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This is my picture of the day:


I was so blessed to be able to accompany my daughter and her FFA chapter to the Fort Worth Stock Show today.  I also get to spend time with my teacher friends since it is the chapter from the school I teach!  Yay!

This was my favorite picture of the day for so many reasons:

  1. Little piggies are just cute (they stink, but they’re still cute).
  2. It reminded me of the work a momma does.
  3. It made me smile big thinking of all those satisfied babies.
  4. It’s just a sweet scene.

I entitled it FULL, because they are FULL!  As a pig, they are exactly where they want to be.

Being full doesn’t always mean just having your belly content and pleased.   For us, it’s being comfortable with who we are.  It’s about being loved.  It’s about knowing we are wanted and cared for.  So, for me, this pic didn’t just make me smile about those happy satisfied piglets and their smiling momma (look close, she’s smiling!)… it made me smile thinking about how awesome the moment is when WE remember how FULL we are.

Be blessed…Be FULL!

What do I care?

What do I care …

If someone doesn’t appreciate my need to look on the bright side?

If smiling is not EVERYONE’S favorite thing?

If people think I’m ugly, fat or stupid?

If my art doesn’t please someone?

If my car isn’t nice enough?

My house not big enough?

Or I don’t wear the “in” styles?

What do I care?

I don’t. 



A goal of mine.


I Cried Today…

Yes, it’s true, super happy me, cried today.  I was so sad, depressed and stressed.  I had a moment that truly just broke it for me.  It had been building since yesterday afternoon.  I won’t go into the details of the very moment that really sealed the crying deal, but when it happened and the tears started, it kept going.  I took lunch in my dark classroom today, (without lunch) tissue in hand, red puffy eyes getting uglier and uglier…I didn’t care.  

I just wanted to cry.  SO I DID!  

Once my class started after lunch, I was some better and lots less puffy.  Then 7th period came where my students made me laugh out loud and just remember more about the reasons I love my job, I love my life and I love to be HAPPY!  

I’m telling you now, happy people get unhappy too.  For me, it doesn’t last for long and sometimes it pops up at the weirdest times, but it happens.  I try to combat it, but sometimes ya just gotta give in, get the cryin’ over and move on.  Amen for movin’ on!


If you only knew…

If you only knew your actual WORTH, you wouldn’t put down others.  If you would think before you speak, you might not spew filth.  If you would stop and look at the good in others instead of the bad, you may be able to appreciate people better.  Try to look at things through others’ eyes.  Don’t judge.  Be kind.  Show compassion. 

If you only knew what the other person was going through…

If you only knew where they came from…

If you only knew the struggles they face day to day, minute to minute…

If you only knew that YOU are a child of God and HE determines all things.  You have no right to take someone else’s joy.  You can change someone’s outlook by just the way you speak to them.  The words you say have meaning, but the tone you say them in, sometimes, has even more meaning.  Don’t be rude.  Don’t be condescending.  Don’t be sarcasitc.  Love.  Care.  Show it.

If you only knew YOUR WORTH…you would only want to help others see theirs. 

Think about it…IF YOU ONLY KNEW.

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