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Anger truly NEVER works.

Oopsy…Oops…did I do that?


I totally messed up today.  I said things and used tones of voice that I shouldn’t.

I found myself going absolutely bahhzerko crazy in the middle of Sams today.

I was so fed up …tired, sick of attitude, disrespect and most of all negativity.  Not trying to excuse myself in any way, but just explaining why my head started to spin around exorcist style in the middle of the book isle.

Did it help for me to say the things I did?  Nope.

Did it help to get angry?  Nope.

Did it add minutes to my life or help my health in any way?  I’m certain that is a NOPE.

But this is the most important question:
Did it in any way show anyone at all (especially the person I was talking to…I promise I didn’t make a scene) JESUS?

I’m most ashamed of this, “NOPE.”

Looking back, it is crazy how fast that kind of anger can burst out like an explosion.

I can’t even remember all of the ugly words that exited my lips.  I know none of them were loving, pretty or in the least bit helpful.  They just added to the chaos that was already unfolding.  They did not make anything move forward or help anyone understand the situation a bit better.

I was wrong.  Not saying the other person was right, but I know I was wrong.

It’s important to admit it in order to move on.  Do you ever have times where you try and justify your anger?  It just doesn’t work.

Anger truly never works.

Jesus Calling

“My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.” -God   ((Exodus 33:14))

There are so many times in our lives that give way to fear and confusion.  We worry, worry, worry about things that lie ahead.  We wonder what is going to happen and then we wonder why it happened.  We over think stuff.  We get all worked up over things that we can do nothing about.  We try and map out our day, but why?!  I’m all for planning, but really, you never know what is going to happen.

I’ve started this year trying my hardest to not only go through the Bible again with the Daily Audio Bible, but I’m also going through day by day in the Jesus Calling Devotional.  It has only been 12 days, but it seems to be speaking to me the words I need each day considering my circumstances and needs.  It’s just another way God is showing me what I need…HIM!  I need Him above all other things.   I need to be close to Him.  He will then bless me with all the other stuff I need.

The verse above is one that goes with today’s Jesus Calling reading.  It’s so reassuring and comforting.  I thank God for His guidance, His presence and for the awesome rest He provides in all that!


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