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Can’t make EVERYONE happy.

“Do what you feel in your heart to be right – for you’ll be criticized anyway.”
Eleanor Roosevelt

This quote came to mind today mainly because so many people are quick to criticize the weather people when we should all keep in mind what their job really entails.  The human race, some more than others, love to criticize others no matter what their job, opinion or actions.  This will always be… that is why I like the Roosevelt quote.  She is so right.  There will always be those who hate on you.  Haters gonna hate.

If you look at any weather forecaster and their record of predictions, we should already know they cannot do their job to perfection (WHO REALLY CAN!  There is always room for improvement!).  THEY are not IN CONTROL of what the weather does.  They can only guess, but calling them Weather Guessers just doesn’t sound right.  Forecasters try to predict correctly with tools and calculations, but sometimes that task is like trying to lasso the wind.   This is definitely true in our part of the world.  Texas weather is crazy!

We are in the middle of a snow day.  It’s a freezing cold, stay at home from school kind of snow day.  This is the kind of day students, no matter what age, LOVE.   From the wide-eyes of a 10 year old at the site of a winter wonderland to the actuality of sleeping in of a 16 year old, it’s all love.  I, as a teacher, would rather not miss a day of work only to have to make it up later, but I must say, I do love seeing the excitement of my children.  (birth and non-birth ones)

The weather here in Northeast Texas as much of Texas is so unpredictable.  Sometimes it makes me crazy, but most of the time, as with any situation, I REJOICE IN IT!  The snow today is beautiful.  I don’t want to touch it, but it’s beautiful.

I totally admit, I’m not a cold weather lover, but without it, how would I really know that the Texas 90 plus degree summer days are my favorite?  I wouldn’t.  If we didn’t have dark days, how would we truly appreciate the light?  We wouldn’t!  If there weren’t valleys, how could we be in awe of the mountains?  I think you get where I’m going.

I’m just trying to say, give this day and everyday a chance.  Stop being quick to criticize and more quick to find the silver lining, the bright spot…THE JOY!  LOVE, don’t hate.

It is TOTALLY true that you can’t make everyone happy, but you can make YOU happy…just by your attitude.  Find the happiness and joy, rejoice in THAT.  Change your attitude even tho, EVEN THEN, you…

Can’t make EVERYONE happy.



Don’t we love to be in control?  We want to be the leader.  We want to tell other people what to do.  We want to be the head honcho.  We think we HAVE to be in the position of authority.

I know there are circumstances where we do have to step up and be THE ONE that others look to.  There would be disorganization and disorientation going on if a leader didn’t step up in some instances.

Sometimes, though, people take it to such extreme that they freak out when we don’t have control of a situation, over someone or a certain group.  I’ve seen this happen with student council members.  There are such strong leaders in the group that they all want to be THE ONE..  The “dominants” soon realize that their sense of control must be shared with the other members who feel the same way.  Most of the time, with guidance, this all works out.  In those situations, I love to see it evolve and mold into a great leadership unit where the group becomes a community–a family.

My main idea today is how sometimes we want to be in control so badly that once we realize we aren’t, we go a little cray-cray.  (to me, that term means more than just crazy)  We get upset and worry ourselves about situations that we were never meant to have control of in the first place.  We should be willing to allow others to lead us.  We should be open for new ideas and new ways of doing things.  Don’t be that one that controls the conversation or barks orders at others in your peer group.

I mean, controlling your bladder or the things you put in your mouth OR even the remote are definitely things you should have control over.   If you are stressing out over the fact that you can’t control a situation or you can’t control another person–it’s time to do some personal reflection and connection.


The absolute truth is

–GOD is the only one who is truly in control.

He allows leaders to show us the way and guide us in the right direction.  He uses people to help us through this life.  Perhaps you are the one  He is using for someone else.  (this is HIGHLY LIKELY)  That is great!  You have an awesome commission!

…BUT if you are doing that by rudely forcing people to think your way or go your way, or DO IT YOUR WAY– you are abusing the “power” God has given you.  I don’t believe CONTROL is a power God gives you, because that is for Him to keep.   He allows you to be His messenger, catalyst, liaison, connection between Him and others you come in contact with .  We should all take this task much more serious than what we do.  We should remember that CONTROL is only for GOD to have and that we are only here to help others..NOT to control them.


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