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Emotion.  That is what drives us.  We are sad or mad or happy or glad.

Our physical circumstances drive those emotions most all the time.  Are we where we want to be?  Did we eat a good breakfast?  Did we eat a chili cheese burrito that is beckoning from below?  Are we who we want to be with?  Do we like what we are wearing?  Does our hair look good?  Shoes…are they comfortable!?!  So many factors that go into our emotion.

WHY?!?  Why can’t we just choose to be happy with our circumstance?

I can identify most with the shoe thing.

Rita ain’t happy if her feet ain’t happy!  Haha!

But really, truly, I am.

I am happy when the skies are grey and the rain is falling even though I admit to be a solar powered robot.

I know there are times that solicit anger or sadness.  I’m not saying I’m immune to those things.  I, of course, cried (horribly) when my parents died.   Also, I find it so frustrating and get angry when I see people being taken advantage of in this world like the elderly or defenseless children.  Who wouldn’t feel those feelings?

But the drive of emotion I’m talking about is what effects our constant attitude.  Even though I was distraught when my parents passed, I could still look at the good times we had and knew that life must go on without them here.  AND when I see such hatred in the world on the news and such, I don’t let it get me down, I try and help wherever I can.

I know so many people who allow everything to make them sad or angry.  They say they want to be happy, but they don’t do anything to try and do just that.  They put down their neighbors by talking ill of them behind their back, disrespect their parents by becoming defiant or distant and do whatever they can to try to fill some void they have.  It won’t work!

The emotion they are trying to get to will never be grasped until they find LOVE.  Love is the only thing that will drive them to their true destination.  I know this because I tried to find happiness through means of so many things.  I have, in the past, chased after stupid evil things.  I’ve been in conversations and circumstances that did nothing to get me to LOVE.  It did nothing but spin my tires.

I would make a list for you, but not only would this blog take way too long, but I’d also rehash a bunch of stuff I have no business rehashing.  God has forgiven me for the evil I tried to stuff in the void that only HE could fill.  He has taken away all the sinful things I tried to use to create an everlasting emotion that would make me HAPPY …or should I say CONTENT.  He did away with those things and help guide me to the place He wanted me to be.

I’m not saying the guilt is gone…I’m not sure that will ever happen.  I’d love for this thing called SALVATION to come with a huge chalkboard type eraser that could get rid of all that stuff.  It doesn’t, I believe, because we have to remember that those things were lessons and no matter what we learned, they make us better eventually.

So my emotion, my attitude, my contentment does not come from my circumstance, what I had for breakfast or even how my shoes fit…

It comes from a knowing that GOD has saved me, filled me with LOVE and allowed me to love no matter who is trying to hate in this world or what is going on around me.


1 John 4:19



Why am I soooooo emotional these days!?!

I have been wearing my feelings on my sleeve for several days now.  My baby blues tear up for what seems to be no reason at all.  I mean, it always has a reason, but at times it’s silly things.  I look at something that brings back some crazy memory that I haven’t thought of in, like, FOR- EV- ER, and here come the tears.  Someone says something hurtful–even to someone else and not directly to or about me and I get all weepy.   I see a sky full of awesomely puffy white clouds and I get misty over the amazing beauty.  What the what?!

What is up!?!

I am aware that this time of the year brings on certain emotions just because the school year is ending.  I will miss my seniors so much.  Even typing that makes me sniffle a little.  I do not like for the school year to end.  I know the seniors HAVE to graduate and I’m so proud that they are, but I will miss seeing them and being an almost constant part of their lives.  Don’t get me wrong, I definitely enjoy my summer…but I miss my job, my friends and my kiddos.  So, I know where some of the emotion comes from, but I’ve never remember it being THIS BAD.  I’m sure there are other aspects of my life that are contributing to the emotional roller coaster, but really, anything can get worse so, I see myself and my family as TOTALLY BLESSED.

I’m trying my hardest not to let this up and down of emotion affect my mood towards others.  I know at times others upset me with their moods or grumpiness, but I don’t want them to suffer for my craziness–ever.  That is a major goal of mine.  My friends and students don’t need to be burdened with something that bothers me.  I keep this in mind all the time!

I know some doctors might say my hormones are crazy or blame it on some chemical thing and prescribe some “fix”.  I am not against those types of things and believe there are some who totally benefit from that (and should really never miss a dose!), but I believe this emotional stuff will subside soon.

I just don’t know exactly why it’s so tough this year.

I’m just questioning it.  That’s all.  That is all this blog is doing today.

I’m not trying to reach out and say I’M SO SAD or I need some kind of mental help…this is NOTHING like that.   I mean, a hug might be ok, I guess… ALTHO, BEWARE– it might make me cry too!  HAHA!

I just don’t know why I’m SooOOoooOOOoooo (much more) EMOTIONAL this year!?!

COULD IT BE AGE!?  Naahhhhh.  HAHA!



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