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Today is a day that I’ve blogged about before: GROCERY SHOPPING DAY.  *gag*

I was finished with my two stops and was in the car headed OUT of the parking lot…ALMOST FREE!

I was driving forward through a space that was empty in front of the one I was parked in when I see a white car coming down the lane.  I wait and realize she was taking the spot beside the spot I was driving through.  I began to move out of my spot in order to go down the aisle to EXIT the lot.  When she saw me moving, she gave me a look as if I’d just killed her first born child.  (YES, IT WAS THAT BAD!)  So, I think, WHOA, perhaps she needs this spot and just realized I was coming out of it.  I’m really unsure why she was giving me this look.  Maybe she thought I didn’t need to move as she was parking next to me?  Then she just stops so I can’t get by her –still glaring at me.  Weird.  Well, then, I looked back and both spots behind me were still vacant so I backed my car all the way back to the original spot I was in.  She then adjusts her vehicle and takes the spot in front of me instead of the one that she was going for AND she still has the I- HATE- YOU- EVEN -THO- I -DON’ T- KNOW -YOU- LOOK plastered to her wrinkled up, unhappy mean face.  Perhaps she will wipe that look off when she has this spot.  NOPE.  She is still looking at me like I am a monster.

I ADMIT–In my younger years, I would have flipped her off and given her the same type look OR WORSE that she was giving me.  I mean, I could feel the anger rising up in my body, but thank GOD (seriously–it’s HIM that changed me) I did the complete opposite.  I began to wave at her with ALL FINGERS extended.  She gives me even more evil looks.  It’s like her face cannot stop being mean.  She is stuck in hate-mode.  Then I put the thumbs up and mouth, “HAVE A NICE DAY!”  She then proceeds to stick her tongue out at me!  Thinking back at this, I’m pretty much LOL’ing, but at the time, the anger began bubbling up again.  I thought, “REALLY!?  I got out of your way (which I wasn’t really in your way in the first place), gave you a closer parking spot and on top of ALL OF THAT, waved and DID THE UNIVERSAL ‘AWESOME, A-OK’ SIGN! …and YOU can’t stop being mean!?!”   WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!?!

I backed up, exited the parking lot, NOW freeing myself from the grocery shopping spots…

But I didn’t feel so free.  I felt hurt.  God was telling me to pray for that woman.  I cried.  I cried, because I didn’t want to pray for her.  I wanted her to trip over the speed bump at the front of the store entrance.  I wanted to get out of my car, find her and let her know how stupid she was.  I wanted to stick my tongue out back at her!  Ugh.  But again, thanks to God, I can do things like wave (with all my fingers out) and smile, mouth HAVE A NICE DAY to a lady who visibly hated my guts, AND DRIVE AWAY.

I know you may think this all sounds so stupid–that I would get upset about some old biddy looking at me like that and sticking her tongue out, but to me, I was innocent and even courteous and she STILL didn’t realize that there was no reason to be mean?  Mean people waste my time.  The fact that I can still see her meanness and that I’m even blogging about it tells me she is STILL wasting my time.  I DON’T WANT HER IN MY BRAIN ANYMORE!

I want to dwell on the HAPPY people I came in contact with today…

  • the awesome Walmart greeter retired-preacher man I GOT to see again (like last time I went shopping–click here to read)
  • the sweet little petite lady at Sams who, when I told her I love to see her there because she is always happy, told me that there is no reason to act otherwise.  She said even when you feel bad, it’s better to pretend to be happy then to not.  Wow, that is so true!  Having a bad attitude would just make you feel worse.  That right there is wisdom.

WHY CAN’T I JUST ONLY THINK OF THOSE TWO SWEET ONES and erase that other one?  TWO is a better number than one, right?  I even TALKED to the sweet TWO and didn’t to the mean one.  *sigh*

I think I’ve rambled enough today.  I did finally pray for the mean lady.  I hope her day got better, because apparently I ruined her parking experience at Sams.  I ask for forgiveness for being so stubborn.  I pray that I can always have the strength to wave my ENTIRE hand, smile, word “HAVE A NICE DAY” and drive off.  Amen.

I choose to be happy.

There are times in life where sadness overwhelms you.

Things happen… life is a bit chaotic or even uncertain.

Uncertainty seems to make us all uneasy and a bit crazy.  Ok, a lot crazy.

THINK ABOUT IT THOUGH: Life changes all the time.  Why aren’t we ready for it?  We don’t properly prepare ourselves for it.  Do we even know how?  Who knows?  I can’t answer those questions.  They might as well be statements.

I do know, that instead of crying for days or griping about the situation, I CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY.  Is it easy?  Not really.  At times, it’s so hard it makes the heart hurt, but still, I CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY.   I might get sad and even cry some, but I still gotta choose to be happy.  It might take talking myself into or setting my mind on other things like sunshine and sprinkles.  It ESPECIALLY takes PRAYING A TON.

Whatever tactic needs to be taken in order to do it…I CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY.

No matter the situation or circumstance…





YOU are YOU because of YOU

You are not defined by the way other people think about you, their opinions or their actions towards you.  You are not defined by your parents.  You are not defined by your friends, family or any other people you come in contact with.   I know, you are shaped and influenced by these, but your basic definition comes from the person YOU ARE, the decisions YOU MAKE and  the actions YOU TAKE.

This all goes back to RESPONSIBILITY.  You cannot blame others for the fact that you are a lost person, a drug addict, a convict OR  a mission worker, preacher, teacher or president of some governing body.  You are YOU, because YOU took the path that YOU took.  That is it!  What will you choose?  Will you choose to follow the example of your alcoholic father?  Will you choose to be like your favorite teacher?  Will you help others or only help yourself?  You choose.

Look to the POSITIVE leaders in your life, build on YOUR strengths and choose a path that will make YOUR  life YOURS.  

YOU are YOU because of YOU.

Personally, I believe in putting life in perspective like this: GOD, Family, friends then me.  And in all I do, I do my best to LOVE.

My wish for you…LOVE.   (Jesus is love.)






You know that choosing to be HAPPY is a personal choice.  It’s not chosen by your parents, your kids, your best friend or even your significant other.  I mean, sure, those people contribute to the circumstances that may lead to your HAPPY CHOICE, but really, it’s all you baby!  It’s all you!  You gotta choose it and stick with it.

Oh yes, life will kick you in the booty with things such as sinus infections (gag), illnesses of all sorts, mean people, bad haircuts, soap scum and funerals.  Days will come when you think happiness is no where in your grasp.  Life doesn’t guarantee to be sugar and spice all the time.  Duh.

But I can tell you, THE MORE you choose HAPPY … easier it gets in all situations.  I thank God He allows me to see the silver linings, the sun after the rain, the top of the mountain after the valley—YOU GET IT!?

Just remember, though, it’s a personal choice.  You choose it.  You get to make it happen, because you have a RENEWING OF YOUR MIND ATTITUDE and this New Year can bring New Thinking—IF YOU CHOOSE.

Just a tip that will help:  (DON’T WE ALL LOVE TIPS! HAHA!)



(Click any of them.)

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The GOOD, the bad and the uuuuuggggly…


We are who we are because we choose to be.  NO MATTER WHAT… You CHOOSE to be the way you are–it is ALL UP TO YOU.

We start our lives like a blank slate.  We arrive ready to be influenced, molded and shaped.  Then, things happen to us.  We are well taken care of, or not.  We are surrounded with good friends or bad ones or maybe mediocre ones.  We have great parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts or we don’t really.  Some of us have circumstances in our lives that are just crazy, chaotic and evil.  We have people that abuse us and put us down.  We have people who use us or leave us out on purpose.  These things happen.  I am acknowledging it all.  I could make lists upon lists of things that happen to us–good, bad and ugly.

We all have  influences, circumstances, people and times.  We all have these good, bad and ugly times.  A lot of times, though,  we look at others’ lives and think they have it great and we don’t, but really, we don’t know their life.  We don’t know what happens in their homes and we don’t know what happens in their minds.  We don’t know their hearts.  We are only responsible for our own hearts.  We are not put here to compare ourselves to others.  We own our story, not others’.

Back to my point—the person you are, no matter what has happened to you in your life, is ALL UP TO YOU.

Don’t blame others for having a better life.  Don’t hurt those around you just because others have hurt you.   It’s important that we don’t get beat down by playing the victim in our lives.  I know we all have different stories and we have all been “victims” of something, but to stay labeled as a victim only allows whoever or whatever victimized us to continue to win daily.

EXAMPLE: If I were to CHOOSE to be an alcoholic–that would not be because my dad was an alcoholic.  I would CHOOSE that lifestyle.  I could not blame that on an alcoholic father or even some type of hereditary gene which says I’m more likely to be an alcoholic.  Everyone has something they may be more likely to be, BUT WHEN IT COMES RIGHT DOWN TO IT–IT IS YOUR CHOICE.

People use excuses all the time.  The media gives people excuses all the time.  Sometimes (and I’m not saying all the time, because I know there are certain situations that would be exceptions–but I believe they are very rare) people use excuses because they are too lazy to stand up and blame themselves.   They are too unwilling to get up and choose what is right.   They are so lacking of inner motivation that they blame it on someone else like their parents or even the government.  Geez.

We all (yes, EVERY ONE OF US) need to stop being- idle – indolent – sluggish – slothful – slack – AND step up and take responsibility for: who we are, where we are and what we have become.  I believe that once that happens, our lives, our society and our world will be a better place to live.

Once we have done that, we can be in a better position to help those around us.  It starts with YOU–yes YOU. (and me, of course) Allow the good, the bad AND the ugly to mold you, influence you and shape you into A RESPONSIBLE, A MORE ACCOUNTABLE AND UPSTANDING YOU.  (not a continuous blaming victim who can’t look past anything that has ever happened…come on—move on!!!)

TOMORROW’S POSSIBLE BLOG TOPIC: Influences and circumstances–they CAN be positive NO MATTER what they are…

with LOVE



If our response to anything we encounter would be LOVE, our lives would be so much easier.  I’m not saying that if we show LOVE to everyone, they will show love back.  We all know that won’t happen.  Some people can’t handle that.  Many people are skeptical of love.  They want to know what you want in return.  Some just feel uneasy about another person caring for them in any way.  I find that sad and, well, really, un-God-ly.  God meant us for love.  He put us here so we can love each other.

I know, in the beginning Adam and Eve messed up and their kids messed up as well and so on  and so forth … so we are in this vicious cycle where LOVE is not the center of our every day.  We can’t blame it on ancestry though.  We can only blame it on ourselves.  God gave us the FREE WILL CHOICE…we choose what we do.  (just as Adam chose to take the apple and Cane chose to kill his brother)  It is only our own faults when we don’t show love.  The devil didn’t make you do it.  Oh, I truly believe he whispers suggestions to us (just as he did to Eve about the apple), but in the end he didn’t push you.  YOU HAD TO CHOOSE.  You are in control of your decisions and you can ALWAYS CHOOSE LOVE.  It’s there, it’s an option—it’s YOUR CHOICE.

I had something happen to me about a week ago.  A person told my husband something that pretty much made my blood boil.  It was their opinion about a group of people in which my whole family is a part of.  Wow, did I get angry!  I was very angry and hurt toward this person.  Then I thought some more on the issue…I wasn’t so much upset with the actual person saying it, but at their confusion and misconception of the situation.  They are looking at the circumstances of their own life and basically lashing out.  They are selfish in their thought and angry about life in general, I believe; therefore “hating” on whoever they can so that they can make themselves feel better.    HA!  Does that ever work?  I’ve tried it myself.  I promise you it doesn’t.  Yelling and screaming or slandering others does not make YOU feel better.  Never.  It only adds to your pitiful state.  If you say it does help, you have deeper issues and should seriously seek counselling.  I know that sounds like I’m kind of joking, but I’m not.

So, back to my story here…I surprised myself by being able to  think about the person’s feelings more and not just allow my blood pressure to stay up every time I think of them.  I believe they need prayer.  I know they need more love.  I’m not sure exactly how I’m going to SHOW the love thing yet, but I’m working on it.  God has shown me over and over and over again that displaying anything other than love truly is a waste of my time.  All you do is spin your wheels and most of the time get stuck in a situation you didn’t want to be in.  Hate, anger, screaming and yelling do absolutely nothing to further your journey.  Hate cannot pave your way to a happy life.   Love is the only way.  They say “love is what makes the world go ’round” and I know that can be taken several different ways, but if we all took this literally, LOVE would make this world go ’round much more smoothly.  We wouldn’t see the horrible things we see in the headlines.  We would be subjected to more good than bad.   If more of us would chose LOVE, our lives would be so much easier.  


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