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Some would say this was just another week. A crazy week.  A manic week?

Was it one of those weeks that Tuesday felt like a second Monday ( I’ve never had it out for Monday, really) and you were all wishing Wednesday was Friday???

I know that feeling, but …this week for me was a WOW WORK WEEK.

I did a ton of things this week that made it full of just running around.  I went on a trip to Ft. Worth yesterday, worked on Valentine cards for those in the hospital or assisted living homes, planned for a district campaign, put in grades, finalized forms and oh yaaah, I taught in there too.   I turned in my lesson plans on time and even had a guest speaker in one of my classes today.  It’s been a FULL week.  Just another week?  No!  It’s been a WOW WEEK.  Today was a great Friday.  The boys just won their basketball game, we had a great fun tortilla toss and I’m at home with jammies on and about to put my feet up.  I got in almost 14,000 steps today, I DESERVE IT!

Today, I heard “the natives have been restless” from my awesome neighbor teacher friends as she handed me a huge can of happy today!  That can holds the coffee grounds of the fortunate.  When I drink it, I feel so fortunate that I’m a coffee consumer.  It was a surprise, a gift out of the blue, a YAY moment!  It made my Friday for sure!  She loves me!  And I sure do love her even when she’s not handing me a mondo can of the golden coffee!

So, no matter what people called this week or how it went for them… to me, this was a WOW WORK WEEK!  And now, on to the weekend!

Coffee anyone?


Thank YOU for good coffee. 

 Thank You Jesus for good coffee, comfortable shoes, un-bunchy underwear and laughter.

Thank You Jesus for deep breaths, warm fuzzy blankets, hugs that mean something and good coffee.

Thank You Jesus for positive attitudes, good coffee, things that sparkle and color coordination.

Thank You Jesus for soft hands to hold, good deeds for no reason, caring coworkers and good coffee.

Today is a great day to be thankful.

I cannot stop saying thank You Jesus!  He helps me, guides me and sustains me daily, but I don’t thank Him enough.

As I end my afternoon with a good cup of coffee plus two creamers from a place I usually don’t stop at but it was much less crowded than my usual favorite, I am overwhelmed by the constant happiness Jesus provides in my life. From a simple cup of coffee to the awesome blessing of song He gave me today… I THANK HIM!

I sang at a dear sweet lady’s funeral today. She was a constant at our church and she will be missed. Women like her are easy to love.  Those are the kind of people we should definitely thank God for!  It was very hard to hold back emotion through that funeral, but I had to in order to sing.  The first song I sang was one I had never sung except the last couple of days in practice.  I knew God would take care of my nerves and He sure did.  I can’t even remember singing that song really, because  I know it was Him doing it. Not me. That feeling is one I wish all can have. I hope that there is something in your life that you can do (or participate in) and experience that kind of power.  It truly is something HUGE to be thankful for. Wow.

The coffee is almost gone, but my thankful heart will continue. I love that God grants us all these blessings!  How can we not be thankful!?!?

It is not happy people who are thankful, but thankful people who are HAPPY.

The Screen Door 

  Sitting on the back porch this morning drinking my big girl morning juice (coffee), I look at this screen door and think of way back when…

I can still remember the screen door we had on our front door at the house where I grew up.  Although not really finctioning, it still hangs there on that house. 

We also had one on the back door, but somehow that one sounded much different.  They both had their distinct sounds as they screeched open and slammed shut. 

As they say, “It was simpler times.”  I never worried about things or concern myself with the electric bill or where my next meal was coming from. I had no idea we had to pay for the water that came out of our faucet.  I slept late most days and played outside almost always. 

Those screen doors were the gateways to whatever freedom was awaiting me that particular day. 

The front opened into a yard full of pine trees and sand pits. We had little grass patches here and there, but mainly, the front yard was full of white wonderful sand.  Sadly it rented out itself to fleas in the summertime.  With a few mothballs thrown here and there, they would soon be gone. My brother and I didn’t mind the moth ball smell… We just loved that sand pit. Mud pies were my specialty and I admit my younger brother did taste a few. 

The back door opened to a darker more sinister memory for me due to the fact that at one time we raised chickens. Oh, they were pretty cute for about 30 or so days after picking them up from the post office one afternoon. Can you even still do that?  Anyway, they grew up to be horrid animals that took pleasure in attacking me on several occasions. We must of ordered some form of child eating breed.  The one thing that redeemed the backyard was the fig tree which stood at the back fence. Even though I didn’t like the way they looked, they were just odd to me, I loved the smell of that tree and my mom loved to eat those things when they ripened.  

So as I sit here and think back…

I will finish my cup and start the day with the sound of a screen door. 

I wonder what fun awaits me through THIS gateway!

I really like cake.

I really like cake.  I like a nice piece of cake with some super sweet icing smoothed all over it’s fluffy-ness.   White cake with butter creme icing is my absolute fave.  If you put a side of vanilla ice cream (preferably homemade) on it, my taste buds are singing opera style music–soprano!   The sun is shining, the birds are singing and my blood sugar is preparing itself to sky rocket.

I am a sucker for cake.  I’m not a huge sweets loving person like one of my close friends is…she can’t even look at a baked good without drooling –visibly.   Birthday cake with ice cream is my number 1 happy sweet treat.  Don’t give me a donut (gag) or a candy bar…give me cake!

Before I go into this, I’m not about to say that we should not eat cake.  I believe it’s one of those things God made just for me (and others who enjoy it), but I am sharing with you my observation about CAKE and my body.  That’s all really.

My oldest child had a birthday the other day and I ordered her a cake from a local baker.  This cake was so cute and sweet and well, it tasted woooooooonnnnderful.  We were camping at the lake with some friends and they just happened to make some homemade ice cream.  The tastebuds were warming up for the soprano spot.  The combo of the cake and ice cream was perfect.  We were celebrating my child’s bday, but my mouth was really partying!  I had EXTRA icing thanks to both of my children who do not eat that part of the cake (maybe the love for icing skips a generation?).  So, I was super sugared up!  After enjoying the afternoon of just sitting around and visiting and digesting, I went in the camper to read.  I ended up on the couch at some point–asleep.  Woke up a little when my fam came in from fishing, but went right back to sleep.  I slept about 13 hours!!!  I NEVER do that!  When I finally woke up, I felt as tho something had hit me on the head.  My eyes were puffy, my face looked misshappen even.  I’m not sure if others saw it, but I did.  I was so thirsty and ready for some major coffee.  The same neighbor who had made the ice cream met me right outside my camper with a cup of coffee!  Tell me God don’t answer prayers!  Ha!

I know that it’s important we watch what we put in our bodies.  There are things that are packaged and created for our consumption that is really not a FOOD product.  I realize our world has so many options, especially here in the US.  We have to really consider the things that go in our mouths.  For the most part, I try my best to do that.  It’s so true, though that we are bombarded with food choices that are unhealthy and actually lethal at times.  I am not saying CAKE is LETHAL, really.

What I am saying is that I know my body, at some point in the aging process, decided that a good ole piece of cake (with ice cream!) was somewhat like alcohol.   I’m sure the fact that I didn’t eat correctly most of my life contributes to this cake hangover event just as the liver is damaged over time with alcohol abuse.  And just like an alcoholic is to the “bottle,”  …and the main point of my blog today is…

I really do like cake.

((but I won’t eat it again until the next birthday))



Wow…today was one of those “YES!” days.

I started it with a little skepticism.  I was getting ready while thinking– do I really want to go to this last session of this conference?  We could get on the road early and be home with our kiddos early.  The speaker who was to be the keynote  was one I had heard several times before.  I was certain I’d hear some of the same stories and get the similar message.  Somehow I pushed through those thoughts of “skipping” and headed downstairs to the meeting room.  I thought, perhaps, I would see my friends and then maybe cut out a little early.  I was still in the “ify” mood and not really hyped about hearing Bob Tryanski again.  Nothing against him at all, he’s really a great speaker and what seems to be a great guy, but I was really just using him as an excuse to maybe leave a bit earlier.

After finding a few friends, getting settled in my comfortable seat and chit chatting with many different smiley people, I was still thinking maybe I’d leave early.  One of my friends had to catch their ride out of town and left after breakfast.  I saw a few others cut out here and there.  I still sat there.  I listened to some funny stories from 6th Street (Austin’s party street) adventures, talked about how some people  have this weird memory for smells which I’m totally blessed or cursed with AND drank about three cups of the strongest coffee I believe I’ve ever allowed touch my white teeth.  Haha!

So, I stayed.  I heard myself sigh a little when Bob sat up by the stage.  It wasn’t audible, just one of those brain-eye rolls, really.  I was ready to hear about his student council experience for the third (or maybe it would have been fourth) time.  I actually hear him say smething along these lines:  I’m not hear to tell you about my student council experience again.  I’m sure most all of you have heard that story. ***I was like WOW!  He knew what I was thinking!*** He also says something like this: I’m not here to talk about those “anectdotes” …I’m here to talk about stories.  He went on about how we should use our stories to help other live their stories.  Telling stories should not be a monologue, but a dialogue.  It should be a two way street.  Take your personal experiences and invite others into your story.  

The connection and relatability of our stories should increase the experience of us telling them while allowing others to take a part in the story.

Help others feel more at ease with telling their story by always sharing yours, but you have to keep in mind that your story needs to paint a pictures by using what your experience looked, smelled and felt like.

I was so intrigued by his entire presentation.  I’m so glad I stayed!  I’m so glad God planted me in that seat and didn’t let me pack up and go.  I loved the entire conference, but today, by far, was the best presentation and one, I feel Bob (God really) created just for me.

A few weeks ago when I talked at a local church, I told the group of ladies that I was a big story teller.  I told them about how I love God and the way He blesses me continuously by telling the stories He placed on my heart.  My stories are experiences and not just about the Bible or my church events, but my life and how He has used me in so many ways in various events and circumstances AND HOW EXCITING it is to think of all the ways He is going to use me in the future.  I believe the ability of telling stories He has given me is an awesome way I can share Him.

I love telling stories like the LAWNMOWER Incident, The Miracle of Childbirth,  The Adventures of Super Goat and the Crazy Art Teacher Manure Story –just to name a few.   Today, listening to the stories Bob introduced to us, makes me want to do all I can to tell my stories–better.  This blog, I know, has helped me do that in writing, but I hope I can become a better on-the-spot story teller especially to the young people in my life.  I hope they can learn from my experiences and remember some of the important things I might utter while telling some crazy, silly or inspirational story.

I was so blessed to listen to Bob today.  I’m super duper blessed to have GOD as my ultimate story creator.  Like one of the stories talked about today–He sent his son into this world as a BABE…in a manger.  What a story!!!


download (1)

This story teller pic reminds me of my 5th grade teacher when she would read to us and tell us stories.  She was great!  I was so honored to have her in attendance at the church-talk I mentioned in my blog above.  




Do you ever feel like you are surrounded by crazy people?  Really, only one or two will do it.  There might be just one or two people you deal with everyday that just seem a little bit off kilter.  They go a little too nuts over the fact that there’s no coffee made or maybe they flip out because someone sneezed (or over something as simple as that).  That one or two will do it though!  They make you feel like this world is full of crazies!  But really, if you stop and think a bit more about this, it’s just like the “dumbos” I referred to a couple of days ago—those kind of people just STICK OUT.  In a world of fairly normal, down to earth, UN-insane people–those “crazier than a road lizard” (thanks Pnut for sharing this term with me long ago!) just seem to draw more of our attention.  They do!  They are like a red ant in a sea of black ones.  They are that lone sock in the drawer of perfect matches.  They are like a foghorn blowing in your ear!  Ok, enough analogies.  I think you have it.  So, here’s what I’ve concluded about these kind of people…

They can’t help it.  They, somehow, someway were wired to react in the crazy way they do.  When God knit them together and then allowed them to grow  He also allowed their personalities to be molded by other crazy people.  It’s just what happened.  I’m not saying all crazy people have crazy parents, but they did have some one who influenced and nurtured their craziness.  I’m not saying this is either bad or good.  I’m just saying sometimes we have to step back and look at people like this and just remember that not everyone is the same. (or sane)  We are all different and by some means, we must respect and love the crazies just like everyone else.  WE GOTTA LOVE ‘EM!  I feel like I’ve said this so many times here lately, because I have to constantly remind myself of this.  If you can get it in your head that this is the only way to be, the “crazies” or “dumbos” don’t bother you as much.  You just know you need to love them no matter how they act. 

And let me say here:  I’m not talking about you or maybe I am, but whether I am or not, it does not matter.  Don’t start trying to guess who I’m referring to.  It’s unimportant.  My observation is the important part of this post:  LOVE ‘EM NO MATTER WHAT! (even the crazy people)


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