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I need laughter.
It’s almost like my need for air.
I know, in reality, it’s not, but …
Laughter helps me keep looking toward THE GOOD and we all know that is hard to do sometimes.
I have a great life, a great spot, my family is super and my job is my dream. I am so thankful for everything I have. I’m not sad, I just long for laughter.
I need a good ole LAUGH FEST!
I want to talk to an old friend and laugh about goofy stuff we did.
I want to hang out with someone who is FUNNY in a nice clean way.
I hear some of my students laughing at each other and miss my best friends.
I want to laugh.
Laughter keeps ya young and maybe that is it…
I’m feeling old here lately.
I need that fountain of youth called


THIS IS FUNNY.  My favorite part is at 3:40.  Whitney could always wail!  If you have 9 minutes to spend laughing a little, watch this video:



Our kids keep watching this video over and over and laughing like crazy!
Tim Hawkins is hilarious!

Laughter is so important!

A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones. Prov. 17:22

Funny stuff!

I have been laughing this afternoon about some of these crazy things–CHECK ‘EM OUT:


It looks like they are holding the camera!


I know this is what my cat does!  He’s insane!



I just like the ART factor of this!  Haha!



I can hear the Michael Jackson hit!


…And here’s the last one that for some reason has me giggling to myself every thirty minutes or so when I thought of it again:




Okay, just one more, because, well, I’M WEIRD!


Funny Cat

Not sure why I find this SOOO funny.


This makes me laugh.

Today was kind of a crazy—just crazy! Sometimes you have to go searching for something that makes you laugh on days like this. I’ve been watching YouTube videos and here are a couple of my faves …

This kid is a dancing fool!  The ending is my absolute favorite!!! GO CHECK IT OUT!  ((just TRY and not laugh!))

**My husband shared this one with me–THANKS BOB!**


And here is the trailer for the Despicable Me 2 movie— SO GOOFY AND FUNNY 😀  

Ode to my Bestie

I thank God for my best friend. She is one of my biggest fans and I’m hers.

We don’t agree on EVERYTHING, but on a huge percentage. I like how she has my back and is my cheerleader.

We don’t get to see each other every day, but we chit chat, talk, text, FACETIME even.

Some people don’t have “besties” for one reason or another. I do have tons of sweet, wonderful friends, which I’m so thankful for, but my best gal knows more stuff about me than any. That’s another reason we are probably so close–we know TOO much about one another not to be! Haha!

MY FAVORITE thing about our friendship is our ability to make each other laugh no matter what. We lift each other up! This truly is a gift and blessing from God.

So, today’s blog is an ODE TO MY BESTIE, because I just want her to know I love her and am so blessed to have her. I love US.


Chaos in the midst of chaos isn’t funny, but chaos in the midst of order is.

-Steve Martin

Our lives are so filled with stuff. It’s like bunnies. One minute you have two bunnies and the next, a hundred. Just like our crazy lives. One minute, one thing, the next, two, after that, a dozen. We have agendas that go south, moods that follow the same path and plans that travel along like the fastest roller coaster in the park. This is when we can’t find our humor. This is when we wanna cry, crawl in a hole or, at the very least, hide in the bathroom for a few minutes and silently scream in the mirror. It’s not even remotely funny.

It can be! Seriously, funny. This is when you need to calm yourself, step back and look at the situation and ask God to show you the BRIGHT SIDE, the glimpse of happy, the silver lining! It is then when you can laugh. Find order, find calm, find a solace and you can begin to see the humor again. And it’s then the chaos becomes funny!!!

How do I know this, you ask??? I’ve done it plenty. Life is insane with lists as long as our arms and days filled with practices, meetings and events. You have to find the funny so the chaos won’t consume you. Create your own order and it’s then when you can laugh at your chaos!


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