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Today will never come again…


Just think about it.  I know we may have days that are similar, but this day that you just had will never happen again.  You can’t bring it back, relive it or fix anything about it.  Do what is right NOW… help others.  The of others first.  Encourage and lift up.  LOVE.

You never know when your last chance to show love to someone will be!


This weekend I was blessed with some awesome words:

Do not say ANYTHING about yourself that GOD HIMSELF wouldn’t agree with.

An awesome lady named Gwyn shared that.  She came to the realization one day that this is important.  I SO AGREE!

Then, I was listening to a preacher named Joel Osteen…  (Side note: I know a lot of people think he’s just a feel good preacher and they don’t think he speaks truth or uses the Bible or even points people to Jesus… EVERYONE has their opinion.  I have mine too and mine is based on actually listening to several of his podcasts/sermons where he DOES talk about being positive, quotes and uses the BIBLE, asks and leads people to accept JESUS and speaks on how our lives should be lived through Jesus Christ.  Just putting that out there.)  One of his facebook posts keeps coming to me which is:

Proverbs 6:2, says, “You are snared with the words of your mouth.” Snared means to be trapped. Your words can trip you, what you say can cause you to stumble, and it can keep you from your potential. Don’t set the limits for your life with your words.

THIS KEEPS COMING TO MY MIND. OUR WORDS MATTER! Even when you are speaking to yourself.  ‪#‎truth‬

I just posted that on MY facebook.

I tell my students this all the time.  I encourage them to be content and happy with what they look like and who they are.  I do my best to boost their everyday self concept and confidence.  But when it comes to me…

I don’t always talk nice to myself.  I should.  Why shouldn’t I?  I’m a pretty sweet person to other people, why not to myself?  I am usually a pretty confident person, but for some reason, sometimes, I talk ugly to myself.  WHAT!?!   I have already confirmed in earlier blogs that I AM A SUCCESS.  I have an awesome family, great friends and soooooo many other blessings.  I cannot list them all!  Why should I ever call myself or refer to myself as anything but awesome?  God made me.  God loves me.  God wants me to love me, because HE DID A GREAT JOB ON ME!  There is no reason why I should think or say otherwise.

‪#‎perspective‬ #beYOUtiful
#‎loveYOURSELF‬ #truth

You have an AMAZING idea!

LOVE THIS LITTLE VIDEO!  I have to say, I found it on another blog (click here to read it)  that was talking about the introverted student and how, as teachers, we should utilize technology to help those students share their thoughts.

My thoughts on the video…

You truly are your worse critic.  You downplay the awesome things you do.  Your drawings, writings, your ability to sing or dance, and your ideas seem humdrum to you.  WHY do we do this?!  We have great ideas!  When we collaborate and put ideas together–they are EVEN BETTER!  Don’t hold back.  What you offer may be the small snowball that turns into a snow-bolder!  Allow your thoughts to become words and don’t be afraid of sharing!  You never know …the stuff you are holding back could be the next BIG THING!



TO ALL THE TEACHERS:  Please watch the video and think…you may be teaching A FUTURE FAMOUS FAILURE!  Watch what you say to your students!  We are supposed to encourage, support and build up!  ((NOT the opposite))

To all of you who are not teachers, this video may be SHOCKING!






Everyone needs to have a CHAMPION in order to FEEL LIKE A CHAMPION.

Tonight, our family met some great friends of ours at Morris Twin Cinema  to watch TURBO.  Without giving anything away about the movie, I really summed up the idea of it in my first sentence up there.

We all want someone and most of the time CERTAIN SOMEONES to really believe in us.  We want them to be our CHAMPION.  We want them to push us and encourage us, but especially believe in us and HELP US feel like the CHAMPION we need to be.  This movie was such a cute story about exactly that.  It’s important that we have people around us (or snails…haha…watch the movie, Boo) who BELIEVE WE WILL SUCCEED.  If I do nothing else in this life, I sure hope I do that with my students and most especially with my own children.

I have heard and seen so many people that do the complete opposite.  Obviously, there is something in their lives that makes them like that: bitterness and ugliness, but I describe it (and have several times in these daily blogs) as evil-ness.  It’s evil, of the devil –it only furthers his agenda for the human race and NOT what GOD WANTS FOR US.  God wants success for us, He wants us to know we can be CHAMPIONS of this world!  YOU CAN HELP CREATE MORE CHAMPIONS BY ENCOURAGING, PUSHING, SUPPORTING AND CHEERING on others when they just need a little shot of “YES YOU CAN!”

This week in our profession development, we took the good with the bad, but one of the GREATs was when our boss showed us a couple of videos that were geared to help us think about our true jobs and remind us what we really are in the business of doing: BEING OUR STUDENTS’ CHAMPION.  I discovered this video this summer and posted it to facebook and twitter, but I don’t think I did it on here–not sure, but either way, it’s a good one to watch (and/or post) more than once or twice…

My boss used this on his blog today too.

You can check him out here: THE WRIGHT STUFF.

Today’s Quote

I have shared this quote today with all of my coworkers and on Facebook and now I’m doing it here. I think it’s so important to keep this in mind at all times. You don’t have to be a teacher either to use this quote. No matter what we do, we have influence on someone else and have opportunities to plant seeds in others’ minds. What kind of seeds are you planting?




Who inspires you?   Make a list!

I asked myself this question today when I had a friend tell me I was an “inspiration” to them.  That is one of the most treasured compliments I’ve ever received.

I never really think that I inspire others, but more of like encouraging and uplifting them.  I guess inspiring goes along with that.  I just think of INSPIRE as one of those awesome things that only GOD can do through different avenues.  I realized today that God used me!  How awesome it is to think that HE loves me so much to use me for His work.  Even more blessed do I feel when I think of the fact that he uses people, nature, situations in my life to do the same exact thing for me.

So, who inspires you and then once they inspire you, where do you go from there?

I started making a mental list of my inspirations.  I have so many!  God has blessed me with family, friends, co-workers, grocery store clerks and today a sweet little lady who walked in front of me at a local business.  She was the sweetest, most fragile looking older lady who held the door for me to enter.  Her smile was so precious and she reminded me of my Grandma Gengler.  I was so glad to come in contact with this sweet lady even for a few seconds.  It gave me a nostalgic feeling of the woman God blessed me with in my Grandma “G.”

Now, SHE was an INSPIRATION!  She was a single mother most all her life after her husband passed when my mom was very young.  She buried her husband and an infant son within the same year.  She worked pretty much every day of her life, but did it with such grace, style and a smile on her face that warmed a room.  I didn’t know anyone that didn’t like her.  I know I loved her.  I loved the smell of her house.  I loved just sitting there watching game shows or playing Go Fish with her.  She always took care of me especially when I just needed to get away from whatever life was throwing at me.  She helped me through college as did my parents.  She allowed me to stay at her house anytime, any day.  Her love for God was constantly displayed in the way she cared for others and beyond.  I was so inspired and still am by the love she had for me and her confidence in me.  With her as my inspiration,  I hope that I can show as much compassion for those around me as she did for those in her lifetime.

I would love to talk more about the inspiring people God has put in my life, but for today, I’m pretty sure this blog is long enough.

Go ahead and ask yourself–WHO INSPIRES YOU??? and what are you going to do with that inspiration?

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