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How wonderful an honor it is to me when people ask me to pray for them!  The more specific they can get about exactly what to pray for, the more I love to do it.  Not to say I won’t say a general prayer by any means…  I just think praying for someone especially when they ask you to is an awesome power God has given us.  No matter what circumstance, prayer is power.

What about those ones you know need GOD?

These are the ones you know  NEEEEEEED PRAYERS.  

You know that they seriously need to leave chaos behind and seek some peace in their life.  You see it by their attitude and their fruit.  Their fruit is rotten, stinky and full of worms.  Ew.  They are flippant and rude to others.  Their attitudes are sour, their disposition down and for the most part, they are just down right mean.  

What about THOSE?  

They are not asking you to pray.  

They couldn’t care less whether you utter their name to God or not.  

It’s doubtful they even believe in the ALMIGHTY, SOUL SAVING, ALIVE AND AMAZING GOD!   Whaaaaaaaat?  


I admit that praying for these people is harder than the ones who ask earnestly for you to lift them up in prayer.  It’s harder to want peace for these people, because most of the time they have this cloud of negativity surrounding them that harbors and creates the very opposite of peace.  Most of the time, it messes your happy, positive cloud.   To me, I see their cloud as a call.  It’s a call that they need something.  They need some action…some intervention!  They need prayers.  BAD.   So, whether they like it, want it or hate that I’m doing it… I’m gonna…




Proof of HIS Love!


On my way home tonight I saw a church billboard which asked the question:  “Are you showing God’s love?”  IMMEDIATELY the song I’ve included above came on.  PLEASE go listen to it.  It’s one of those songs I’ve heard before, but I admit, I have never really, truly listened to it’s lyrics.  It answered the question on the billboard.  I HOPE THAT MY LIFE IS PROOF OF GOD’S LOVE! 

I know my life  has not always reflected God.  There were years in my life that I knew who Jesus was.  I talked to God.  I prayed my little night time prayers and I blessed my food.  I even felt goosebumps when I felt like I was close to what God wanted me to do.  BUT I DIDN’T really reallly reeaaallly know Jesus.  I didn’t look at God as my true creator.  He was more like this big guy in the sky.  You know, that is what I’ve heard some athiest call Him.  EW!  I never ever never want to think like that ever again.

I can’t tell you the exact day I finally figured it out.  I mean, I know there are people who can tell you the exact day and hour that they actually got “saved,” but I can estimate the time where I finally figured out that Jesus is my personal savior!  I **FINALLY** decided that there were things in my life that were actually plans of the devil himself.  Did I drop all of those things cold turkey?  No.  Wish I could have!  Who doesn’t hope for peace, hope and a clean conscience!?   Even though I wasn’t able to drop them immediately, I did begin my journey of moving away from them.  Amen, Halleluia, Praise God!

I am such a sinner.  SUCH A SINNER!  We all have those gritty grimey things that clutter and cloud our mind.  I know I cringe or even get sick to my stomach thinking about some of the things I’ve done that were not Godly.   Positively though, I know, looking back, I’m not where I was 10 years ago.  I’m not where I was 5 years ago.  I’m not where I was a YEAR AGO!   AND I am not where I want to be now.  I want to be closer to God.  I want to be able to be in constant fellowship with Him.  I want to be able to LISTEN and hear what He wants me to do in all things.  I know I want a lot!  But I totally and absolutely believe that because I have Jesus as my savior, my faithful friend, my grace and my power, I can do all things THROUGH HIM!  I can continue to grow in Him and become THE PROOF OF HIS LOVE!

I want to reflect God’s love.  I don’t want to just share it, I want to shine it all around!  I want to show others that He is the reason for my joy.  Love one another.  Show the world your smile and your love and watch how the PROOF OF HIS LOVE grows all around you!

Grocery Shopping

No pic, not much text, because I do not rejoice or celebrate the fact that I had to go grocery shopping today. I should. God did make this day to rejoice in! We all have something we just don’t like. I’m the kind of crazy that can usually find something to be optimistic with, but today, it was just hot and miserable on top of NOT liking in the least to grocery shop.
The end.

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