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The Journey

Have you ever rolled over about to get out of bed and thought, “Do I really have to?” I did that this morning. My left ankle was hurting just enough to make me doubt my ability to walk properly. I went through every excuse I could think of trying to justify the act of not putting my feet on the floor. Sure, my ankle was still sore from a full day of utilizing it yesterday. I broke that thing in 3 places back in 8th grade and somedays I remember it better than others. It’s funny how your body does that to you.

Anyway, back to my story of the day… There I was, running through the excuses, making most of them up out of pure air, trying to make myself feel better about just being lazy. It took a few minutes to finally realize that it wasn’t going to happen. I needed to plant my feet on the ground, set one in front of the other and MOVE! We need to continuously do this throughout our days. We all know this. But today, God told me and showed me some things while I was moving and I’m gonna share. Not surprizing, right!?

So, I did a few of my daily routines–bathroom, breakfast, brush (not going into details)–and then I got ready to head out the door. Once outside, I felt even better about my earlier get-out-of-bed decision. The wind is blowing. The sun is out, but not beating down like the summer heat is has been. It’s so sweet outside. While getting ready, I prepared to listen to my daily audio Bible when God told me this: Listen, but then be silent. God and I talk a lot. I know that probably sounds so weird to a lot of you. But that is what keeps me from going absolutely bonkers most of the time. I could go on about that, but I’ll finish my spill….

So, on my walk, I listened to the Bible. Then, instead of turning on my walking music, I just soaked in what was around me. I silenced myself and let God show me what HE wanted to show me. I began taking pictures. I do so love that. My pic on yesterday’s blog was such a gift from God. He knows I love His artwork. Then He guided me to just look at the simple things. The path itself amazed me. The leaves and little sparks of color the wild flowers made stopped me. It was all just beautiful. So, my posted picture today is just a sampling I made with the pictures I took. Sometimes we don’t need to look at the destination we are going for, but look at where you are right now. Look to the beautiful things that surround you all the time. Don’t look at what you are trying to get to sometimes. Look at the road that gets you there. Take time to consider your JOURNEY.

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