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I like…

I like a clean bathroom. If it can smell like a soapy with a splash of bleach, that’s my fave.  Pee smell doesn’t dare enter my nostrils!  I hate public restrooms that have not been tended to. 
I like comfortable shoes.  They can be cute, stylish or THE style, but if they ain’t comfy, they get a thumbs down.  

I like college football.  I am watching a game right now. I really don’t care who plays (unless it’s Alabama, no need to talk about my support or non-support). I most always root for the underdog. I like shiny helmets and awesome plays. 

I like good strong coffee with a dash of what one of my friends calls “old people creamer” which is the regular powder stuff. I don’t drink it all day, but I can drink it anytime during the day. I don’t have to have it to start my day, but I like to have a warm cup right when I get to work. 

I like colors.  Green is my favorite, but I appreciate the importance of all the colors. Blue, which is most everyone’s favorite color is my least favorite. (Still like it, but it ranks lower than others. Yes, even after dookey brown.)

I like clouds. I love when they are huge, puffy and you can pick out Mickey Mouse’s head in one of the formations. I love when God streaks pink ones across a turquoise sunset. 

I like to exercise. My body may not really show it, but I do enjoy to move. I feel better when I do it routinely, of course.  If I didn’t like food so much, I think the exercise would help me more. Haha! Maybe I will work on that ratio this year. 

I like to create pretty things. I wish artists were appreciated more. I’d love to make stuff and get paid enough to live. Artists just really don’t have benefits unless you bust open like Rockwell or Englebreit, have an awesome manager and make a ton of lute. 

I like to learn. I like learning new techniques. I like reading about new inventions and advancements.  I’m not scared when I need to learn something new. I like it!

I like summer. Winter weather makes me hurt. I love the sunshine and the beach. Give me summertime anytime. 

I like mail. Of course, I like the HAPPY kind of mail like Christmas cards, birthday wishes and new magazines (Texas Highways and Reminisce are the only two I get). I like to order things on-line (it’s really not an addiction) so I can get it in the mail. 

Above all mentioned… 

I like that… 

“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.”

‭‭James‬ ‭1:17‬ ‭KJV‬‬

I praise Him for all my likes. 

I’m so proud to be a REBEL.


So proud of THE REBELS–all of them–not just one kid…not just one team…all of them. So honored and blessed to work at OCHS. If you look back, my posts, WIN OR LOSE, say good things about our students. I’m always a fan, always a REBEL. #RebelPride #SchoolSpirit #Forever

I’ve been a Rebel since about 1976 when I first stepped into Mrs. Lynn’s class.  She was so intimidating and scary.  She taught me though.  I learned.  I eventually realized even though she was very strict, she loved us.  That is what a teacher does.  They love.

Here I am many, many, many years later teaching at the same school I graduated from.  Through those years, I was a rebel in so many different ways, but always a loyal Rebel even when I taught at a different school with a much different mascot.

There have been several students come through my classroom here at OCHS.  They come in all different shapes, sizes, learning abilities, strengths, weaknesses, talents, attitudes, character, and so on.  Some, actually most, have insecurities I recall having when I was their age.  Others have strong opinions about events, other students and classes they take–and they don’t mind voicing them.  I remember being that exact same way as well.  ((I know yesterday’s post was a little negative about the strong talkers, but I know I was once right there–“wasting my time.”))

However they come, I love them.  I support them.  I hope to teach them more than what the class is called.   I hope to show them things about life that if not understood now, perhaps, one day they will remember.

Our football team is on a major winning streak right now.  If you know anything about Texas football, you know that is a big deal.  Win or lose, though…I’m proud of all of our students who are involved at our school –from the player to the fan, the athlete to the scholar.  They are all important.  Period.

…and no matter what…

I’m so proud to be a REBEL. 

THAT is when I cry…

Today was our last pep rally of the year.  That means, it was the last pep rally and tonight is the last football game for our seniors.  It was a nice pep rally to honor them.  They all asked me if I would cry.  I, of course, laughed…I don’t cry at those things.  I mean, these things are JOYOUS!  I’m so happy to see them go through this.  I did read a poem during the rally and I do admit I got a little catch in my throat, but it was way far away from any type of crying.  I gave one sniffle and they all thought I was blubbering, I guess.  Whatever makes them feel better.  I do hope the poem and emotion of the last pep rally blessed them.


When I start thinking too much and reflecting on the things that will face them after graduation, THAT is when I cry.   I think about how kids come in talking about how tired they are and how much work they have and what they need to get done by a certain time or what teacher is giving them a hard time because of this or that…  when they whine about having to do any type of work at school and can’t wait until they graduate…  Pahhhh–lease.  I roll my eyes, sometimes just mentally AND THINK…If they had any idea what was in store for them after they graduate—they would want to remain a senior.  They would cling to their teachers and covet their homework.

I cry when I think about them GROWING UP  and what is waiting for them when they take that cap and gown off.  I hate that they won’t really see the everyday friends they saw before for so many years.  I hate that they won’t see me!  I know that sounds arrogant, but I miss their high school selves when they are all graduated.   They are never really the same.  I do get to enjoy the adult selves they become sometimes, but really, a huge percentage, I never see again.

I’m not saying this isn’t what should happen, because we all know that we must grow up.  Its just when I think of all of those things that they must go through to “grow up”…that is when I cry.  I wish for them and pray  that they have a great life.  I pray they can look back at high school and know that was a pretty good ole time, but that life after graduation has been golden!

I –above all– pray that they know Jesus.  He is the only way to truly have a “golden” life.  I hope they allow Him to fill any void they may have before they do things they will regret later.  I wish I had allowed Jesus to do that before some of the stupid and ignorant things I did to further satan’s agenda.  I hope they are working for the RIGHT team before any of that happens.

And tonight…as the last game of the year is played–I’M NOT GONNA CRY (well, unless we lose..then I might cry —a lot), I pray that all my seniors know I love them and am so excited to see all the GREAT things they will accomplish after graduation.



Tonight at church we watched a video created for a program called My Hope America with Billy Graham. 

It was moving, touching and quite amazing.  I went to the My Hope America with Billy Graham  website when I got home to check out more info on this great evangelistic video.  It has a program to go through that can help you join in the efforts to spread Jesus!  I’m all about spreadin’ some Jesus!  I’ve already signed up for the training.  🙂

The video is shared below.  I just want to say, the most touching part to me is where Billy Graham says that JESUS became all of those things (like I talked about on my blog yesterday Sin is Sin) on the cross.  He took all of that for us!  It breaks my heart that He did that for us at the same time I’m rejoicing in the fact that He did.  Thank You Jesus!

Please watch the video.  It’s almost 29 minutes, but it’s a great narrative and drama that makes you think –in so many ways.  Once you’ve watched it, share it!


Thank You God for this video.  Thank You for allowing me to share it on my blog.  Thank You God for Your amazing gift in Jesus.  Thank You for loving me…as me.  Amen.

Take Heart and MARCH ON!

Did our team win last night? No.  Did they come close?  No.  Did they stay in the game no matter what?  YES!!!  I was so proud of our football team last night.  They are have a challenging year with all new coaches to get used to, a few wounded and just the usual set-backs.  They are not losing HEART though!  I’ve been watching Rebel football most all my life.  As a teacher of these Rebels, it seems as if watching games is more of personal thing even compared to the time when I attended OCHS back in the day.   I am concerned when they are injured, I rejoice when they win and feel the hurt of their losses.  This season, is not any different, yet it is.  I’ve seen Rebel teams in the past hang their heads and just fall over after the points against them rise.  I’ve seen a Rebel team defeat themselves before they hit the field.  This year, I do not see that.  I see an uphill climb that this team is ready to take on.  I’m so proud of the way they hussle on and off the field.  They fight.  They wrassle and wrangle and do all they can.  Do they fumble a little and miss tackles?  Perhaps, but they put it behind them and MARCH ON!  Have I said I’m proud of these kiddos?!?!?!

A lot of times in life we are like those players.  We have things stacked against us like a daunting opponent.  Just like the MIGHTY REBELS, though, we must take heart and march on.  We must look at what we are facing and take it on!  BRING IT!  We have to choose to keep up the fight and continue on no matter what obstacles we face.  It’s also vital to remember that we all have our battles.  We not only need to have heart, but we also need to have a heart for others.  Keep in mind that we all are in this together.  Just like a team pulls together, lifts each other up and encourages one another, we MUST do this IN LIFE.  Don’t be out for numero uno–be in it for the team!  Take heart and MARCH ON!


I’m just saying… IT HAS BEGUN.

I will play 2nd, 3rd, probably even 4th, 5th or 6th  fiddle to a number of things in the few coming months.  And the list begins with deer, but goes on with hogs, maybe ducks and turkey, and occassional (very unwanted) snake,  hunting buddies, the stand, the gun, the lease, the drive to the lease, the hunting gear, the stuff you spray the gear with, the soap you use so you won’t give off your scent, the warmers, the camo, the …UG!  I’m gonna stop here and just say “ETC.”  My life as a hunter’s wife never really goes away, but these are the months where it hits me upside the head everyday.  Most days it’s all good and the cooler whether and football season (yes, I like football) helps out some.  The fact that I have more time to paint or make stuff helps a bit.  But really, I do miss him when he’s gone.

I miss being first fiddle or whatever I am during the rest of the year.  I miss being important.  haha!  IT HAS BEGUN!

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