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I’ve had encounters with two former students this week that have made my heart swell with pride.  They are both on an awesome path where they are constantly doing amazing things.  I’m so blessed to know so many former students like this.  Out of all the things that give me joy in teaching, seeing students succeed is my most favorite.

It’s like watching a work of art develop into this beautiful image or sculpture.  I’m not saying I created it.  We all know who created it, but I’d like to think I put a brush stroke or mold here or there to help push the creation in the right direction.

Students, of course, make their own decisions no matter what you teach them.  When they make those RIGHT decisions and set goals while keeping their eye on THE ONE who truly is in control, I almost become giddy!

Also, when they come back and give me even a tiny amount of credit in helping to *raise them right*, my heart is so full.


I’m a mean teacher!

I expect my students to come in, sit down and listen a little.

I ask them to do things like color and create, paint and sculpt.

I encourage them to continue working and not to give up.

I ask them to concentrate and work toward a goal.

I demonstrate the correct way and then help and assist them to do it on their own.

They can do it!

Most of them try their hardest and a large part of my students GET IT.

They CAN draw, they CAN paint and they CAN create art.

Some of them say, “I’m not an artist.”  To them I say, “YES YOU ARE.”

I expect them to do their best.  My class, like any other, takes some work.  Just like other classes, students do well in it or they do not so well in it… but really, truly, it depends on about 90% attitude.

If they start out thinking they CAN’T… they are probably right.  If they start out not liking the assignment or for some reason think I’m MEAN by asking them to do it… they will more than likely not have a good outcome.  If they get to the point that their attitude becomes disrespect, it is certain they will not do well.  All that does is make me sad for them.  I will not accept their I CAN’T attitude or their misconception of why I assigned the project …AND THERE IS NO WAY I will take their disrespect.

So, if that makes me a mean teacher…



Here are some pictures of projects from today. I started out painting and creating. Then my husband worked on these boxes that a friend made him. I painted the C in them.

I have to art.








I do it to myself.

I want to do so many things!  I’ve always been like this.  When I was young, I always had a new project.  I remember painting on glass–I used black ink and then went over that with this translucent acrylic medium.  It was so cool and I guess popular at the time.   I have, over the years, done so many different projects.  I have made stained glass windows, oil painted, hooked rugs (that doesn’t even sound right, but that is what it was), wove, did leather work, made things out of materials that no one thought could be used for art, painted on wood and saw blades and shoes…  AND THERE’S SO MUCH MORE!  I love to create stuff and always have.  I’ve always wanted to have a project going.

I love to stay busy.  I am always coming up with something to do at work, with my art classes, leadership class or student council.  I volunteer myself for stuff.  I never say NO to anyone who asks me to do things.  I organize, start and stir projects and programs almost all the time.  IF I’m behind my desk, I’m making a flyer, filling out forms, writing emails full of questions or requests, writing recommendations, revising students’ scholarship essays or putting in grades!

I never take time for ME.

I don’t.

I get overwhelmed sometimes, but I don’t ever ever EVER hate what I do.  I’m not writing this to vent.  I’m writing this to remind myself that this is what I choose.  When I get overwhelmed—I need to remember that it’s all because of ME.

There are days I feel exhausted and I know it’s time to just go home and do nothing, but here lately, there has not been a night where that is a possibility.  Even tonight, I thought maybe I could hang at the house and just veg a little, but instead, I wrote letters and made out cards to those I think needed them, got carnations ready for tomorrow’s sale and then went to watch the boys play baseball.  When I got home, I remembered I forgot to get my aides to prepare the Valentine Carnation tags for tomorrow so I had to go back up to the school to make those.


I believe I make life harder on myself by not just stepping back and taking a breath.

I am NOT saying I don’t enjoy life.  I love what I do.  I am blessed to be able to do the things I do.

I’m just saying I DO IT TO MYSELF…I stay busy, because I choose to.  I choose to make myself crazy and scattered and sometimes spread to thin.

I do it to myself.  

I always have.



Crazy People

When surrounded by crazy people, we tend to become crazy.  Crazy comes in all kinds of flavors.

I’m a certain kind of crazy.

I’m not saying I’m NOT crazy.

I know I’m a bit crazy.

I don’t think like others do.  I blame that, mostly, on the fact that I’m an artsy person.  Not everyone thinks of life through the eyes of HOW CAN I USE THAT TO CREATE ART?

That being said, acknowledging the fact that I’m different, a little crazy and unique, there are some OTHER kind of crazies besides what I’ve explained myself as.

These crazies are those who constantly talk, their minds are moving at a speed that none of us can observe.  Seriosuly, thier minds are so sporadically dodging and weaving, looping and swooping that it’s hard to follow what they are trying to tell you.  Most of the times, their body language follows their mind.  It’s crazy to watch and actually kind of entertaining.  Other times, we feel like fleeing as soon as we hear their voice!

Either way, I’m just sitting here in a meeting thinking about all the different personalities that are represented.  Some are proper and some are focused.  Some are interested and working while others are just rambling on to themselves or whoever will listen. (really, that is only one)   It’s, as I said, ENTERTAINING!

Do you have a dynamic like this where you work or frequent the most?  I would love to read about it!  Direct me to YOUR blog!

Boss, when you read this, I ALREADY FIXED MY WEBSITE!   I’m a good, CRAZY employee.

Artist Afternoon

Here are the things I worked on today.



And here is the starting of the awesome door my husband found me (with help from others I’m sure…)–


I’m not really finished with any of these projects, but sometimes it’s just fun to make progress while not knowing what may be the final product. That’s life!


I was very blessed today to be able to spend some awesome time with my bestie and we ARTED TOGETHER! This is my fave thing of today:


Crazy, WEIRD, unique 🙂

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