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Dumb things I do…

The short list.  

(There’s more, but let’s just name a few)

#1. Make up scenarios in my head that are so far from what ever really happens.

Anybody else have that super power? I’m a master! I make up stuff in my head about some situation AND THEN I’m crazy enough to believe it. I know I need not give any kind of example here. You’ve done it. You know what I’m talking about. 

#2. Doubt myself. I get all crazy thinking I can’t do something I’ve done a ton of times before. I mean, it’s a proven fact that I can do it, yet I talk myself into thinking I can’t. What the whhaaaaat? 

#3. Compare myself to others.  UG! This is the dumb-est. That is so dumb. I’m me, you’re you, we’re both awesome.  Duh. Why do I compare myself to anyone else!?!

#4. Paint my nails before I go to bed. Duuuuuumb.  I never wake up with nails that don’t look like a little elf came in and textured them over night with a little mini lawn mower or something.  I still do it tho. 

#5. Set my alarm, hear it go off and hit snooze three different times before getting up. OMYGEEEEEZ. Just get up, dagnabbit‼️. I don’t do this every morning, but enough to make the list. 

Anybody feeling like we are part of the same club? Well, thank you!

Just a little funny reflection.  

I need gas!


So, my car needs gas, but I can’t go get any, because some fool used my credit card number yesterday in Humble, Texas.  Yes, a THIEF..a low down rotten weirdo used my PERSONAL credit card to buy things, I guess, to make them feel better about life.  I don’t know their reasons nor do I really care.  If they want to blame the reason they STEAL FROM OTHERS on their low self-esteem or alcoholism or parents who just didn’t love them enough OR WHATEVER else they may have, so be it, but I won’t have pity on them.

I mean, it wasn’t even groceries or gas…one of the purchases was at Dillards.  Come on now!  I don’t even really shop there!  I’m not trying to bash Dillards, but seriously, I try to be a frugal shopper and that department store is not top of the list when you are trying to keep to somewhat of a budget.

So, I’m on “E” in the Terrain, my card won’t work (found that out when the son and I were trying to buy drinks after school) and I’ve gotta get to church!  Thank you credit card thief.  Thanks for nothing.


Stop Being Dumb

We humans are so dumb. I don’t mean you or I didn’t go to school. I don’t mean we don’t have degrees of various types or we can’t read and write. We are just dumb when it comes to other things.
We seriously think that if someone hurts our feelings, that gives us the right to try and hurt theirs or at the very least sull up and/or snub them. We may even make ourselves sick thinking about how we can get back at them.
How dumb.
We take it upon ourselves to write people off. We look at them as less of a human. We even *gasp here* HATE them. So dumb.
I’m not saying there are not people who we should distance ourselves from, but to actually hate that they are alive is going too far. That is why we are so dumb.
Even though we get our feelings hurt by others, we should NOT internalize that and allow it to poison our lives. We let it fester and allow it to run around like a little troll in our brains.
When we do this, we are really being selfish. We are holding things back that The Lord says we are to give freely just as His Son did. We are to give grace, show mercy and practice love no matter what.
How dumb we are in being such selfish humans.
We can’t fix everything about everyone we don’t like and throwing a fit ourselves about any of it definitely won’t change anything. All we can do is look to ourselves and change US. Change the selfishness. Change the ill feelings. Change the attitude. Stop being selfish. Only give grace, mercy and love. Start with YOU. Stop being dumb!

Something DUMB and/or Disrespectful

Isn’t it funny how people get so mad at you and will even profess to hate you when you have called them out on doing something dumb and/or disrespectful?

My note to them: Stop and think about what you did. Did you get an attitude with me when I asked you a simple question? Did you treat me like you were mad at me when you were just mad at the world? Did you curse going down the hallway and I just wouldn’t allow that to happen without pointing it out to you? Did you make fun of, put someone down or talk badly about another human and I just did not see that as a good thing to do?

I’ve had all these things happen and more AND THAT IS WHY I’M HATED BY SOME?!
Haha! Keep on hatin. I’m good with that.

Someday you will realize what you were wrong. Maybe it takes years or even a lifetime, but the light bulb will come on one day–hopefully.

I sure do wish I could tell my parents how incredibly smart they were AND how they were sooooooo right about sooo many things. (Why didn’t I do that before they passed away?! Sooo dumb.) I pray that anyone I’ve gotten upset with in the past for pointing out my stupidity forgives me.

Think, think, think and think some more the next time someone points out the fact that you are doing something dumb and/or disrespectful …try and hold your cool, assess the situation–even walk away if it’s necessary! Don’t allow that dumb action to blow up even larger by more stupidity.


We are all ignorant–just in different subjects. But remember that also means we are all educated–just in different subjects! Either way, we should all appreciate each others strengths and weaknesses.


Smiling is one of my favorite things to do. I think it’s really, deep down, EVERYONE’S favorite. Who doesn’t really want to be happy? Really?!?

A smile is the best way to show it. Even the most stress filled days, heavy burdened shoulders, sour pruned up faces and grouchy grump attitudes can be melted away by a smile. It’s a different outlook. It’s a ray of hope. It’s PRETTY. IT’S BEAUTY at its very simplest.

At times we think we are so burdened with the things of this world that we cannot show our smile. We want to keep it from others because something inside us is raging. We think too much. We worry too much. We stress over things that DON’T EVER HAPPEN. How dumb. Don’t deprive others of your smile no matter what is going on in that simple mind of yours.

Don’t stress, don’t worry, but most definitely SMILE!

((Please keep in mind that I’m talking to myself in these bloggity rambles of mine…I have to remind myself to keep on smiling!!! If it helps you to do the same, then YAY!))



You might be a “dumbo” if…


((So, before you read below, just beware–this may be the MEANESS blog I ever write.))



(and I’m not talking about the cute little elephant from Disney)

You like to talk about how awesome you are, because you really aren’t.

You try and make others look inferior by making fun of anything and everything you can when you are around them.

You point at people and laugh.

You try and make others think you are great by telling them about how un-great others are.

You make things up in your head and BELIEVE them AND THEN tell others like it’s truth. (oh so dumb!)

You believe that things that are wrong are really right, because “everyone does it.”

You enjoy talking, trashing and making things up about anyone–you don’t discriminate–everyone is your target.

You wonder why people don’t like you, because you are so popular and talk to everyone about everyone.

You are sooooooooooo smart, because you have an answer for EVERYTHING even though it may not be a truthful answer. (just admit you don’t know!!!)


Ok, I’m done.  I just had to get that out there!

Much love and peace to all today–EVEN TO THE DUMBOS!!!  God bless ya!

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