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How to be a HAPPY CAMPER!

(Infomercial voice used here) Hello friend!  Do you want to be a happy camper?  Are you tired of frowning?  Life got ya down today?  Well, let’s go over ways to become a HAPPY CAMPER!  



You really don’t have to go camping to be a happy camper, but you may have to pack a bag.  Your bag should be filled with things that aid in your happiness.  You should always be prepared!  Being prepared to be HAPPY is most important.   Admit it, when you are prepared in any situation, it just makes life BETTER!  So…

Let’s pack our bags full of:


Articles that warm our hearts.

Videos that make us smile even when we don’t even realize it.

Pay it Forward Activities.

SMILES! (essential!)

Notes, quotes and other tidbits that remind us that life is good!


Confetti! (I prefer it over glitter.)


Ok, cupcakes might not be your thing, but I think you get the picture.  Whatever is in your bag, it should be something that will help you and remind you and encourage you.  Never pack your bag full of regret and deceit.  Don’t stash some worry in there.  Don’t wrap up and hide your concerns and woes.  Throw anger and ill-feelings in the trash or better yet,

FLUSH THEM DOWN THE TOILET!  Get rid of all that.

Your road to HAPPY CAMPER-NESS should be easy if you only look to the things that make you HAPPY.

YOUR bag needs to be full of things that put a smile on your face and a skip in your step!

I promise you, when you can BE PREPARED to be happy…it’s so much easier.


An idea: I keep a HAPPY FILE in my desk at work.  This file is filled with award certificates, small drawings and notes, cards and even emails I’ve printed out.  They are reminders that I am doing a good job and that I AM LOVED.  If I ever get to the point where I feel as if I am not being appreciated or just exhausted over life in general, I whip out this file.  Most of the times it makes me cry, but it breaks down the funkiness I have somehow built and paves the road to sunshine again!  I love my HAPPY FILE—it keeps me prepared and always ready to be a HAPPY CAMPER!

Beautiful like a Cupcake!



You may not see cupcakes as pretty, but I sure do.  I love when they look like little presents.  I absolutely love their SMELL!  It’s so sweet and happy.  Maybe you need to compare life to something you think is beautiful.  God gives us plenty of things to use.  Nature alone holds a magnitude of things, places and events.  Choose your “cupcake.”

I was once told by my sweet little boy that I was beautiful like a cupcake and it stuck with me.  I know there are days where I don’t look it.  I don’t want to look it on some days.  We have those lazy, I don’t wanna do squat today kind of days, but it’s important to always remember the cupcake.  You can be beautiful in your soul!

I am so excited about today for so many reasons.  My husband who has been out of town the last week is on his way home as I type–EXCITING!  He’s a super duper cupcake!  I’m sure he wouldn’t appreciate me comparing him to that, but hey, CUPCAKES are my analogies of the day.  Other things… I cooked all morning without burning anything for our event tonight. That equals MAJOR cupcake!  Like 5 cupcakes up!  (instead of thumbs up..haha)  Tonight, we will see what our event holds after a month and a half, or so, of planning and praying.  Praying mostly for God to show us all the things HE has.  It’s a mountain of cupcakes to see what happens tonight!  Women will be coming together to PRAISE God together!  It will be cupcake HEAVEN!

So, get out there and find your cupcake if you don’t already have one!  Let me know what you find.  I’d love to know what you find life to be as beautiful as!

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