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{moody person’s pic here}

This silly little poem below is just about those MOODY people.  I don’t understand them.   I know we all get in our moods.  I’d be lying if I said I don’t, but seriously, no one around me knows I’m in a funk.  I’m not going to ruin someone else’s day, because my mood is not so cheery.  I came in contact with some MOODIES today.  It’s almost like they are trying to bring you over to their “side.”  Don’t do it!   It’s a DARK side.  Say no to the moody!

Your MOODY!  

By R. Clawson

First your happy then you’re sad.

You smile real big and then not so glad.

Happy, sad. Up or down?

Will you smile or will you frown?

Who knows!?  You’re MOODY!  Your scary!

I wish you could just be merry.


Christmas Cards


We got our CHRISTMAS CARDS in today. I ordered them a little late this year. I love getting cards and love sending them! It’s another way to spread Christmas cheer. I better go get them finished so they can be mailed ASAP!

My Sweetbaby

That’s my Sweetbaby!!!   The one in the cheer uniform!  Haha!  Tonight was her first official middle school game as a cheerleader.  I’m so proud of that kiddo!

“Sweetbaby” is what I started calling my first born when she was small enough to fit in my arms.

It seems like just yesterday that we told our family we were going to have a baby…  REALLY!?  No, it doesn’t.  I mean, grant it, that was 12 years ago, but really, it doesn’t seem like yesterday.  It seems more like a few years ago instead of 12 plus.  I feel like she should still, at least, be in the 4th grade or so.  Fourth grade was a good year.  That’s another story, another blog perhaps.

What I’m saying is, even though I don’t feel as if it was yesterday like people say so much, I do feel like my 12 year old has grown up so fast.  I’ve enjoyed so much of it.  You know, here, is where a lot of people would say “every minute of it.”  Again, REALLY!?  I didn’t so much enjoy the puke, poop or those embarassing times.  One time, she started singing the old Hank Williams song, “…and we’ll go Honky Tonkin'” –in church.  That was all Papa’s fault thanks to his love of Hank Williams (among many others) and getting his grandchildren stuck on a classic.  Looking back, it was funny, but at the time, I remember how red my face felt.

So, as I said, I have enjoyed most of it.  I can say this absolutely certainly though, I thank God for ALL of it.  I thank Him for all the puke, poop, embarassments, late night sicknesses, crying, studying, frustrations and the crazy messy room that drives me insane.    Now, the things that I have enjoyed a bit more than those things and that I am so thankful for too –the breakthroughs and milestones, landmarks and goals reached.   My favorite of all the “milestones” was when she learned how to wipe her own booty!  I know that may seem small to you, but to me, cutting down on the butts I have to wipe, that was equivalent to winning a gold medal!  No joking.  And, of course, more recently, I have enjoyed the beautiful young lady she has transformed into.  No longer is she a “little girl.”  It snuck up on me!!!  My child is seriously growing up!

I have been so blessed with this sweet, wonderful child who loves Jesus, her family and friends and tells me how much she loves me at the weirdest times.  I hope she never stops that, but I know it might.  I know that 12 is just the prelim to the teens.  They says the “terrible twos” are bad, but when she was two, I was ready.  The “terrible teens” if they hit, and I’m not lying to myself, I know they are going to, I must admit, I’M NOT READY!   I *AM* ready for the Lord to equip me with what I need for the arrival of the “terrible teens.”   I will make it through and I know, I will still be so thankful that He gave me My Sweetbaby!

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