  Please give it a look and make today AWESOME!  When we have positive attitudes, we automatically share those with others…and in my case, it’s especially true for our STUDENTS.  They neeeeeeeeeeeeed it.

I promise you.  I may be the “dumb” art teacher, but I do know some stuff.  (reminds me of Forest Gump: I MAY NOT BE A SMART MAN…)

Hope your Thursday is super duper!




It really is simple.

So my friend who used to be my boss posted this blog about the ONE WORD.  He’s a pretty smart guy and had asked his faculty to send him a word… I will let you go read his blog: PLEASE CLICK HERE TO READ HIS BLOG FIRST.

…and watch the ONE WORD video there…

Here’s part of my message I posted to his blog:

You know I can’t narrow my life to one word…THAT WOULD BE TOO SIMPLE! ALTHO–The word that has been repeating itself in my mind over and over for several days now in the face of all kinds of crazy life stuff (nothing bad, just life) is LOVE. I know I love, but do I love like I’m supposed to? Do I ALWAYS love like I’m supposed to? I don’t when I blow up at my kids or feel defeated looking at my laundry which has become like Mount Rushmore (serious, with faces and everything) …

I GOTTA REMEMBER TO LOVE in all circumstances. NO MATTER WHAT IS GOING ON!  People may hate on me, children may say my name like a broken record (ha!  kids these days don’t even know what “broken record” means) and I might feel stressed by stuff going on around me…BUT LOVE DOESN’T LOSE IT’S COOL…Love shows LOVE.  Love creates LOVE.  Love shows mercy and grace and brings on comfort and peace.
I want to LOVE like Jesus loves us.

It really is simple.


Learning is one of my top favorite things to do.
I’d like to encourage you to LEARN today. LEARN SOMETHING NEW!
Think of something you want to know about, how to do or create. Research it. Look it up. Find someone on Twitter who can help you out. Search blogs. Go to Pinterest OR this new website I got turned on to today:
There are so many things on this website you can create. I found out about this place through a summer learning series I’m going through.
Here’s the blog that talks all about it:
When I learn something new, it makes me want to learn even more. I know some people think they are done learning–finished. Perhaps they think they know it all. OR they just think they know enough. I sure hope I never get that way! I believe I love teaching so much, because learning is so exciting to me. I want my students to feel the same way!
Try it…



Negative Nillies, Debbie Downers and Poor Pitiful Patties can stand back. Seriously, do not get near my perimeter. Stay out of my BUBBLE. Do not fling your weird jargon and psychotic tirade in my direction. I will, of course, deflect it with my SUPER GAMMA TITANIUM DOUBLE REINFORCED HAPPIER THAN A CAMEL ON HUMP DAY Shield, but how about YOU keep it to yourself in the first place? I hate HAVING to bring out the shield. Just keep your slimey tar pit of an attitude inside.

I know it’s hard to be happy on a Monday. I get it. Monday is the first day back to work after a great weekend. It’s the day you have to get up early and start your routine again. There is no time for laziness or naps. I totally get it. BUT REALLY, IF you can’t be happy because you are able to get up and go do things, suck air into your lungs and a lot of other fun stuff, you need to really reassess your life.

Reflect on the things that are positive. Look to your blessings. See the good in the day, in people and in circumstances. Stop nagging to everyone who will lend an ear. Your na-na’s are bringing more people to your dark side of things and making this world a funky place. Yes, I said world, because ATTITUDE IS CONTAGIOUS and even though people like me don’t want to catch it (at all, ever never, no way), we still sometimes get on our blogs and rant and rave about you which is almost as bad as being LIKE YOU! Almost.

Ok, I’m done. Almost.


If you think I’m talking about you, awww, well, I probably am. BE HAPPY!!! and maybe the next blog will be about YOU too 🙂


I always heard that whispering is rude–you don’t do it in front of people.  So, really, the only place you are supposed to do it is in a library or here we go—THE DEER STAND!  Or in my case, they do it in the deer stand, on the deer hunting show that we watch on the hunting station.  It makes the hairs on my neck stand up and it seriously hurts my ears more than someone blowing a fog horn.  Ok, maybe I exaggerate a little, but seriously, it burns me up!  It’s one of the most annoying things.  It goes right up there with frowny people and a tooth ache.  Again, I might exaggerate a bit with the tooth ache, but it’s definitely on the same level as frowny (annoying) people.  Why don’t I just turn the channel, you say?  Well, I don’t turn the television on let alone pilot the channel surfing.  I’m in no control over it, yet I must endure it.  How do I endure it, you ask?  I blog about it!

Happy Happy Happy!

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