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WANNA ART Workshop

I love my job. I love it today more than I loved it last year, ten years ago and so on. I’ve always loved it. My love for it just grows as I’m blessed through this vocation, I know, I was called to do. I continue to receive confirmation from God over and over again that this is what He made me to do. I thank Him over and over for it, as I do my many blessings.

I had so much fun with a room full of ladies today at the WANNA ART Workshop. It was a great time of food, fellowship, sharing and learning. I’m so glad my school distinct allows me to
host things like this.

Making connections like I did today makes me excited. It’s just like the blog I wrote about a couple of weeks ago about “Excitement sharpens excitement. It surely does!

Here’s a few pics from the day:





20140805-213228-77548198.jpgy s






From Luke 18:


Just imagine having a meal with one of your best friends for the very last time today.  Right now.

What would you eat?  That doesn’t even matter does it?  If you KNEW it was the last time you saw them, you’d be more concerned with WHAT you could share and you’d make certain they knew you loved them. You might look them in the eyes more, ask them more personal questions and savor the time (not the food) you get to enjoy with them. You’d make sure the moments you were having are full of love, laughter and life.

You can never be certain what moment may be your last chance to tell others you love them…you are care about their opinion.

What if your friend KNEW it was their last time with you?  AND THEY TOLD YOU THIS!?!  They could predict the future…but you didn’t hear them, you didn’t understand what they were saying or maybe you just didn’t accept it and refused to listen.

Jesus did this …He told his disciples, but they didn’t understand what He was trying to tell them.  This is so sad to me.  Maybe God didn’t want them to know so they wouldn’t treat Jesus any differently?  Or maybe He wanted to spare them the pain and absolute confusion it would stir up, not that once it did happen there wasn’t utter chaos, but perhaps God thought this would shelter them for a little longer.  I mean, they were just humans, how could they REALLY understand???  Just like we all don’t truly understand things until we are personally a part of it. 

One lesson, I believe, we should get from this is to LISTEN. TRULY LISTEN. Don’t take life and people for granted. You never know when you won’t see someone again or how a once in a lifetime chance may zoom on by because you weren’t paying attention.

Life is not about how many moments you have, but what you do with the ones God allows you to have. 

What will you do with the ones you have…left?

Thankful Week

As any other red blooded American, I’m looking forward to the upcoming thankful feast.  I’m even getting prepared for the discomfort dressing will give me after consuming way over the legal limit and the involuntary afternoon slumber the turkey will no doubt induce.  I’m stepping up this year and not only going to cook mac-n-cheese for our feast (my husband’s family cooks EVERYTHING), but I’m also planning to try and create a dish I never have and pray that it’s outcome looks something like the picture I’ve downloaded from Pinterest.  Time will only tell.


As this week begins, I am trying my absolute best to keep my eye on the things I’m most thankful for.  We are so blessed in so many ways.  I am very much aware of this and try and keep in a state of constant thankfulness.

I have to admit, though, it’s been a hard start due to the gloomy, cold, wet and windy weather.  I seriously believe I may be solar powered.  I’m not sure where God placed the solar panel, but I’m almost certain I have one.  I’ve not really seen the surface of the sun (there have been glimpses of rays) since last Wednesday.  Today is Monday.

I know, I know, someone reading this right now is thinking OH COME ON, SUCK IT UP…there are tons more things in this world that could be getting ya down.  I really do know this.  As an OPTIMISTIC thinker and all around HAPPY GAL…days like today don’t come often.  I don’t tend to get really down about things.  I mean, I’m sad when I watch the news or hear of yet another person who has been diagnosed with cancer, but I try not to watch the news and I always pray for the ill.  I believe in God and know He holds our future.  I believe He will give me joy in all circumstances just as long as I remain in thanksgiving and look to Him for guidance.  I know this to be true.  I’ve been revealed this in the past and know this joy will always be available to me.  There are just some days like today…

So, as I start this THANKFUL WEEK with an outlook less happy than I believe I should, I am well aware that I just need to SUCK IT UP and pull out of this funk.  And I will do it!  I know the sun is still shining no matter the weather and God will pull back the clouds soon and show it to me once again.  He will sustain me, He will reward me and I WILL HAVE A THANKFUL WEEK.

Thank You Lord, most of all for JESUS!




I just had nuts, berries and yogurt about 30 minutes ago.  This yummy snack usually keeps me going for what seems like hours most days.

WHY DOES MY STOMACH feel as if it wants MORE!?  It is ROARING like a stinkin’ lion after a 10 day fast. (ha…I know, lions don’t fast)

SOMETIMES, not all the time, but some days I’m constantly battling the fact that my body thinks it wants more..more…MORE!

I don’t want more …more ..more.

I don’t want a higher jean size, I don’t want a rounder behind and I don’t want more jiggle for the wiggle I already own.

I am not obsessed with the fact that I’m a round gal, but I do get a little crazy by the factors of age, hormones and metabolism.  Why do they do some crazy stuff to my mind and body?  I know God made us.  Please don’t think I’m writing this to plead for compliments on how wonderfully beautiful I am–I know this, really.  I’m confident in the fact that God made me awesome.  I am very secure in that thought AND WOW, did He make us amazing.  Our bodies are miracles!!!

I just don’t understand the lonely beckons and cravings of things such as starchy butter and cheese–DON’T FORGET THE CHEESE–drenched taters, salty potato chips or even sweet creamy ice cream drizzled with chocolate sauce and topped with whatever MORE sugary items you can sprinkle here and there.   UG!   Our minds can create the picture of those things RIGHT NOW!  I know you see ’em!

Some blame it on commercials and billboards.  I am not getting into the blame game.  Seems like most of our population is on that trip.  I don’t ever want to take that journey.  I know my decisions are my own no matter what propaganda or circumstance bombards me.

I’m seriously asking the question: WHY??!!!  Why does the body think it needs certain stuff when it SHOULD BE perfectly satisfied?

We all have this in some area of our lives.  If it’s not food, it’s something else.  We want want want.  I guess we can trace it all back to Adam and Eve.  HA!  No guessing there—it’s the prime example of wanting and not needing.  If Eve hadn’t of picked that stupid apple, we’d still be in the garden with perfect bodies enjoying the perfect temperature and joyously praising God in His presence.  Wow!  Wouldn’t that be more than awesome?!  ((I cling to the promise of that moment happening in my future–YAY!!!))  Let’s not blame poor Eve–I believe that if Eve hadn’t of done it, thanks to temptation (and a little prodding from the devil), someone would have stepped up sooner–not later, and picked that first forbidden fruit.  Again, not setting the blame of my cravings on one certain apple picker, but I know this is the moment that the course of history for our minds and bodies really changed.  We weren’t protected as much from this world any longer.  God pronounced His punishment …and years later, HERE I AM…

asking the questions: WHY LORD, WHY!?

Haha…I think I will go make a pizza!

Me Time is SO Important

THE GIRLS…20120915-215255.jpg

A day or two of doing nothing, having no agenda and hanging out with people who make you happy is something we should all do. Taking time for yourself is so very important.

Do you ever have a day, week or month where you’ve had one thing after another? Stresses, headaches, meetings, practices, games, …and the list goes on.

This week, for me, it was Homecoming Week at school which involved a lot of planning. It was a bit stressful and crazy. When the game actually started last night, I was so ready to just sit down and stay down. Did I? Naw. I still had an alumni and t-shirt table to make sure people were working.

BUT what I did get to do today is drive out to a lake house that my sweet friend invited me to for a girls’ weekend retreat. I had an awesome massage, got to help paint some nails, did a picture frame art project, had fabulous dinner at the country club, sat around and ate the best pie I have ever eaten in my life, laughed and just relaxed. It was great!!!

No agendas. No plans. No need to do anything important or non-important. Just let whatever happen. It’s so important to take time out to renew yourself. Ladies especially, I believe it’s important to be with other fun women who believe God gave us each other as gifts! CUZ HE DID! Refresh your attitude, restore your mind. REBOOT! Just take time for YOURSELF.
It’s so important!



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