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I believe ANYTHING is possible!

I believe that ANYTHING is possible.  

I shake my head in disbelief at a lot of things.  I’m talking about shocking things like friends who one day decide you are not their friend, husbands (or wives) who decide their mate is just not who they love anymore and children who decide their parents have never really supported them.  I know life happens and people change their minds for all kinds of reasons, but sometimes, my mouth drops open and I’m like, “Whaaaaat?”


I’ve seen circumstances, events and people change on a dime and I never saw that coming!  It’s like some kind of CRAZY just entered and said, “Ok, I’m in charge now.”  AND THAT is exactly what happens …CRAZY walked in.  CRAZY took over.  CRAZY waltzed in all cocky like, sat down, kicked it’s feet up and settled in.

I’m talking about the CRAZY that makes us shake our heads, squint our eyes and scratch our noggin.  (again…”Whaaaat?”)

And CRAZY pops up like a weed in a sidewalk crack!  You are like WHERE did that come from and HOW is that growing out of cement?!?!?

That kind of crazy is like a fire that consumes the land.  It takes our breath away sometimes.  It makes us question ourselves.  It makes us DOUBT.  It makes us sad.  It makes us cry, scream, lament…


Going back to my original statement: I believe ANYTHING is possible.

Crazy can be defeated.  God can give us all the tools we need to slay the crazy.  You can kick the crazy out of it’s easy chair, pull that weed up and throw it out!

ANYTHING is possible…

Relationships can be redeemed, love can grow again and we can move forward.  We can wipe our tears, restore our trust and move forward.

I know that sometimes crazy has made some kind of scar while it was visiting. Sometimes it might even cause us to remove something or someone from our lives that we never thought would have to go, but as I said, with GOD we can forgive, mend and move on.

We need to identify the crazy for what it is — it is the devil working.  Crazy chaos and insane drama is what he loves the most.  The nasty of this life is used by the devil to try and break us.  We must stand up and stand out and stand on the word of God!  Rebuke the devil by the BLOOD of JESUS CHRIST and defend yourself with the truths God has given us.


I hang on to that verse like a security blanket.  It comforts me when I whisper it. I’ve written it on my mirror, door jams, in permanent marker on my desk at work and is visible all around my daily life, because I know WITH GOD…

I believe ANYTHING is possible.



Stress sucks the life out of your day.  SERIOUSLY!  Stress sucks the joy out of your attitude and the smile right off your face!  Stress sucks the energy out of whatever situation you are in.  Stress makes progress and productivity seem like a volcano of insanity!

Why do we stress?  Why do we worry?  Why do we get concerned about stuff that will work itself out?

Here’s what I get stressed about—

The list of to-dos that seem to get longer and longer…AND LONGER.  I get overwhelmed sometimes and feel the stress in my neck.  I get cranky, short tempered and sometimes even cry.  …whhhaaat!?!


I REMEMBER stress is what the devil uses to make us crazy.  It doesn’t just “suck”…it’s a tool of the devil.  Stress is probably one of the first things he grabs for when trying to frazzle us…Gag!

I’m rebuking his power right now!

Here’s my story of the week…

This week is our Homecoming Week at school/work.  Months ago, I planned to be part of a ministry weekend with a friend of mine so I will not be here on Friday for our pep rally or game.  It makes me sad, but happy at the same time.

Here’s the sad…I won’t —be here for the seniors and their Homecoming game  —see the former students who will be coming in for reunions and such —get to share in the excitement of our friendship exchange with the other team and the crowning of the “royalty.”

Here’s the happy…I will —get to be on a trip with one of my good friends who loves JESUS and shows Him all around to everyone anyway she can  —get to share Jesus through song!  —get to LAUGH and get to recharge my JOY jets!   ALSO, my coworkers I gladly call my friends have helped me out and covered all the things I do during this crazy Homecoming Friday.  One friend is announcing at the pep rally while another is taking care of contests and another one is filling in at the game that night!  I am beyond happy.  It is absolutely confirmed that I AM LOVED.  What a great feeling!

The devil can take his stupid stress and stuff it!  Stress sucks, but MY GOD can put people in my life to show me that HIS blessings shower down when the devil thinks he’s got me chasing my own tail.  That ole devil ain’t got nuthin’ on MY GOD!  My God is real.  My God is alive.  My God can and will and does –all the time– GREAT AND WONDERFUL things!

Romans 8:28



Here I am!

Isaiah 6:8

Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying,

“Whom shall I send? And who will go for Us?”

And I said, “Here I am. Send me!”

That is the attitude I want to have all the time.

I’ve been so busy the last week that exhaustion has given the enemy easier access.

When our bodies get tired, I believe the devil starts whispering and manipulating.

I don’t think my week has been a “bust” at being one of God’s ambassadors, but the lack of sleep has allowed my mind to wander and think I’m failing. I began to pray today–out loud– God please help my attitude, please change my thinking and help me to continue to be a person YOU want to send.

The devil needs to leave me alone, because I will always, always, ALWAYS say…


NOT guilty!

I have wrassled with some guilt today.

I know we all do it…. we let it creep in and steal our joy.

It’s past…it’s old news, it’s OVER.

Yet, I still allowed it to overwhelm my thoughts today and take my “ZIP” away like one of my friends observed today.  He said, “You don’t seem very zippy today.”  He was right.  I was down.  I was sad.  I have things on my mind that my mind has twisted and made stupid.  I think about the past and how I could have done this or that right or better …and then I feel like a failure.  YUCK!


As another friend pointed me to my GO TO scripture while I was right in the middle of a mini-meltdown:

“NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST ME SHALL PROSPER.” -Isaiah 54:17  (I’m horrible at recalling the addresses in the Bible.  I can tell you stories or even point you to the book a verse or story came from, but exact spots, my brain doesn’t hold on to.  I DO REMEMBER THIS ONE THO…and I know it’s because God blessed me with it.  He knew/knows that I NEED THIS VERSE CONSTANTLY.)

I rebuked the stupid devil, rearranged my thoughts and held on to the VICTORY God gave me through Jesus!

He said….. NOT GUILTY!

I love this song which says exactly what I’m talking about:


This has been a lovely day. 

Well, in MOST parts. I had happy day wishes and neat gifts, a good breakfast, great church service, Papacitas, sunshine, rain, wind, good music, smiles… The happiness list is long. 

How can one event ruin a day? It can’t. I must continue to remind myself that IT CANNOT do that!  The devil wants it to, but I refuse to allow it. 

I won’t go into the ugliness of this day. Face it, if you look hard enough, you are sure to find some ugliness in every day. I choose NOT to do that. 


I will grab all the happiness of this day and run, arms wide open, through a field of sunshine and sprinkles!!! 

I know, that sounds a bit crazy, but if that is what I have to imagine in order to give GOD all the glory for this day and rip any satisfaction the devil may think he deserves from it… 

Then THAT is what I shall do!!!



Oh Happy Day to All!


Happy Mother’s Day to all you Moms!

The D word.

I didn’t blog yesterday on THE DAY.  I knew I probably wouldn’t.  We are always busy going from one place to another.  Once we were home, I got into bed as soon as I could.  I believe I slept for about 12 hours! haha!  I don’t do that often at all!

Christmas was wonderful.  It truly was.  My face ached many times from laughing or smiling continuously–and not the fake smiling we sometimes do when posing for pictures–my face was truly feeling the event.  My side ached a little from it as well.  We had fun!

The event was a little different than usual.  We saw some family we hadn’t in quite a few Christmases…then there were some close ones absent for the first time.  This did not diminish the joy of the Christmas occasion, but it did make it somewhat different.  The ones separated from us missed out on another awesome time together.

Death did not separate us…but another D word did.

Death is inevitable, we will all do that someday unless, of course, Jesus comes before we die.  Either way, what a wonderful day that will be.  (Reminds me of a song…What a day that will be…when my Jesus I shall see…)

The other d word I’m referring to– although very inevitable– seems to happen in our world more times than not.  It creeps up into the happiest of circumstances and the most harmonious of families.  It works its way into joyful times and tears apart the best of friends.  The devil loves it, he dances in it…he creates it.

We call some of the television programs we watch the D word.  The d word can be described several ways.  Here’s one definition I found:

It is the specific mode of fiction represented in performance.  The term comes from a Greek word meaning action, which is derived from the verb meaning to do or to act.

Here’s another:

a composition in prose or verse presenting in dialogue or pantomime story involving conflict or contrast of character, especially one intended to be acted on the stage; a play.

I know these definitions refer more to a play or performance, but in our lives, they pretty much happen the same way.  A person creates some type of opinion about a person or a circumstance then acts out, most of the time negatively, on their opinion.  They create fictional dialogue and premeditate the outcome.

Most of the time this involves misunderstandings

which then lead to mis-communications,

throw in some name calling and lies

and wahhhh lahhhhhhh….


Yep, the ole D word…

But I’m just gonna tell you along with the stinky little devil… the D word DID NOT stop the celebration of our LORD, KING AND SAVIOR being born!  It didn’t stop the meal from being prepared, the hugs, smiles or big ole belly roll laughing!  It didn’t stop the bright eyes or surprises that good company or perfect hospitality brought.  It didn’t stop the true meaning of our CHRISTMAS STORY.  It didn’t stop it…it can’t stop it.   No matter how much the D word tries to invade, destroy and conquer… it has no power.

GOD sent us our power.  He sent us the hope for peace and happiness.  HE sent us THE REASON FOR THIS SEASON and the d word has no place in the unfolding of this story.  THE REASON for the season has victory over anything that comes with the d-word.  Jesus is peace, hope and love which are total opposites of the d-word.


Pray for those who don’t look to HIM first.  (on all days of the year)

Pray for those who love the d-word more than the gifts HE brings.

Find VICTORY in what JESUS brought.


(not the d-word…not ever the d-word)


The PROMISE I’m holding on to!

There are so many promises in THE WORD from our God.  I was reminded of this one today and I’m hugging it like a 2 year old hugs their favorite teddy.  I have felt as if the devil is trying to attack me and this verse is what I will claim, because the devil has got NOTHIN’ …zero, zilch, absolutely NOTHING that can make me believe anything but this—

ISAIAH 54:17



I thank God for His word, His promises and those He uses to help me open my eyes to them!


Be GONE devil!



This is really how I’m feeling today!

Today, the stupid devil has been whispering in my ear and I’m sick of it!

Let me tell ya how it went today…

I had so many students, co-workers and such talk wonderfully to me.  I work at an awesome place.  For real, our school is, for the most part, a positive place.  It took one person to say a not so great comment (of which they didn’t really even mean in a negative way)…and I’ve thought about that stupid comment more than any other today.  When they said it, I THOUGHT I could immediately disregarded it.  I tried, but right after that I messaged a friend of mine to tell them about it.  I told them, I wasn’t going to let it get me down–and I meant it!  Again, I wanted to blow it off.  I wanted to forget about it.  SERIOUSLY.

This is how I know that the devil stirs the pot.  I wanted to think about the positive from the day, but that one comment burned in my brain.  That stinky sin loving weirdo likes to remind you of what is negative, junky, yucky and bothersome.  Like a rock in your shoe, he can annoy the living daylights out of you.  Kind of reminds of the Grinch song.  He’s a mean one…

Anyway!  I saw this pic above and thought EXACTLY!  Get away from me devil!  BE GONE!  Cuz Jesus has got me!  Amen 🙂

Missed Opportunity…a prayer.

Why do I miss the opportunities to tell others or show others through my actions that I believe in GOD?

I continue to do this and I’m asking God out loud to correct me.  Open my eyes.  Show me when to lead a group in prayer.  Push my hand to assist, my words to comfort and prompt me to use my prayer power to further your work.  Help me and move me to stand up for YOU God.

I let anger take over my brain and situations, but most of all, I miss opportunities to share that my God is real!

I’ve allowed the devil to whisper in my ear and stir up my crazy.  That only drives out all the GOOD.  That makes what I should have done go out the door and let what could have been a perfect example of the attitude of Jesus fall to the ground like a discarded piece of trash.

I ask for forgiveness, Lord.  I ask that you YELL AT ME, honk your horn, beat the drum and poke me!  Get my attention.  Point my eyes and guide my mind in the direction that will give YOU glory.

I get so confused by this world and know that I should always overcome.  I know this, but images, sounds and feelings get in the way and try to push you to the back burner.   I do not want you to be second hand or my second thought.  I want you to be first, foremost and number one.

I do not want to miss another opportunity, because I can’t see the situation through the eyes of Jesus—I want to see CLEAR and grasp the opportunity with two hands, wrap my mind around it and do what is right in YOUR eyes, Lord.

Please help me Lord to be bold for you, in you and through you—and never have another missed opportunity.



((Extraordinary or superhuman –also, an exceptionally skillful or successful person.))

We love watching SUPER HERO SHOWS. This week, my kids and I watched The Avengers. I know, we are way behind on our movie watching. It’s an “old” movie now especially with IRON MAN 3 coming out just yesterday. Anyway, the movie had great effects and it was a neat story of good overcoming evil. We have a few favorite parts like any movie we watch together. One of the parts was when the Hulk took the evil guy pretty much by his feet and threw him around like a rag doll. It was a little comical and totally surreal, of course, but still one of the highlights of the movie. We like it, I believe, mostly because, it was a scene where the good (altho a huge green monster) Hulk was basically putting the bad guy in his place–literally. We love it when GOOD OVERCOMES EVIL!

Sometimes I wish there were no evil to overcome at all, but I know that no matter what, it’s inevitable. I do not claim to be a realist EVER, but deep down, I know what “real” is. We have real things that come on us. It may not be as crazy wicked and evil as some alien self-proclaimed god like in the movie we watched, but at times, it seems pretty close. We have things like disloyal friends, rebellious children, mean bosses, forks in the road, sickness, illness, and the list goes on and on. We are surrounded by gossips, murders and basic spawns of the devil himself. I’m just saying, we come up against evil all the time. The devil gets in and stirs his pot of nasty in our daily lives.

My post today is mostly a proclamation of how we can overcome evil much better if we have a SUPER HERO on our side. I’m not talking about the big green guy although if you could keep him from destroying your house, that would be pretty cool. I’m talking about the ONE TRUE SUPER HERO who no matter what happens, is there to win your battles. He’s there to calm you and give you the peace that surpasses any peace we will ever find in this world. He knows what you are going through whether it be small, medium, large or those -on occasion- SUPER SIZE moments of despair. HE ALWAYS HAS THE VICTORY! You cannot find true victories and keep victory in your possession without Him. Sure, you can feel happiness or peace to some extent, but without this SUPER HERO in your heart, you cannot feel it to it’s most largest and fullest extent. How can you know how true peace is? –ONLY with this SUPER HERO…


Yes, it is true, JESUS doesn’t have a cape on with a big S on the front of His chest. This picture probably doesn’t even represent Him in His true physical appearance. We all have our mental imagine of Him. I kind of picture Him as The Hulk with longer hair, not so green and definitely MUCH less angry. haha! You picture Him as you will…but KNOW FOR SURE, without this SUPER HERO–you will never OVERCOME this world!

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