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I realize…

I realize more and more the older I get that there are things in this life that just aren’t worth my time.  I don’t care if people talk about me in a negative way.  It doesn’t make me think badly of myself–only why in the world would they waste their time talking about me?  And what is wrong with THEM? Haha!  I’m like “Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhht?”

I realize more and more, as the number of candles on my cake increases, that things of this world are so temporary.  I have been quite a hoarder most my life (and believe it’s an essential part of my job sometimes–art teachers hoard crazy stuff to make art out of), but as I go through some items I kept through my youth, I think WHY DID I KEEP THAT!?!  Why do I have this napkin or this deflated balloon or even a note from someone I don’t even recall?  Haha!  Again, “Whaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhht?”

I realize more and more, as the days, months and years pass by that people come and go, but true friends really stay no matter whether they live in your town or move far, far way.  Those that you lose touch with or that lose touch with you–whichever, I’m not trying to point fingers–have completed their “assigned task” in your life.  There’s no “Whaaaaaaht?” on this one–that is just truth.

I realize more and more, as the sands through the hour glass trickle down (reminds me of an old soap opera my mom used to watch), I’m a product more of my attitude than anything or anyone in this life.  My attitude is what keeps me looking forward.  I know that God has blessed me and I keep that at the front of my head.

I realize more and more that as time goes by…I’m different…I’m a transformed person…I’m a smarter, new and improved me. I’m almost nothing like I was when I was during my junky year of 6th grade, my celebratory year as a senior in high school, my scary yet exciting first year as a teacher, those firsts as a wife, mother, etc.  Sure I have the same face with a few more wrinkles and I still have some of the same habits such as good dental hygiene, but I’m different.

I realize more and more that I’m a creation of the God Almighty and He is the reason I’m even realizing anything!  He is the reason I can have hope for tomorrow, hope for my children and excitement in this life at all.  I’m so glad I realize this.  I’m so glad I’m no longer lost, worried or down on myself.   Sure, I get a little crazy when life does, but I always have GOD to hold my hand and help me turn my eyes to Him.  I realize, because I have Him.   I realize…

I really like cake.

I really like cake.  I like a nice piece of cake with some super sweet icing smoothed all over it’s fluffy-ness.   White cake with butter creme icing is my absolute fave.  If you put a side of vanilla ice cream (preferably homemade) on it, my taste buds are singing opera style music–soprano!   The sun is shining, the birds are singing and my blood sugar is preparing itself to sky rocket.

I am a sucker for cake.  I’m not a huge sweets loving person like one of my close friends is…she can’t even look at a baked good without drooling –visibly.   Birthday cake with ice cream is my number 1 happy sweet treat.  Don’t give me a donut (gag) or a candy bar…give me cake!

Before I go into this, I’m not about to say that we should not eat cake.  I believe it’s one of those things God made just for me (and others who enjoy it), but I am sharing with you my observation about CAKE and my body.  That’s all really.

My oldest child had a birthday the other day and I ordered her a cake from a local baker.  This cake was so cute and sweet and well, it tasted woooooooonnnnderful.  We were camping at the lake with some friends and they just happened to make some homemade ice cream.  The tastebuds were warming up for the soprano spot.  The combo of the cake and ice cream was perfect.  We were celebrating my child’s bday, but my mouth was really partying!  I had EXTRA icing thanks to both of my children who do not eat that part of the cake (maybe the love for icing skips a generation?).  So, I was super sugared up!  After enjoying the afternoon of just sitting around and visiting and digesting, I went in the camper to read.  I ended up on the couch at some point–asleep.  Woke up a little when my fam came in from fishing, but went right back to sleep.  I slept about 13 hours!!!  I NEVER do that!  When I finally woke up, I felt as tho something had hit me on the head.  My eyes were puffy, my face looked misshappen even.  I’m not sure if others saw it, but I did.  I was so thirsty and ready for some major coffee.  The same neighbor who had made the ice cream met me right outside my camper with a cup of coffee!  Tell me God don’t answer prayers!  Ha!

I know that it’s important we watch what we put in our bodies.  There are things that are packaged and created for our consumption that is really not a FOOD product.  I realize our world has so many options, especially here in the US.  We have to really consider the things that go in our mouths.  For the most part, I try my best to do that.  It’s so true, though that we are bombarded with food choices that are unhealthy and actually lethal at times.  I am not saying CAKE is LETHAL, really.

What I am saying is that I know my body, at some point in the aging process, decided that a good ole piece of cake (with ice cream!) was somewhat like alcohol.   I’m sure the fact that I didn’t eat correctly most of my life contributes to this cake hangover event just as the liver is damaged over time with alcohol abuse.  And just like an alcoholic is to the “bottle,”  …and the main point of my blog today is…

I really do like cake.

((but I won’t eat it again until the next birthday))


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