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Saw this pic on facebook this morning.  It made me recall a couple of things I’ve had to deal with in my profession this year with students and have witnessed with colleagues in the past as well.

Our students–of all ages–don’t understand the accessibility they are exposed to…they constantly assume it’s no big deal.

Social media is just that–SOCIAL –almost just like face to face, but THE DIFFERENCE IS today’s social (media) gives us this since of false protection, because we THINK we won’t have to suffer instant repercussions from WHATEVER we are posting.  It’s almost like we think no one will see it OR only the people we really want to see it will be the only viewers.

This is true for any postings –a simple selfie, a rant about our government, a picture telling someone they are number one with your middle finger instead of the index finger which really means something mean and vulgar AND THE LIST GOES ON…

It’s all accessible to anyone and EVERYone–NOT our selected few.  We forget this somehow.  We forget that what we type, what we take a picture of, what we post—is actually REAL.  It’s whatever we did prior to social media, but out there for an audience of a billion times more than it was before.

Looking at the picture above, I thought about us all…

THEN shared the picture and posted the words below along with it:

It’s not just 6th grade–It’s all ages. We are becoming so open to anything and everything that nothing is considered vulgar, kept sacred or left to our imagination. *sigh*

The end.


Will you have the chance to  look someone in the eye to see what emotion they are really feeling?  Can you have a face to face conversation?  How about a handshake?  What about a hug? A kiss?  These are HUMAN interactions that may seem to be out of style, old school or even impossible to do these days.  

Let me say first off, I do not have a tech-phobia.  I am not a proponent of no cell phones, computers or televisions even.  I work at a school that has a Bring Your Own Device (or technology) policy and love it!  I do see the need, though, for us to hold on to the all important REAL-HUMAN-INTERACTION without the support of such things.  

We need to giggle with each other.  We need to listen to one another.  We need to have fun in each other’s company without staring at a screen or even answering a call.  Some of us are so addicted to all of our “techy” devices.  I admit, when my phone, buzzes, beeps or sings, I have the anxiety of reaching for it.  I find it exciting to hear it’s beckon and then comforting to check the call.  I get that.  I know the feeling of it’s draw.  I really enjoy reading blogs and finding great articles via twitter.  I am not saying I am up on all technological devices, social media, etc., but I’m willing to learn anything.  These things excite me, but they should never take the place of a friend or steal time from a family member.

So, here is what I’m saying —from a gal who understands the “need” we have for technology–we have to keep in mind that we still need each other’s attention.  We need to be face to face.  We should get to know each other using traditional ways as well as the new ways.  Don’t get so caught up in looking at that bright light that illuminates from an ipod, ipad, computer, etc. screen—think about the light that illuminates from a human eye, a bright smile or a kind word.  Let’s not give up on those things AND let’s make certain we teach our children this!  While technology is here to help us all communicate more often and easier, remember that we don’t want to hide behind technology.  



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