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What Arrived Today

The Nativity Scenes were arranged.  Jesus comes in glass, plastic and ceramic.  HE shines always.

The tree stood proud and tall, all adorned with memories. One by one each memory is categorized, oohhed and ahhed over and hung on a sturdy bough.

The Snow people and Santas took their place here and there.

Fake fluffy snow fell right into place.

A quaint little Christmas village lined up by the fire.

The fire glowed, danced and even cheered as the elves helped unwrap the fun festive items from tubs which had survived another year in the attic.

Christmas carols softly played their tune and sung their lyrics.

Once the boxes were hidden and the elves were exhausted, the ELF movie took it’s place on the television right after Charlie Brown’s Christmas.

Yes, the traditions of Christmas arrived today…

But in our home, CHRISTMAS is every day.  Christmas is not just a holiday. It’s not a tree, Santa or snow.  Christmas is celebrated here not just for tradition… it is celebrated, because Jesus was born!  Jesus was born so we could all live.  I know Thanksgiving Day has not yet come and gone, but in our house, Thanksgiving is EVERYDAY!  We are constantly thankful for the birth of our Lord and Savior.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Merry Christmas!


The D word.

I didn’t blog yesterday on THE DAY.  I knew I probably wouldn’t.  We are always busy going from one place to another.  Once we were home, I got into bed as soon as I could.  I believe I slept for about 12 hours! haha!  I don’t do that often at all!

Christmas was wonderful.  It truly was.  My face ached many times from laughing or smiling continuously–and not the fake smiling we sometimes do when posing for pictures–my face was truly feeling the event.  My side ached a little from it as well.  We had fun!

The event was a little different than usual.  We saw some family we hadn’t in quite a few Christmases…then there were some close ones absent for the first time.  This did not diminish the joy of the Christmas occasion, but it did make it somewhat different.  The ones separated from us missed out on another awesome time together.

Death did not separate us…but another D word did.

Death is inevitable, we will all do that someday unless, of course, Jesus comes before we die.  Either way, what a wonderful day that will be.  (Reminds me of a song…What a day that will be…when my Jesus I shall see…)

The other d word I’m referring to– although very inevitable– seems to happen in our world more times than not.  It creeps up into the happiest of circumstances and the most harmonious of families.  It works its way into joyful times and tears apart the best of friends.  The devil loves it, he dances in it…he creates it.

We call some of the television programs we watch the D word.  The d word can be described several ways.  Here’s one definition I found:

It is the specific mode of fiction represented in performance.  The term comes from a Greek word meaning action, which is derived from the verb meaning to do or to act.

Here’s another:

a composition in prose or verse presenting in dialogue or pantomime story involving conflict or contrast of character, especially one intended to be acted on the stage; a play.

I know these definitions refer more to a play or performance, but in our lives, they pretty much happen the same way.  A person creates some type of opinion about a person or a circumstance then acts out, most of the time negatively, on their opinion.  They create fictional dialogue and premeditate the outcome.

Most of the time this involves misunderstandings

which then lead to mis-communications,

throw in some name calling and lies

and wahhhh lahhhhhhh….


Yep, the ole D word…

But I’m just gonna tell you along with the stinky little devil… the D word DID NOT stop the celebration of our LORD, KING AND SAVIOR being born!  It didn’t stop the meal from being prepared, the hugs, smiles or big ole belly roll laughing!  It didn’t stop the bright eyes or surprises that good company or perfect hospitality brought.  It didn’t stop the true meaning of our CHRISTMAS STORY.  It didn’t stop it…it can’t stop it.   No matter how much the D word tries to invade, destroy and conquer… it has no power.

GOD sent us our power.  He sent us the hope for peace and happiness.  HE sent us THE REASON FOR THIS SEASON and the d word has no place in the unfolding of this story.  THE REASON for the season has victory over anything that comes with the d-word.  Jesus is peace, hope and love which are total opposites of the d-word.


Pray for those who don’t look to HIM first.  (on all days of the year)

Pray for those who love the d-word more than the gifts HE brings.

Find VICTORY in what JESUS brought.


(not the d-word…not ever the d-word)


Keep on the Sunny Side

It’s funny that this song is on OH BROTHER, Where Art Thou.  Funny movie.  Great song.

Here are the lyrics:

There’s a dark & a troubled side of life
There’s a bright, there’s a sunny side, too
Tho’ we meet with the darkness and strife
The sunny side we also may view

[cho:] Keep on the sunny side, always on the sunny side,
Keep on the sunny side of life
It will help us ev’ry day, it will brighten all the way
If we’ll keep on the sunny side of life

The storm and its fury broke today,
Crushing hopes that we cherish so dear;
Clouds and storms will, in time, pass away
The sun again will shine bright and clear.
Let us greet with the song of hope each day
Tho’ the moment be cloudy or fair
Let us trust in our Saviour away
Who keepeth everyone in His care

I am encouraged by this sweet little song today.  Not trying to say I had a bad day at all.  In fact, today was a great day…A VERY SUNNY SIDE kind of day.  I was blessed to be able to go with a group of kids–a big group of our students–who sang Christmas carols  at a local nursing home.  They stepped up and shook hands, hugged and talked to the residents.  They sang and smiled and wished everyone a Merry Christmas.  I was so proud to see them do this.  It reminded me of the reason I teach.  It’s not so I can take trips or get students out of class …it’s to teach children more than just the curriculum.  It’s to help students learn that putting others first is the most important thing to do in this life besides asking Jesus into your heart.

Today, keeping on the sunny side was definitely easy.

If we do what this song simply says…it will be easy to help others keep on that side too!


The true spirit of CHRISTMAS

I’m not at all in the baaaahhhhhhhhhh humbug mode, but I’m feeling a little disappointed in our Christmas season.  First, it has come up SOOOOOO quickly!  Furthermore, I get discouraged by the amount of craziness the season of shopping brings.  I don’t even want to go grocery shopping —HAHA! –I never want to do that, but it’s even worse during this time of the year.

I love giving at this time.  The spirit of giving and Santa excites me, but the constant need to get more more more that seems to ooze out of us all makes me feel bad for the “human condition” here in America.  There are people in this world that live on less than we spend on a Sonic drink.  (Oh, how I love those things!)

Again, I’m not in the scrooge mood.  I’m just thinking— what in the world have we allowed Christmas to turn into?  The true meaning is overlooked.  Some argue that it’s not even Jesus’s REAL birthday so why should we really celebrate it.  So, am I to understand that we just commemorate December 25th as a day to go into debt in order to make all those around us get more stuff?  Grr!  No.

December 25th is THE DAY we should recognize that the most amazing thing that has ever happened in the history of human existence BEGAN in a manger with a baby who would grow to be our savior!  It’s the day (whether it’s the ACTUAL birth date or not) we should reflect on what this birth did for us.  What this event meant for us.  What Jesus continues to do for us.

JESUS is THE REASON for the season.  That has turned into a cliche little rhyme to some.  To me…It is the


It is what HE gave that makes me want to spread His love all around–during this season and all throughout the year.

Thank you Jesus for the true spirit and for the salvation You brought!  Amen!


Decorating Day

We have transformed our living room into Christmas fabulous! I love to see it all come together.

Most important part:

JESUS is the reason for the season. We love Jesus!

Other additions:






We had lots of fun AND
it turned out great!




Part of the candle-holders at our candlelight service this evening. Remember –JESUS was sent here to be the LIGHT OF THE WORLD! We are to spread His light all around. Be on FIRE for Him!


Christmas Cards


We got our CHRISTMAS CARDS in today. I ordered them a little late this year. I love getting cards and love sending them! It’s another way to spread Christmas cheer. I better go get them finished so they can be mailed ASAP!

Rudolf-let your light shine!


It’s RUDOLF! This is my absolute favorite animated Christmas movie. It’s all about being different. We can all relate to the “misfits.” We all have qualities that make us great. For Rudolf, it’s his nose–for us, it may be something physical, but I like to look beyond any of that …check out our differences and appreciate what we all have to offer. When Rudolf told his sweetie Clarice his nose was different than everyone else’s, she says, “but that’s what makes it so grand.” Awww! We all need a Clarice! Or at least learn from her. We all have grand differences! Appreciate your own so you can appreciate others too. 🙂

Rudolf-let your light shine!



So “Jack” was adopted into the family tonight. What will he do!?! Got any ideas? Please suggest!

Hope the love, fun and happiness of this time of year grabs you by the elf!


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