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If you’re happy and you know it…

You know that song… sing it with me:

If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands (clap clap)
If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands (clap clap)
If you’re happy and you know it, then your face will surely show it
If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands. (clap clap)
Just thinking about that song makes me think of younger years when we liked to act a whole lot more silly than we do now.  I still like to act silly, but it’s frowned upon by my age peers.  I guess that is why I teach, but even some of the high schoolers I teach are “too old” to have fun anymore.  Some think I’m just the crazy art teacher.  I’m good with that.  It’s guaranteed that they will remember me!
Are you needing some fun today?
Don’t you remember finger painting, playing in the mud and riding a bike?  What are the things you thought of when you jumped out of the bed in the summer time –usually way passed 10 or even passed noon?
I always thought of who I was going to play with that day.  What friend could I coax out of the a/c to run the roads with?  What kind of fort could we build that day out of sticks or pine straw or just piles of dirt.  Could we create the perfect floor plan for my future mansion?  Would my dad let us ride in the back of the truck later (when he got home from work) to the local store to get a coke and some peanuts or even some chocolate?
I never ever worried about unloading the dishwasher, making my bed or paying bills.  I never thought of the vitamins I needed to take or what shoes would be comfortable to wear today.  I never concerned myself with dusting (gag!), what I was going to cook for dinner or any type of national news.
I know times change and you are like, what is the point?  I’m not sure what the point is really.  Maybe I will get to it in a minute.
I know as adults we have different responsibilities and different mindsets.  We have deadlines and “bigger fish to fry” as they say.  (yes, some say that)  We are concerned with things that we never even knew about as a kid.  
I’m not saying all this so we can neglect our important obligations and go ride a bike or make a mud pie.  I don’t really like to touch mud anymore (that’s another story).
I am just saying…
Sometimes we need to dress up like a cow on COW APPRECIATION DAY @Chick-fil-a and eat some free nuggets!  Don’t be scared to have some crazy-people are 
going to look at you like you have lost all your marbles-kind of fun.   Maybe this doesn’t include face paint,  a white shirt with big black spots, floppy ears or singing IF YOU’RE HAPPY AND YOU KNOW IT to a restaurant full of people…
Maybe you just need to de-stress by worrying less.
Perhaps you need to ride a bike.  I’d say borrow the neighbor kid’s bike, but a lot of kids don’t have bikes these days.  I hate that for them, because riding down a hill with the wind in your face is a very awesome experience.  I know why dogs like to stick their heads out of the window going down the road!
Get up where you are now and do some jumping jacks like you did in elementary PE class.  If that don’t make you laugh …or even pee a little… you need more drastic measures.
Or maybe you just need to sing the song…
but make sure you tell your face to show it!  Smiling alone can turn not only a frown upside down, but a day away from “Ug” to “WooooHoooo!”

If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands (clap clap)
If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands (clap clap)
If you’re happy and you know it, then your face will surely show it
If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands. (clap clap)


Anger truly NEVER works.

Oopsy…Oops…did I do that?


I totally messed up today.  I said things and used tones of voice that I shouldn’t.

I found myself going absolutely bahhzerko crazy in the middle of Sams today.

I was so fed up …tired, sick of attitude, disrespect and most of all negativity.  Not trying to excuse myself in any way, but just explaining why my head started to spin around exorcist style in the middle of the book isle.

Did it help for me to say the things I did?  Nope.

Did it help to get angry?  Nope.

Did it add minutes to my life or help my health in any way?  I’m certain that is a NOPE.

But this is the most important question:
Did it in any way show anyone at all (especially the person I was talking to…I promise I didn’t make a scene) JESUS?

I’m most ashamed of this, “NOPE.”

Looking back, it is crazy how fast that kind of anger can burst out like an explosion.

I can’t even remember all of the ugly words that exited my lips.  I know none of them were loving, pretty or in the least bit helpful.  They just added to the chaos that was already unfolding.  They did not make anything move forward or help anyone understand the situation a bit better.

I was wrong.  Not saying the other person was right, but I know I was wrong.

It’s important to admit it in order to move on.  Do you ever have times where you try and justify your anger?  It just doesn’t work.

Anger truly never works.


There is this man…

He’s caring and loving and CRAZY.  I love his attitude, his smile

AND EVEN when he throws me under the bus by blaming me for things that HE did. 

THIS MAN, most always, makes me laugh out loud and talks to me about our awesome friend Jesus.  We can talk about situations that frustrate us or make us joyful.  We discuss the Bible, why we are so blessed and how OUR GOD makes stuff awesome like the full moon was last night (for all to see before the football game).

This man helps out those around him in anyway he possibly can.  He lives and displays integrity.  He teaches good character and how hard work will pay off when it’s done right.  (or how it can be learned from when done wrong)

This man is known by all as a great person, an awesome teacher and a leader in our community and really, abroad.

This man is what he refers to himself as my “FIRST BEST FRIEND” and makes sure to let my other best friend (Love you Reagan!) know she is number two.

I’m so honored and blessed by THIS MAN that I figured I’d write this blog about him today.

Mr. Johnny Coleman– I LOVE YOU.

Here’s a few pics of us…

THIS FIRST ONE IS MY FAVE…we are so cute!


ON A BUS–on our way to Ft. Worth with some awesome FFA students.  I love this pic!


THE TIE!  Love the tie!  This is before graduation one year.


Hanging out in the art room with a group of our peers, but the pic was just for us! haha!


In Fort Worth about to watch some pigs dance around.


Mr. Coleman and I with my “other” best friend.


Again, in Ft. Worth with our Ag teacher friend Mrs. Fielder.


Here, Mr. Coleman is giving the speech at graduation last year.  Loved his speech, because he talked mainly about attitude. We have a GREAT attitude in common.  Some days he helps mine lift tons more than he will ever know!



I do it to myself.

I want to do so many things!  I’ve always been like this.  When I was young, I always had a new project.  I remember painting on glass–I used black ink and then went over that with this translucent acrylic medium.  It was so cool and I guess popular at the time.   I have, over the years, done so many different projects.  I have made stained glass windows, oil painted, hooked rugs (that doesn’t even sound right, but that is what it was), wove, did leather work, made things out of materials that no one thought could be used for art, painted on wood and saw blades and shoes…  AND THERE’S SO MUCH MORE!  I love to create stuff and always have.  I’ve always wanted to have a project going.

I love to stay busy.  I am always coming up with something to do at work, with my art classes, leadership class or student council.  I volunteer myself for stuff.  I never say NO to anyone who asks me to do things.  I organize, start and stir projects and programs almost all the time.  IF I’m behind my desk, I’m making a flyer, filling out forms, writing emails full of questions or requests, writing recommendations, revising students’ scholarship essays or putting in grades!

I never take time for ME.

I don’t.

I get overwhelmed sometimes, but I don’t ever ever EVER hate what I do.  I’m not writing this to vent.  I’m writing this to remind myself that this is what I choose.  When I get overwhelmed—I need to remember that it’s all because of ME.

There are days I feel exhausted and I know it’s time to just go home and do nothing, but here lately, there has not been a night where that is a possibility.  Even tonight, I thought maybe I could hang at the house and just veg a little, but instead, I wrote letters and made out cards to those I think needed them, got carnations ready for tomorrow’s sale and then went to watch the boys play baseball.  When I got home, I remembered I forgot to get my aides to prepare the Valentine Carnation tags for tomorrow so I had to go back up to the school to make those.


I believe I make life harder on myself by not just stepping back and taking a breath.

I am NOT saying I don’t enjoy life.  I love what I do.  I am blessed to be able to do the things I do.

I’m just saying I DO IT TO MYSELF…I stay busy, because I choose to.  I choose to make myself crazy and scattered and sometimes spread to thin.

I do it to myself.  

I always have.



Crazy People

When surrounded by crazy people, we tend to become crazy.  Crazy comes in all kinds of flavors.

I’m a certain kind of crazy.

I’m not saying I’m NOT crazy.

I know I’m a bit crazy.

I don’t think like others do.  I blame that, mostly, on the fact that I’m an artsy person.  Not everyone thinks of life through the eyes of HOW CAN I USE THAT TO CREATE ART?

That being said, acknowledging the fact that I’m different, a little crazy and unique, there are some OTHER kind of crazies besides what I’ve explained myself as.

These crazies are those who constantly talk, their minds are moving at a speed that none of us can observe.  Seriosuly, thier minds are so sporadically dodging and weaving, looping and swooping that it’s hard to follow what they are trying to tell you.  Most of the times, their body language follows their mind.  It’s crazy to watch and actually kind of entertaining.  Other times, we feel like fleeing as soon as we hear their voice!

Either way, I’m just sitting here in a meeting thinking about all the different personalities that are represented.  Some are proper and some are focused.  Some are interested and working while others are just rambling on to themselves or whoever will listen. (really, that is only one)   It’s, as I said, ENTERTAINING!

Do you have a dynamic like this where you work or frequent the most?  I would love to read about it!  Direct me to YOUR blog!

Boss, when you read this, I ALREADY FIXED MY WEBSITE!   I’m a good, CRAZY employee.

Missed Opportunity…a prayer.

Why do I miss the opportunities to tell others or show others through my actions that I believe in GOD?

I continue to do this and I’m asking God out loud to correct me.  Open my eyes.  Show me when to lead a group in prayer.  Push my hand to assist, my words to comfort and prompt me to use my prayer power to further your work.  Help me and move me to stand up for YOU God.

I let anger take over my brain and situations, but most of all, I miss opportunities to share that my God is real!

I’ve allowed the devil to whisper in my ear and stir up my crazy.  That only drives out all the GOOD.  That makes what I should have done go out the door and let what could have been a perfect example of the attitude of Jesus fall to the ground like a discarded piece of trash.

I ask for forgiveness, Lord.  I ask that you YELL AT ME, honk your horn, beat the drum and poke me!  Get my attention.  Point my eyes and guide my mind in the direction that will give YOU glory.

I get so confused by this world and know that I should always overcome.  I know this, but images, sounds and feelings get in the way and try to push you to the back burner.   I do not want you to be second hand or my second thought.  I want you to be first, foremost and number one.

I do not want to miss another opportunity, because I can’t see the situation through the eyes of Jesus—I want to see CLEAR and grasp the opportunity with two hands, wrap my mind around it and do what is right in YOUR eyes, Lord.

Please help me Lord to be bold for you, in you and through you—and never have another missed opportunity.


It’s so frustrating to be around crazy selfish, weirdly jealous people.  What makes them that way?  What makes them not want anyone to succeed?  What makes them want everyone around them to be absolutely miserable?

Sometimes they pretend to want progress, but then find every reason to extinguish all efforts to do so!  WHAT IN THE WORLD!?

Is it a power trip they are riding?  Is it the need to be the only one “succeeding” in anything?  Is it INSANITY?  What is it!?

No really, that is what I want to know today.  I have my opinions.  I do, we all know I do, but today, I just want to know yours.


200 +


Last night, I noticed I only needed one more follower on this crazy blog of mine to hit 200.   AND OVER NIGHT—I hit and exceeded that #!  Yay!!!

I have been blogging since July 11, 2012 and for the most part have kept it a *POSTADAY* blog.  Not that I’m trying to brag at all here. All I want to do is THANK all of you followers for finding something you want to actually look at  in this “crazy, weird, Unique!” Bloggity.

I know I get a little crazy sometimes–I warn you at the top!  Sometimes my views are a bit weird–that is what I’m pretty much always going for!  As for unique, I believe WEIRD and UNIQUE go hand in hand–one is looked at by this world as a more negative and the other in a more positive light.  To me, they mean basically the same thing and I feel honored to be referred to as either whether it be in reference to an artwork, my view on life or especially for my belief in my real, alive, soul saving, sin crushing, almighty GOD!

Thank you AGAIN for finding something interesting here and allowing me to share.  I love to learn, reflect and SHARE!

200 +  …WOO HOO!!!




Don’t we love to be in control?  We want to be the leader.  We want to tell other people what to do.  We want to be the head honcho.  We think we HAVE to be in the position of authority.

I know there are circumstances where we do have to step up and be THE ONE that others look to.  There would be disorganization and disorientation going on if a leader didn’t step up in some instances.

Sometimes, though, people take it to such extreme that they freak out when we don’t have control of a situation, over someone or a certain group.  I’ve seen this happen with student council members.  There are such strong leaders in the group that they all want to be THE ONE..  The “dominants” soon realize that their sense of control must be shared with the other members who feel the same way.  Most of the time, with guidance, this all works out.  In those situations, I love to see it evolve and mold into a great leadership unit where the group becomes a community–a family.

My main idea today is how sometimes we want to be in control so badly that once we realize we aren’t, we go a little cray-cray.  (to me, that term means more than just crazy)  We get upset and worry ourselves about situations that we were never meant to have control of in the first place.  We should be willing to allow others to lead us.  We should be open for new ideas and new ways of doing things.  Don’t be that one that controls the conversation or barks orders at others in your peer group.

I mean, controlling your bladder or the things you put in your mouth OR even the remote are definitely things you should have control over.   If you are stressing out over the fact that you can’t control a situation or you can’t control another person–it’s time to do some personal reflection and connection.


The absolute truth is

–GOD is the only one who is truly in control.

He allows leaders to show us the way and guide us in the right direction.  He uses people to help us through this life.  Perhaps you are the one  He is using for someone else.  (this is HIGHLY LIKELY)  That is great!  You have an awesome commission!

…BUT if you are doing that by rudely forcing people to think your way or go your way, or DO IT YOUR WAY– you are abusing the “power” God has given you.  I don’t believe CONTROL is a power God gives you, because that is for Him to keep.   He allows you to be His messenger, catalyst, liaison, connection between Him and others you come in contact with .  We should all take this task much more serious than what we do.  We should remember that CONTROL is only for GOD to have and that we are only here to help others..NOT to control them.



WOW!  I missed a blog day!  What is going on here!?  haha!  The last few days I’ve been so crazy busy with different things and last night when I usually post something—I JUST WENT TO BED without thinking about MY BLOG!  My brain just pushed it out, I guess. 

So, TODAY—I will do one, a great important one.  Be ready!  Ha!

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