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LOVE Conquers All!

One of my sweet friends is getting married today.  I’m so happy and excited for her!

I think back to my wedding day.  It was an exciting yet INSANELY STRESSFUL day!  I remember commenting to someone that I didn’t want to do that again…ha!  DUH!  I wanted that to be my only wedding day.  I wanted it to be the day when forever with my man began.  Really, I started that thinking about my husband when we were in 8th grade–he had no idea…and NO, I didn’t stalk him—I just knew I wanted to marry him…what 8th grade minds do!  Crazy.  Haha!

Back to THE day…it went great.  At least, I thought it did.  I had no idea who got upset with each other or got their feelings hurt because of this or that.  It wasn’t about them anyway, it was about me, Bobby and our FOREVER.  People say that is supposed to be the best day of your life!  I do admit it was pretty spectacular.  All the hype that went into the before, during and a bit after was some super happy times.

The let down of life becoming routine and a bit boring after it got me a little.   As a young gal, I thought it would be happily ever after (that means FOREVER, right?)  like the books say.  I am not bashing the books (and movies) that say that, I like those stories!  I’m just saying, in reality, it’s not ALWAYS happy.  Life slaps ya around a bit.  The “happiest day of your life” which was the mountain you were singing on (…the hills are alive…) becomes, at times, valleys of horror.  Fights over disagreements that are ridiculous, jealousy and money issues…family disagreements, friends who don’t approve and work that gets in the way.  Those low times aren’t really talked about when you are planning that BEST DAY.  I mean, your family and older married friends try and tell you, but you don’t listen, because, well, you loooooooooooove him and nothing will get in the way of that!  HA!

Things try…they do…they weasel their way in and try and wedge a space between you and your spouse.  So many times, it works. People sever their marriage ties and move on.  I know everyone has their story, their circumstances and their reasons on why it didn’t work.  I’m not condemning anyone.   I just know that sometimes those silly disagreements, money issues and other crazy things get blown up so big that the love we have for each other is just shivering in the shadow of it all.   ALL COUPLES have those times.  I’ve wanted to pack my bags and enter witness protection before for something I thought was beyond repair!  Not bashing my husband at all here—they were MY MISTAKES, not his.  Either way the fault points, both people have to pull each other up and commit to what they started.  Re-committing may have to be done over and over, but it’s so important.  We have to make love the main part of our relationship.  Love has to truly conquer all!

Going back to that BEST DAY thing…The best day of my life is when I realized that the LOVE CONQUERING ALL thing could only come when you put GOD first in your marriage.  I didn’t get that.  Sure, we were married in a church, the vows were said and the Bible verses read about doing this in the name of God and in front of God and how no man can separate what God has joined.  I heard all of that, but I didn’t listen.  I didn’t tuck those words in my heart and truly believe them.

Our wedding day was, as I said, a pretty spectacular day, but truly, the best day of my life was when GOD opened my eyes and I could see all the good things that HE gives us and LOVE is the best of all and it really, truly, totally absolutely, without a doubt can CONQUER ALL!  (now, THAT is what I’m singing on that mountaintop!)



SKYPE and Oh boy my favorite: LEARNING!

I SKYPE ‘d with an art teacher from Canada this morning. What a neat, cool, fun NEW (I know, it’s been around a while, but new for me) way to learn and connect.

We are going to get our classes together and we will have the opportunity to compare cultures along with art, artists, projects and products. It’s so super exciting!

Teaching is so much fun and I’m blessed to be able to do it for a living, but even FUNNER (I know, it’s “more fun”) than teaching is LEARNING! I love love LOVE learning new things.

Collaborating with others is so important, because other people can show you something new all the time. If you don’t think you have something to offer anyone else, JUST TRY IT! I promise, you start sharing (and remember, “sharing is caring”) and swapping info and more SOONER than later you will have LEARNED SOMETHING NEW!!!

Maybe you are one of those people that says: “I don’t want to learn anything new, I am too *PUT YOUR EXCUSE HERE* to learn anything new.” Well, hmmm…

I’m sorry.


SPARK up a Conversation!

SPARK!!!  Spark it up!  I know my title is not the correct’s “STRIKE up a conversation”, right?  Well, today, I was just thinking about another thing I start my day off (to COMBAT grumpiness) with besides listening to THE BIBLE and getting my walk on.   After I put on my nikes and other apparel, I go straight to the frig to retrieve my SPARK.  It kind of reminds me of the sparkler in the pic–it gets ya fired up.  Of course, I’m already fired up because I know GOD IS ABOUT TO SPEAK TO ME THROUGH HIS WORD!!!  And I’m happy that my body is about to get in motion, but with SPARK, it seems like my eyes are a little more open, my step, a little more peppy and my mind joyfully celebrates in what God wants me to hear that morning.  It’s really QUITE exciting!  Do I even have a second to think about being grumpy about the day ahead??  NO!  The great combo of these items set the POSITIVE tone for the day which the Lord has made JUST FOR ME.   It’s such a great feeling to know that my God wants me to feel like this all the time. I feed on His word.  I know He wants my body to get happy in what He has in store for me.  Spark is just an added feature of what He has provided.

If you have those mornings where you are having to drag yourself out of bed and your GRUMPINESS level has already started to rise as your feet hit the ground, maybe you need to SPARK IT UP!   FIRST, I suggest you grab your Bible or download the Daily Audio Bible App.  Pour THE WORD into yourself somehow.  Second, get that body of yours moving.  Think about 6th grade PE class when you had to do jumping jacks to warm up.  Do some jumping jacks and move on to some knee lifts, belly crunches and/or air punches.  Get going!  And lastly, try some SPARK!  Wanna know what it’s all about?  Check out my website– HERECheck out it’s positiveness.  It’s a great alternative to a cup of morning joe or unhealthy energy drink.  Ya don’t have to take my word for it alone, check out Drew below.  He likes it too!

SPARK up a Conversation, first with God, then get movin’ and Spark it up!

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