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The Re-gift. Not always a bad thing.

regiftSo, today, I was gifted with the RE-gift.

How do I know it was re-gifted, you ask?

It was not half eaten or even un-packaged.  It was not ripped, torn or had the to and from tags marked out.  It was still neatly attached to it’s original packaging.  It was in it’s perfect new, without tags condition.

How did I know… because I was the initial giver of the gift.

At work, we play the Secret Santa game the last week we are in school before the Christmas break.  Monday starts the fun and Friday is ended with the “big” gift given.  Each day, we give a small token of happiness to our giftee.

The Santa names are all randomly chosen and this year, it so happens that MY SECRET SANTA (the gifter) is also MY SECRET SANTA (the giftee).  We have each other!  So, when I saw my small token of happiness back in my box this morning, I KNEW who my gifter was.  There is no longer the secret that goes in the term Secret Santa.  No more info kept under a hat or mums the word…

It has been revealed with the re-gift!

Does it make me mad?  NO.  I like the gift I got back.  It’s a neat little pen that I had carefully chosen for my person, because it had a theme that I THOUGHT went perfectly with their subject matter.  I must of thought wrong.  Either that OR my person believed that I needed the little token more than they, because I THINK I listed that I liked school supplies on my Secret Santa get-to-know-me form.  Who knows.  Whatever the reason, I have the gift back.  And either way, I’m fine getting the re-gift.

IN FACT, I think I will re-re-gift it on Friday when we give our “bigger” gift.  Who knows, maybe I’ll have more re-re-gifts to put in their bag by then!  HAHA!

That “bigger” gift may be a lot bigger and better and funnier (and perhaps a little awkward) than any gift I’ve ever given before!!!

The re-gift.  Not always a bad thing.





Peace, I love peace!

First let me say, I know nothing can be as huge as the sending of God’s only son to us as a great sacrifice and the pouring out of grace.  This was the most precious blessing we could ever receive.

I am reminded over and over that our JESUS LIVES!

I am absolutely overwhelmed by the blessings God showers down.

TODAY I got to see the power of HIS word.  I got to see prayers work almost as soon as they were voiced.  I got to see HIM at work.  It was an overwhelming feeling to know that God did that just for me.  My blessings today were many things, but the best gift was that of peace today.

I love peace.  I’m overwhelmed by the fact that He allowed peace to flow abundantly in my life today.  I just had to type it down!  I know, there are no details.  Just know, PEACE was what happened.

Peace, I love peace!



I was so glad to see the sun today.

I just stood in my yard, closed my eyes (because you are not supposed to look directly into the sun—didn’t your momma tell you that!?!), turned my face to the sun and basked in its warmth and light.

I know I wrote about attitude and emotion yesterday…
And how we should always choose to be happy, but I do admit that the lack of sun makes me a bit cranky.

I battle through it and don’t let any of the mean thoughts I may have pass out my lips…

The struggle sometimes is for REAL.

THEN the sun shines and I can’t even recall anything I need to be remotely cranky about.

It’s like a super hero flying in for the victory!
It’s a bird, it’s a plane,



My hero!



Everyday is a big huge gift. (Or like in the pic, a big huge stack of enormous gifts!)

We are so blessed to be having our first day at Disney World, but no matter where we are, we always remember EVERYDAY is a blessing! Yay!!!


Recognize, visualize, OPEN YO EYES!


Blessings come from all over.  They fall from the sky and hit us right on the head sometimes.  We are so worried about the bump on our head that we don’t recognize the gift laying at our feet!  WHAT THE WHAT?!?  So dumb.

Recognize, visualize, OPEN YO EYES!  I have to remind myself of this daily.  I am not one to get way down or depressed much at all, but my mind gets on overload at times and it starts thinking stupid stuff.  I start feeling guilty for being healthy and happy.  I worry about being TOO blessed.  How dumb.  Seriously, how stupid am I when that happens!

Let’s say one of your parents wraps up this huge awesome gift that you have wanted for years.  They put thought and a ton of love in that box right along with this amazing gift.  You open it up and WAHHLAAAH–it’s what you have always wanted!  It makes your face smile all over your body!  You hoop and holler and hug their neck.  It’s wonderful, amazing and it’s all yours!

Would you take that gift and shove it back toward them and say, “I can’t accept this.”???  Would you ruin their day and crush their spirit?  Would you turn to them and ask them WHY they got that for you?   DUHHHHHHHHHH……..NOOOOO!

Just as our family and friends, BUT EVEN MORE SO, our Father God gives us blessings and gifts over and over.  His gifts are amazing and wonderful and awe-inspiring.  He gives us the sky, the science of breathing and laughing and wow, birthing!  He allows us to see and smell and taste.  He drops awesome people into our lives.  He allows us to provide for ourselves and our families through giving us jobs and ways of living.  He enables us to travel and see the sights that He created.  BLESSINGS!  GIFTS!  Why would we ever push those things back toward God and say “I’m not good enough to have that.”???

THAT RIGHT THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE THING…it’s the whisper of the devil.  The devil likes to tell you that you aren’t worthy.  The whispers he tells you say you don’t need to do this or that, because you aren’t good enough.   That nasty creep wants you to waller in guilt and suffering.  The devil loves when you feel guilt and shame.  UG!  And why do we do it!?  Why do I DO IT!?  DON’T DO IT!

Sometimes it takes a friend to remind you that the devil is real. (thanks Tammy!) All the time the Bible will guide you to where you need to be–away from that evil instigator.  When you feel the tug of the darkness…pray, pray and PRAY SOME MORE!

We have been SET FREE, because of the best gift of all!  The amazing blessing of a savior!  I have been set free by Jesus.  I have been made worthy thanks to the sacrifice He made.  I don’t want to ever shove that gift back toward Him!  I want to accept it, hold on to it, squeeze it and rejoice in it!  Amen!

Lord, please forgive me for kicking, screaming, griping, moaning, whining and crying about anything you have given me–PERIOD

I want to always recognize, visual and OPEN MY EYES to Your provisions, gifts and blessings!!!  Thank You for all!!!

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