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Life is Good!!!

Started my morning like most…

Got up, worked out, made breakfast, got ready, helped kids get ready, went to work…

Had duty to do in the cafeteria.  Normal.  Smooth.  Nothing too crazy.

Started out to my car from my duty station, ankle turned a bit and basically tripped me…

UG!  It was a quick fall, I went straight down.  I didn’t even really hit my knees much,  the most damage was to my hands that I caught myself with.  My ankle doesn’t even feel bad.  These ankles of mine do that.  They just, out of the blue, decide to turn on me!  I can usually walk correctly, but apparently I was thinking of other things and BAM!

Driving my car back to it’s correct parking spot, I got a little teary eyed, but I DID NOT CRY.  I refused!  After thinking about what just happened, I didn’t really laugh out loud, but kind of chuckled to myself.  I wasn’t embarrassed although a few people saw what I’m sure was NOT a graceful fall–what fall is, really?  I was just like REALLY!?  Why?  Why did my normal morning turn into my face inches from the speckled grey parking lot?  I don’t just ask these questions to be asking them.  I talk to God.  He comforts me.  He tells me it’s alright.  I have no clue why I fell, but I do know He has got me no matter what happens.  That is the main reason, I believe, I was able to suck those tears up and kind of laugh to myself.  That’s the main reason I can keep things together.  That is why I’m not a total crazy person.  

The fall experience, did seem to me, kind of a big deal since there was blood, pain and stinging.  But really, put in perspective–this was just another experience that reminds me, I always have a choice.

Do I choose to dwell on the fact that I will be wearing several band-aids (about 7) for the next few days  …and do I feel down about myself– not being able to keep my balance?

OR do I focus on the fact that every day is an adventure! …and that come what may, life is good.   No matter what crazy episode, silly circumstance or tragic occurrence…LIFE IS GOOD.

Nothing is broken besides skin…I am blessed!




Fall is Grand!!!  Today was a wonderfully windy day full of beauty and I just happened to snap a picture or two.  Sharing one above. 🙂  God sure knows how to create some awesome pictures!  It’s insane how some people think all this beauty is some kind of coincidence.  What!?  Thank GOD for this beauty!

We also had our family photos done today by a former student (and family friend) of mine.  It was so great to talk with her and catch up and know that the pics she took are going to be great.  She also made me feel like a great teacher–that is such a blessing, because we all know that, at times, we question ourselves.  We doubt the impact or influence we have on those around us.  It’s so nice when God allows others to give us a boost of confidence. 

I so appreciate her words today that made me feel so good—I want to seek out those who have helped teach me anything important along the way or made me strive to keep on keepin’ on.  I’ve tried in the last few years to really do that–to show others what they have  done for me.  I have blogged in the past about my mentors and that is who I’m talking about now.  There have been so many in my life that wouldn’t even consider themselves “mentors,” but there is no doubt they had a major influence on me.  I think it’s so important to recognize these people and let them know they helped you in some way or made you feel great about yourself or just gave you a great example through some situation they were in.  I can think of so many who fit one or more of these things.  I think I will go right now and let some of them know that I thought of them today.


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